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Just When You Thought The Unicorn Craze Was Done, One Food Truck Has Created The Unicorn Quesadilla

@elpremiomayor / Instagram

You’ve heard about the unicorn coffee drink craze that took hold of social media for several days, right? It even inspired a unicorn elote. You probably thought the whole “unicorn” thing was done, but no, it’s not quite dead.

For one weekend, the El Premio Mayor food truck in Fresno, Calif. gave its patrons quite the treat: unicorn quesadillas. According to The Fresno Bee, Bianca Loza, whose family runs the food truck, saw the excitement of the unicorn craze and they figured it would be fun to inspire that same kind of excitement in their customers.

All it took for El Premio Mayor to join the unicorn craze was some white cheddar cheese and food coloring.

According to The Fresno Bee, Loza admits that the quesadilla was also in part created to give people something pretty and fun to post on Instagram.

The rainbow quesadilla was enticing enough to get unicorn skeptics to join the bandwagon — temporarily.

It is hard to say no to some gooey and yummy cheese.

The unicorn quesadilla was only available for one weekend.

If you didn’t get there on time, you just lucked out.

Though, it does seem like some of the people on social media would like them to stick around.

CREDIT: @elpremiomayor / Instagram

And the heartbreak of those who didn’t have the opportunity to try this unicorn quesadilla is real.

(H/T: The Fresno Bee)

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