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On #InternationalBeerDay, We Honor The Greatest Beer Drink On Earth – The Michelada

Salud San Diego

Today is International Beer Day, a day created to celebrate the fresh, hoppy flavors of brewskis the world over.

Many are celebrating by cracking a cold one with the boys.

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While beer gets a lot of love on this day, and every other day…

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I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the greatest beer invention in history, in my opinion.

Let’s all raise a ? to micheladas!

Is it 5 o'clock yet? ?:@small_fry42

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If you’re tragically not in the know, micheladas are a beer-based cocktail that mix a Mexican beer (like Modelo Especial or Pacifico) with Clamato tomato juice, lime juice, hot sauce, pepper, Worcestershire sauce and a rim of salt or Tajín. And if you really know your shit, you’ll add tasty garnishes like saladitos, olives, cucumber, mango and/or a Tamaroca banderilla candy.

My mouth is watering just typing this out.


Who doesn’t love a drink that also includes snacks??

And if micheladas weren’t perfect enough, they also cure hangovers!

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Tomato juice, spicy foods and hair of the dog are all individually proven as trusty hangover cures. Together they’re unstoppable, forming a Justice League of heroic hangover fighters. Micheladas are the heroes we all need, and definitely want.

But there are imposters out there.

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A lot of places out there will try to pass off some bunk-ass fake micheladas on their menu. One bar once had the audacity to hand me their blasphemous excuse of a michelada that consisted of basic V8 tomato juice and nothing else in it. Like wtf! To make matters worse, they rimmed it with powder pico de gallo seasoning and tried to claim it was Tajín.

At first I thought this had to be a joke. Surely no one would try to pass this sad, unflavored beer water as a delicious michelada.

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But they did. They actually did.

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No, bitch. No.

I survived though, thankfully. And I learned then that when you find that perfect michelada, with it’s delicate blend of salt and spice and, of course beer, it’s like finding true love.

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True love that gets you kinda drunk. Cheers!

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Three Latinas Are Trying To Give Conchas A National Day

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Three Latinas Are Trying To Give Conchas A National Day

Because every day should be concha day.

Three Latinas started a campaign on urging California Governor Jerry Brown to recognize December 8th as National Concha Day.

As most of us already know, conchas are a staple of Mexican tradition for Día de los Muertos, Christmas, and… every day if you’re in abuelita’s kitchen.

As conchas have gained more fame in Latino pop culture, three Latina foodies decided to take action to give conchas their own day to shine and 1,700 people have agreed.

Seventeen hundred proud concha lovers have already signed the petition.

The campaign needs a total of 2,500 signatures for Governor Jerry Brown to be presented with the request.

Some are signing the petition because conchas are much more than just pan dulce.


They are literally life.

Others have a sentimental connection to the beloved pan dulce.


But for most people, the concha is a representation of Latino culture.


Jessica Resendíz, one of the women who started this petition, says dedicating an entire day to the concha only makes sense.

“There’s a national day for everything: donuts, pizza, tacos! Why not one for pan dulce? I grew up having conchitas con chocolate. This would mean everything to us if it happens. In honor, we would celebrate with an event featuring local vendors, music, dance and of course conchitas con cafécito.”

– Jessica from @raggedytiff

For Karla Jimenez, another founder of this petition, National Concha Day would be a victory the Latino community as a whole.

“If National Concha Day was a reality it would mean another stepping stone, another reminder of the power and reach of our community. And of course it would be so much fun! We can foresee the awesome events and attention to local business and panaderías.”

– Karina Jimenez from @vivaloscupcakes

As for how Alicia Becerra, the third petition starter, would celebrate if National Concha Day became official:

“I would celebrate National Concha Day by taking my kids to our local panadería. We will eat conchas along with a warm cup of champurrado and share stories about their late Abuela Doña Concha that they never fully got to know.”

– Alicia from @aliciasdelicias

So why December 8th? December 8th is known in Mexico as Día de la Concepcion, and Concha is often used as a nickname for the name Concepcion.

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To help make National Concha Day a reality check out the petition here and tell us what National Concha Day would mean to you in the comments below.

For the love of conchas, don’t forget to click the share button below!

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