Meet Wendy – A Food Enthusiast And YouTuber Who Eats Everything With Hot Cheetos

YouTuber Wendy is taking over the internet with her passionate videos about Hot Cheetos and Takis. Not only does she love to eat these spicy chips on their own, she also likes to create different snacks and dishes that center around these chips. And by the looks of it, these snacks are fire. 🔥

One of the many snacks Wendy shares with us is her flamin’ hot, deep fried avocados. 🥑🔥

CREDIT: Wendy’s Eating Show / YouTube / June 15, 2018

For this tasty snack you would need avocados, flour, eggs and Flamin Hot Cheetos.

If you’re craving pasta, you can go with Wendy’s flamin’ hot spaghetti.

CREDIT: Wendy’s Eating Show / YouTube / June 15, 2018

…with a side of flamin’ hot breadsticks. Who’s down?

In case you’re in the mood for seafood, Wendy’s Eating Show also features these flamin’ hot, deep fried shrimp.

CREDIT: Wendy’s Eating Show / YouTube / June 15, 2018

The special touch to this spicy seafood appetizer is the lemon. Otherwise, you can dip the shrimp into a sauce of your choice.

Another snack you can find on Wendy’s Eating Show are these Hot Cheeto onion rings.

CREDIT: Wendy’s Eating Show / YouTube / June 15, 2018

This would make excellent bar food. 👌🏽😋

And to go with those onion rings, you can have this flamin’ hot chicken sandwich.

CREDIT: Wendy’s Eating Show / YouTube / June 15, 2018

Now all that’s missing are some Hot Cheeto chicken nuggets with a side of Hot Cheeto fries.

If you’re in the mood for ramen, there’s a Hot Cheeto recipe for that too.

CREDIT: Wendy’s Eating Show / YouTube / June 15, 2018

Even though the ramen already has a spicy sauce of its own, Wendy adds a sprinkle of Hot Cheetos as the special touch.

Sometimes Wendy finds these Hot Cheeto treats outside of her home too, such as at city fairs.

CREDIT: Wendy’s Eating Show / YouTube / June 15, 2018

Here she’s holding a big piece of Hot Cheeto fried chicken.

In addition to Hot Cheetos, Wendy is also a huge fan of Takis.

CREDIT: Wendy’s Eating Show / YouTube / June 15, 2018

In this segment of Wendy’s Eating Show, Wendy cooked up giant Takis chips. She made these the same way you prepare tortillas from scratch, except she added a special hot sauce and Takis dust all around.

Wendy has also created the green salsa version of the giant Takis.

CREDIT: Wendy’s Eating Show / YouTube / June 15, 2018

And this is where the debate comes in of whether the green sauce or the red sauce is better.

Also on Wendy’s list of featured Hot Cheeto dishes is this Hot Cheeto pizza.

CREDIT: Wendy’s Eating Show / YouTube / June 15, 2018

But if cheese upsets your stomach and spicy sauce upsets your stomach, then this might not be the best combination for you. Lol

In addition to pizza, Wendy also gets down with this delicious Hot Cheeto burrito.

CREDIT: Wendy’s Eating Show / YouTube / June 15, 2018

This is making me so hungry. Can someone get me a Hot Cheeto burrito please?

Another dish you can easily prepare is this Hot Cheeto quesadilla.

CREDIT: Wendy’s Eating Show / YouTube / June 15, 2018

All you need for this is a tortilla, cheese and crushed Hot Cheetos.

If you can handle double the spice, here are some Hot Cheeto jalapeño poppers you can prepare.

CREDIT: Wendy’s Eating Show / YouTube / June 15, 2018

I don’t think I would be able to handle the spice from this snack TBH.

As for everyone who’s obsessed with elotes, here you have a Hot Cheeto covered elote.

CREDIT: Wendy’s Eating Show / YouTube / June 15, 2018

For this spicy treat, Wendy mixed both regular Hot Cheetos and Hot Cheeto Puffs to cover the elote.

