Two Sisters Wanted To Share Their Mexican Culture With Everyone So They Started Donas, A Mexican-Themed Donut Shop

Foodies are flying in from as far away as Atlanta to get a taste of Southern California-based Donas, a pastel-hued wonderland of donuts showcasing the fusion of Mexican-American culture. Not only are the flavors and names nostalgic shout outs for Mexican-Americans, they use glitter to make their donuts very Instagram worthy.

Donut fans are in for a treat at Latino donut shop Donas. You can try horchata or mole donuts or take a bite out of a Selena-inspired dessert.

Owners Ashley and David Vazquez, along with Ashley’s younger sister Amber Bobadilla, have been able to turn a profit bringing the flavors they grew up eating to a wider sweet-toothed audience.

The sister duo and brother-in-law started churro and coffee shop Horchateria Rio Luna in 2016 and launched Donas in October last year.

“We want to show people, look, this is our culture and these are our flavors and what our people have to offer,” Bobadilla said.

When David asked Bobadilla if she wanted to help in turning his idea of opening a donut shop into a brick-and-mortar reality, she was all in.

“It’s beautiful and delicious,” Bobadilla said.

The name is a play on how all of our parents and grandparents say donuts.

“Everyone who speaks Spanish knows it,” Bobadilla said, adding that the Latino, Spanish-speaking community finds the name funny.

Besides the name, everything from the decor to the flavor concepts is all Bobadilla.

With no prior baking experience, she hired a baker to bring her donut creations to life. The results included fresh takes on childhood treats such as the paleta payaso donut, made with marshmallows and chocolate.

Bobadilla knew the she wanted to put glitter on a donut. Of course, once she found the sparkling purple edible glitter, she couldn’t resist.

Bobadilla just knew that she had found the special ingredient to create her Bidi Bidi Bom Bom donut. Plus, it makes for great photos.

Agua de horchata, crushed mazapan and coconut flakes are nestled next to strawberries, raisins and oats all help create the various Mexican concoctions.

She describes it as taking “flavors that transport you to your childhood and put it into a donut.”

One of the fan favorites is a donut she envisioned while watching her favorite guilty pleasure TV show and eating chicharrón (fried pork rinds.)

Bobadilla originally brought the idea to her family but was told it would be “gross.” She pushed the initial skepticism aside and said she believed it was going to work, and Donas customers agreed. It is one of the shop’s best selling donuts, according to Bobadilla.

Bobadilla’s resolve has been integral as an entrepreneur. She and her sister tried out various businesses landing on Horchateria and Donas.

“Donas is still a work-in-progress now. We want it to look amazing and be Instagram-worthy. ” And people are definitely coming in for those Insta Stories and #foodie finds.

Bobadilla also specially crafted the interior of her donut shop to enhance the experience for donut lovers.

She said she wanted the pastels to help make the shop stand out and be cute. The team is still experimenting with design, including painting an ice cream mural on its outer walls.

But the most important thing for Bobadilla is to inspire her community.

“The bigger mission is showing people from our communities, when you really put your mind to it and have a passion, [this is] what can come.”

Donas’ donuts range from $2.50 to $5.00 for specialty donuts and is located at 8636 Imperial Hwy in Downey, California.

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Krispy Kreme Is Making The Man Who Bought Donuts In Iowa To Sell In Minnesota An Independent Contractor


Krispy Kreme Is Making The Man Who Bought Donuts In Iowa To Sell In Minnesota An Independent Contractor

College is a tough time for a lot of students. With the demands of school work, exams, rising debt, there’s not much that students can do to ease the pressure. Sure, there are house parties here and there but that kind of thrill wears off after a couple of hours. What college students really need during desperate times is support from friends and family, and more importantly good old comfort food. That kind of stuff really warms the heart, which makes sense why one student sacrificed his free time to make others feel good. 

Jayson Gonzalez is a 21-year-old college student at Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, Minnesota, drove 270 miles to Iowa to buy Krispy Kreme doughnuts and sell them to students.

Credit: Krispy Kreme Run Minnesota / Facebook

Some of you reading this may take for granted that you live close to a Krispy Kreme or an In N’ Out, but for others, these eateries are hard to find and can’t easily access these favorites where they live. So, Gonzalez took it upon himself to drive from Minnesota to the closest Krispy Kreme in Ohio and serve his friends these hard-to-find goodies. CBS News reports that Minnesota hasn’t had a Krispy Kreme in 11 years. 

A box of 12 dozen Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts costs roughly between $8 and $12. Gonzalez’s customers would buy them for $17 to $20 a box. Some even paid $100.

Credit: Krispy Kreme Run Minnesota / Facebook

Gonzalez first had the idea in a pretty natural way. He was driving up Iowa to get some doughnuts for himself and was kind enough to ask others if they wanted some as well. His request, however, wasn’t to just those around him, but whoever saw his post on social media. 

“I thought maybe someone else would want me to bring some up, so I posted it on Facebook Marketplace,” Gonzalez said in an interview with the Twin Cities Pioneer Press last week. “I kid you not, a couple days later, I had over 300 replies.” Well, who would turn down an offer like that? 

Gonzalez saw his idea take off so quickly, he took his business idea even further and started a Facebook page to take more orders. 

However, after Krispy Kreme found out about his money-making venture, they told him to stop all sales. 