And of course, Wendy couldn’t miss out on making a Takis covered elote.

CREDIT: Wendy’s Eating Show / YouTube / June 15, 2018

This is making my mouth water. Someone get me a Takis elote ASAP.

Besides Hot Cheetos and Takis, Wendy also discovered a snack that included Hot Fries.

CREDIT: Wendy’s Eating Show / YouTube / June 15, 2018

Chester’s Hot Fries are a little bit more flaky and softer than Hot Cheetos and Takis, which some people don’t like. But you won’t know for yourself until you give them a try.

But if you’re not a fan of fries, then here are some cheesy Hot Cheeto nachos.

Wendy’s Eating Show / YouTube / June 15, 2018

I wish I could find these at every restaurant.

Another perfect dish for all seafood lovers is this plate of Hot Cheeto sushi.

CREDIT: Wendy’s Eating Show / YouTube / June 15, 2018

Those are some huge sushi rolls!

For something a little more refreshing, there’s this Hot Cheeto coco loco.

CREDIT: Wendy’s Eating Show / YouTube / June 15, 2018

This treat has a combination of coconut, lemon, cucumber, chamoy and of course Hot Cheetos.

Last but not least, there’s Wendy’s Takis covered mango.

CREDIT: Wendy’s Eating Show / YouTube / June 15, 2018

Not only does Wendy add Takis dust to the mango, she also adds on lemon and a bit of Valentina chile sauce.

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Glass Gem Corn Is Getting A Lot Of Love After A Man Tweeted His First Harvest Of The Season


Glass Gem Corn Is Getting A Lot Of Love After A Man Tweeted His First Harvest Of The Season

While the Internet might call it “Ghey Corn,” this rainbow-colored corn variety is officially dubbed Glass Gem corn. Not only are there a rainbow of colorful kernels, but they’re also shiny, prompting the ‘Glass’ description. The person responsible for our new favorite, gay-friendly corn is a man by the name of Carl Barnes, who passed in 2016. Barnes enjoyed his life in Oklahoma and cultivated his own personal seed bank passed down from his Cherokee ancestors. Barnes chose to save and replant the seeds from the cobs with the most color, and eventually developed strains of vibrant corn.

One day, Barnes decided to move and asked his friend, Greg Schoen, to protect the seeds. Schoen grew a small handful of the seeds and was shocked when he peeled back the corn stalk to reveal rows and rows of shiny, rainbow-colored corn. Schoen was so excited, he posted the image to his Facebook, and it promptly went viral. Soon, the two cultivated enough seeds to sell online, and people around the country have grown gorgeous varieties.

Green thumbs around the world bought satchels of the precious seed and the following season, were “blown away.”

Credit: @watermicrobe / Twitter

While Schoen may have initiated the first viral sensation over Glass Gem corn in 2012, Ameet Pinto’s viral post has become Mother Nature’s best queer bait yet. With over 7k likes, “I STAN GAY CORN” is the most liked comment. Then, “Taste the rainbow.” 

Some people literally cannot believe this is corn, accusing Pinto of creating a jelly bean cob.

Credit: @mr_plantgeek / Twitter

“Those are just jellybeans ur not foolin me!!!!!” commented one unbeliever. Someone else seems to think that a profitable venture would be to sell the kernels as jelly beans as a scam. Still, others are bringing the negativity to this rainbow party, assuming that because the cob looks different from the mono-crop, that it must be a GMO frankencorn. “Glad to see people trying to live in Chernobyl,” tweets one disbelieving Shane. 

Glass Gem corn is not a GMO crop.

Credit: @Rainmaker1973 / Twitter

In fact, this variety likely healthier than the corn you might buy at a store, which may have been genetically modified rather than artificially selected. Barnes artificially selected the prettiest corn from his crop and decided to grow from those seeds the following year.

When folks hear the story of Carl Barnes, it just adds a whole new depth to the color.

Credit: @CwdickD / Twitter

“Fun fact about these is that they were discovered by a dude who was half-Cherokee and he started growing a sh**load of different corn types to reconnect with his heritage,” tweeted one person. As Barnes was artificially selecting which corn kernels he’d store as seeds for the next year, he grew closer with his Cherokee heritage.

For those of you expecting rainbow colored popcorn, don’t.

Credit: Glass Gem Corn / Facebook

All that’s left of the kernel when you pop the corn is usually that brown kernel skin that gets stuck in your teeth. In the case of Glass Gem corn, you can sort of make out the varying colors of popped kernels, but the popcorn itself is the same color as regular Joe Schmoe popcorn.

The Glass Gem corn isn’t that sweet.

Credit: @SlowFoodUSA / Twitter

According to Pinto, the corn isn’t sweet like yellow corn, so it doesn’t make for good fresh esquites or elotes. All popcorn comes from different varieties of corn that you have to dehydrate to turn into cornmeal or popcorn. “We’ll be eating some colorful popcorn this winter,” Ameet tweeted.

There’s even a Facebook group for Glass Gem growers to share their growing tips and cooking tips.

Credit: Glass Gem Corn / Facebook

In case you were wondering, the Facebook group “Glass Gem Corn” says you can prepare creamy Glass Gem polenta by following these instructions: “Pour into a shallow pan to cool. Cut into squares and lightly brown in a sauté pan.” We don’t know how you do it but keep on making gay polenta, please.

All in all, the Internet is pretty a-maize-d by the gay corn.

Credit: @DonConklin5 / Twitter

“Corn says lgbtq rights,” tweeted one stan. We’re with them. This is one of those moments that we’re allowed to be in wonder over how indigenous folks cultivate the land.

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PSA: Here Is How You Can Pit An Avocado And Not Give Yourself Avocado Hand


PSA: Here Is How You Can Pit An Avocado And Not Give Yourself Avocado Hand

candypandawax / _sylviecouture_ / Instagram

So yes, there have been multiple reports of people injuring their hands while trying to cut and remove the pits of avocados. But this should not keep us away from one of the Latin American fruits par excellence. The avocado tree probably has its origin in South Central Mexico. In strict terms, the avocado is a berry with a very large pit in the middle. 

Avocado is one of the great gifts of the Americas to the world, as commercial production has expanded all throughout the world. The tree benefits from war, Mediterranean climates and thrives in semiarid landscapes. In Australia, for example, avocado, locally known as simply “avo” is perhaps the most popular fruit. Avo on toast is a staple in cafes and homes all through the country. 

However, the expansion of avocado has also brought some minor tragedies with it due to the lack of experience that some home cooks have in the arts of fruit chopping.

Credit: animationblock / Giphy

Yes, we are actually not kidding: avocado slicing has spilled more blood than a serial killer in a slasher film!

A nicely sliced avocado has got to be one of the most beautiful sights on planet Earth! We understand why people want to get it just right. 

Credit: the_chopping_block / Instagram

Seriously. This fleshy fruit gives us beautiful hues of green when opened and its firm meat allows us to shape in in all kinds of interesting ways. Close your eyed and imagine a bowl of perfect avocado cubes… you will smell a fresh tortilla heating on the comal. Taquito de aguacate, anyone?

So first things first: the infamous “Avocado Hand.”

Credit: @gabbytakesnaps / Twitter

This seems to be a sort of accidental outbreak of lack of common sense among gringos worldwide (and by gringos we also mean British, Canadian, Australian and European folk). According to Food & Wine, “approximately 8,900 emergency room visits in 2018 could be directly tied to avocados”. That is like a small town of people running around the kitchen like headless chickens holding a paper towel to their hands and screaming “Oh-My-God” while shedding a tear. 

And no, it is not an urban legend, Avocado Hand actually exists.