“Hi all!” Gonzalez told his followers last week. “I bear some bad news. Unfortunately, the run for this Saturday will not be taking place, as I have been told I have to shut down operations. I figured it would come eventually, but it arrived early with the surrounding articles. Life happens, and it could be a sign that something else it meant to be. I appreciate everyone’s love and support to make this happen, couldn’t have done it without you all. I would love to connect with some of you via LinkedIn if you wouldn’t mind! Also, you can add me on Facebook as well as maybe I will have another entrepreneurial adventure you will be interested in as I would love to follow some of you as well! Thanks everyone.” We love his entrepreneurial spirit!

Now it looks as if Krispy Kreme has had a change of heart and is looking to work with this young student. 

Credit: Gofundme

“I am pumped to announce that I will be able to continue the business soon, and have the support of Krispy Kreme,” Gonzalez shared on Facebook. “They want to ensure I become an independent operator and make sure the brand is represented well. On both ends, there are things that are being worked on right now to achieve that as this is being made as a special exception. But nonetheless, we can get started up again soon once certain things are in place.  This being said, I am definitely going to need a bigger vehicle with how much this has grown over the past few days. I know a couple of you have asked about a GoFundMe. I decided to create one because I won’t be able to cover the costs on my own I realize. Any donation would mean the world to me, no matter how small. Maybe I can decal it with some donut stickers! I am happy that things turned out positive, and this can continue to strive and grow over the next couple of years. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone that has supported me on this journey.”

Click here to help him get a new car so he can continue earning that money for school!

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We’ve Collected A List Of Different Horchata Flavored Foods For Everyone Who Likes Horchata


We’ve Collected A List Of Different Horchata Flavored Foods For Everyone Who Likes Horchata

As summer comes to an official end and fall closes in on us, the mainstream media begins to push their pumpkin spice agenda on unsuspecting consumers. And for a while, America has fallen for it. But here at FIERCE by mitu, we sense a change in the food-trend air. Latinx people know the true queen of cinnamon-based flavors: horchata. 

For those of you who need a briefer, horchata is a milky drink popular in Latin America. It’s usually made from ground almonds, tiger nuts, or rice, and spiced with vanilla and cinnamon. Its flavor is so distinctive and popular, you could argue that horchata is Latin America’s version of pumpkin spice. 

The beautiful thing about horchata is that practically every Latin American and Caribbean culture has its own regional variation of the drink. Ask a Mexican, a Venezuelan or a Puerto Rican whose horchata is better, and they will promise you that theirs is. What’s more, just like pumpkin spice, the horchata industry is spreading to non-horchata foods. You can now find your favorite food infused with the distinctive horchata flavor. Read on to see some of your favorite treats in horchata form!

1. Donuts


Why not enjoy horchata in one of the most pleasant pastry forms there is? You can never go wrong with a donutl.

2. Ice-cream


Whoever thought of horchata-flavored ice cream was truly doing the world a great service that day. Has there ever been a flavor so perfectly suited for a cold, smooth, dairy treat?

3. Beer


Stay with us, here. You may not automatically think of “beer” when you think of a rice and cinnamon-infused plant beverage, but there is a large community of beer-lovers who enjoy the odd horchata-flavored beer on occasion. There’s definitely a market for it.

4. Marshmallows


This one may seem to come out of left field, but if there are pumpkin-spice marshmallows out there, then it simply follows that there should be horchata-flavored ones too.

5. Boba


There’s arguably never been a culture mash-up that we’ve been more gung-ho for, than Japanese bubble tea mixed with  Latin American horchata flavoring. 

6. Energy Drinks

via Amazon

Have you ever craved a horchata but just been too tired to go get one? No? Just us? Well, guess what? Now you can enjoy a delicious horchata beverage and stay energized. What will people think of next?

7. Tequila


This idea is arguably one of the best on the list. A mix of two of Latin America’s favorite beverages! We’ve seen all we need to see at this point. Our lives are complete.

8. Coffee


We truly feel that horchata Lattes could transform a generation in the same way that Pumpkin-Spice Lattes have. There were arguably never two flavors more destined to come together than coffee and horchata.

9. Chocolate


This entry almost seems obvious. We love chocolate. We love horchata. What more is there to discuss?

10. Slushies


We can’t necessarily see the appeal of horchata-flavored slushies, but who are we to judge? The people want what they want!

11. Shaved Ice


Shaved ice, in our humble opinion, is an underrated delicacy. That’s what makes it the perfect treat to get a horchata-makeover. After all, horchata flavoring can only improve a food. There is no other outcome.

12. Cupcakes


It was only a matter of time before horchata-stans took over the cupcake movement. It was an event written in the stars.

13. Macarons


Just when you think the horchata-flavor variations can’t get any more bougie, someone goes and makes a horchata-fied version of France’s favorite treat. 

14. Popcorn


We hope that these Kettle-Corn makers didn’t just sprinkle some cinnamon on popcorn and called it horchata. As we all know, horchata is made up of more complex flavoring than just a little bit of cinnamon. Some would even call it a way of life.

15. Cheesecake


Cheesecake is a polarizing dessert (maybe because people don’t necessarily think of sweets when they think of cheese), but we believe it has the right kind of flavor profile to blend with horchata perfectly.

16. Cocktail


Some people may not know this, but the famous liquer Rum-Chata is named in honor of horchata. It makes sensethey both have milky bases with notes of cinnamon and vanilla. Many cocktails are variations of the horchata flavor profile.

17. Cookies


Surely Snickerdoodle thought they had a monopoly on cinnamon-containing cookies. We, however, are 100% sure that biting into a horchata-flavored cookie for the first time would make, even the most die-hard snickerdoodle fan, a horchata convert.

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