Credit: @mrsfergusonxoxo / Twitter

So contrary to, say, apples, avocados have a soft skin and soft flesh. And contrary to, say, watermelon, they do not have a hard bit to get through. Some people underestimate how easily the knife will cut through the flesh and end up putting too much pressure on the knife while keeping their palms or fingers directly opposite. The result: blades penetrate through human flesh, savaging skin and painting a symphony of crimson pain. But avocado is soft and cuts easily, and everyone should know that. In Mexico, the government once financed a campaign to promote avocado consumption, and called the fruit “the butter of vegetables”. 

Some people are just displaying their injuries like war wounds to be proud of

Credit: candypandawax / Instagram

In this day and age of selfies and a sometimes unhealthy obsession with self-branding, some are actually publishing photos of their avocado hands as if they were a badge of honor. Seriously, ladies and dudes, no one wants to see those stitches and gooey stuff coming out of your fingers, especially not on a closeup. Please just don’t! 

And even get tattoos to celebrate the accident.

Credit: _sylviecouture_ / Instagram

Well, we actually have to admit this one is pretty funny and kinda cool. We love the minimalist outline and the dramatic nature of this skin art piece. It is Shakespearean and hipster in equal measures. 

So avocado hand pins are a thing, apparently.

Credit: toucantango / Instagram

Do you know how Boy and Girl Scouts wear all sorts of badges on their uniforms to celebrate their achievements? Well, if you had an avocado hand incident and for some reason, you are proud of it, you can wear this pin. Alternatively, you could also wear it as a reminder of your encounter with the cuchillo, so you remember to be very careful when cutting and pitting a delicious avocado. 

Use a spoon, people.

Credit: @qvh / Twitter

So here’s the deal. Using a knife to take the seed out might look cool, but it is not for everyone. Do it safely and please use a spoon and just scoop the seed out. You might lose some of the flesh, but that’s OK (better than losing a finger). 

This technique is for expert knife-handlers only, so don’t attempt at home. Frankly, this is a show off technique for mamones.

Credit: mashable / Giphy

Seriously, this technique is a bit silly even for experienced cooks. 

If you are feeling creative, pixelate your avocado.

Credit: Anonymous / Giphy

One of the newest hipster trends in the cafe industry is to serve pixelated avocados, which basically look like this. Just use an extremely thin and sharp knife, place the avocado on board, get your fingers away from the bottom of the fruit and cut it in cubes, little by little, stopping just before you hit the skin. The results are fun and give us una onda de los ochentas

And some people take their carving obsession to the extreme: introducing avocado art.

Credit: theavocadoshow / Instagram

Just wow. This is already an Instagram trend and features some pretty dedicated avocado lovers. The fruit gets all-black quickly after being cut open when exposed to room temperature, so the most experiences avocado carvers perfect their skills in walk-in fridges. Yes, it is pretty, but with all due respect, it is also a little pointless. 

But if you think you just can’t slice an avocado without injuring yourself, you can get one of these contraptions.

Credit: takemymoney / Instagram

If you have to trust or faith in your abilities, you can buy one of these plastic utensils that cut, slice and pit avocados in a safe, child-friendly way. No blades or pointy ends to be scared of! No one if judging if you get one! This is actually a good tool to get the chamaquitos to help in the kitchen. Guacamole para todos!

But always remember avocados are not to blame.

As they say, don’t shoot the messenger. The humble avocado is just the conduit through which an entire generation of foodies has come to the realization that they suck at handling knives. We also have to be aware of the fact that thousands of farmers and workers depend on avocado crops. In the state of Michoacan, in central Mexico, many families survive working in big avocado plantations. This state has been ravaged by cartel-related violence and the avocado industry is one of the few stable sectors in the industry. So think twice before affecting the industry. 

By the way, the word avocado comes from aguacate, which comes from an indigenous word that means testicles… you are welcome.

Credit: makeitmove / Giphy

Yes, the English word avocado comes from the Spanish aguacate, which in turn comes from the Nahuatl word āhuacatl. This word, you guessed it, means “testicle”. This is probably due to the likeness of the fruit and the male body part. We dare you to eat your next avocado and not think about this. Smashed avocado, compadres? Ouch!

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