Here’s Your Guide To Eating Vegan Latin Food In Miami

Last year, Miami made PETA’s “Top 10 Vegan-Friendly Cities” list for the first time ever, and for good reason. For all the stereotypes around white vegans, once again, people of color are often ignored for their contributions to the animal rights movement. Next time you’re in Miami, trust that these beans have no lard and these croquetas are jamón-free.

Without further ado, here are all the vegan Latinos making moves and gifting us vegan food in Miami.

Sacred Space

CREDIT: @sacredspacemiami / Instagram

Chef Horacio Rivadero and Pastry Chef Veronica Manolizi come together to give us vegan and gluten-free tostadas, papaya confit, curry arepas, and fennel ceviche. All this on a patio lined with guava trees.

Charly’s Vegan Tacos

CREDIT: @charlysvegantacos / Instagram

Chef Charly was working as an executive chef in Mexico City when he learned how animal agriculture is decimating the earth. He decided to open his own 100 percent vegan taquería in Tulum and Miami and business is booming.

Vegan Cuban Cuisine

CREDIT: @vegancubancuisine / Instagram

Currently, VCC is only available via delivery, but you’ll find their vegan flan, sandwiches, and croquetas at some vegan establishments. Pro tip: Aguacate Wellness is known to carry their croquetas.

Choices Organic Café

CREDIT: @thevshopsfoodhall / Instagram

Choices Organic Café gives us traditional Mexican and Latin flavors without compromising on organic, non-GMO quality. Enjoy soyrizo quesadillas, or build your own burrito or bowl, where plantains and guacamole count as a ‘veggie’ option. That’s right. The guac is NOT extra.


CREDIT: @edukosmiami / Instagram

Nestled in Little Havana, Edukos gives us twists on Venezuelan classics. It’s not entirely vegan, but offers impossible meat pasticho del valle, plantain hummus with mushroom soffit stuffed grape leaves and incredible flavors.

Bunnie Cakes

CREDIT: @msbunniecakes / Instagram

Mariana Cortez founded Bunnie Cakes Studio after she couldn’t find a birthday cake for her dairy-allergic son. The studio will decorate fabulous vegan cakes for you, teach you to decorate your own cupcakes or cake, and hosts workshops, ranging from Frida Kahlo decorations to Pumpkin Spice Tres Leches.

Home Sweet Earth

CREDIT: @homesweetearthmiami / Instagram

Bakery Chef Sabrina Carranza is giving Miami all the vegan postres we need. From the frosting-coated cinnamon rolls to Cuban guava pastelitos, your Latinx sweet tooth is covered.

The Spanglish Vegan

CREDIT: @thespanglishvegan305 / Instagram

This institution has only cropped up in the last few weeks and already the reviewers are raving. The Spanglish Vegan is giving us all our classic favorites, like mofongo and yucca, with vegan carne asada and shredded jackfruit.

Plant Theory Botanical Cafe

CREDIT: @gablaw876 / Instagram

Serving you all vegan meals, including brunch, at the Whitelaw Hotel, Plant Theory is not a tapas place. Enjoy hearty meals, including a guava BBQ jackfruit burgers,

Vegan and Juice

CREDIT: @veganandjuice / Instagram

Their Instagram game is weak, but that’s because its vegan Dominican flavors are strong. You can get El Plato del Día for just $9 and pick four of whatever is remade for the day, from malanga pastelon, platanos maduras and empanadas. It’s probably the most affordable, authentic vegan place in Miami but don’t expect organic labels or compostable to go containers. Pack your own.

GLAM Vegan

CREDIT: @glam.vegan_ / Instagram

Enjoy jackfruit tacos, watermelon ceviche and tres leches cake at GLAM vegan. It’s not a classic Latin restaurant, but about a third of its menu are made up of vegan twists on Latin classics.

Love Life Cafe

CREDIT: @lovelife_cafe / Instagram

While not entirely vegan, everything here is plant-based and rico. Try the sancocho soup, any of their arepas, or this pictured picadillo bowl made from Beyond meat. Tengo hombre.

Happy Vegan Bakers

CREDIT: @happyveganbakers / Instagram

This Colombian owned bakery is a hole in the wall, and also boasts as the first all vegan pastelito establishment in Miami. Come through for papa rellenos, croquetas, and even tamales.

My Roots Juice Bar

CREDIT: @myrootsjuicebar / Instagram

Yes, this is a juice bar, but it’s serving Miamians what we need: Cayenne Mango smoothies, frijoles bowls and so many empanadas. Choose from “Supreme,” “Tropical,” Spinach and Mushroom varieties of gluten-free, vegan empanadas.

CREDIT: @mannalifefood / Instagram

CREDIT: @sweatrecords / Instagram

CREDIT: @vegan_schmegan_bakery / Instagram

CREDIT: @aguacate_sanctuaryoflove / Instagram

Taco Chido

CREDIT: @tacochidotaqueria / Instagram

It’s hard to find authentic Mexican food in South Florida, but when you do, you go often. This taquería has only been open a couple weeks and is creating buzz for it’s vegan longaniza, soyrizo and mushroom tacos. Take your carnivorous friends y disfruten.

St. Roch Market

CREDIT: @st.rochmarket / Instagram

In the heart of Miami’s Design District is this food hall with a wide variety of cuisines. Check out Chef Chloe’s vegan tacos and avocado coconut soft serve!

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Latina Porn Star Was Slut-Shamed By Drunk Miami Dolphins Fan And It Was All Caught On Tape


Latina Porn Star Was Slut-Shamed By Drunk Miami Dolphins Fan And It Was All Caught On Tape

jewelsval / Instagram

The Miami Dolphins lost 17-16 to the Redskins and the loss still stings. However, not all of the action was happening on the field last Sunday. A Miami fan who’d had a little too much to drink at the Hard Rock Stadium unloaded an expletive-rant on adult film star Valentina Jewels. The actress confirmed that it was, in fact, her who had been verbally attacked during the NFL game posting a video of the incident on Twitter and wrote: “That’s me”.

Latina porn star Valentina Jewels was enjoying a day out at the stadium when a drunk party-pooper insulted her.

Credit: jewelsval / Instagram

The Honduran-born actress was enjoying her day at the game with other employees of the adult film company, Bang Bros. The unidentified man jumped up just as the Dolphins scored a touchdown and launched the verbal attack. Holding a cup of beer and wearing a Dolphins jersey the man shouted “You’re girl’s a f***ing w***e, you ain’t got s*** on me, f***ing b**** ass mother*****” at the man accompanying Jewels. 

Jewels was attending the game with fellow Bang Bros employees on official “Bang Bus Stop” business

Bang Bros, a Miami staple, has spoken of its closeness to the city and even offered a $10 million bid to bag naming rights for the Miami Heat stadium. They took the opportunity to get close to their fans on Sunday by taking their #bangbusstop to the Hard Rock Stadium parking lot for fans to meet their porn-star idols and take pictures with them.

Fans!!! Have you ever wanted to take a picture with the World Famous Bang Bus?” read the Instagram post on the company’s official page. “We are here at the Hard Rock Stadium! West lot 31 Dolphins vs Redskins! #BangBusStop #football.”

Despite the fireworks and rivalries inside the stadium, both Redskins and Miami fans were encouraged to make a pit stop at Bang Bros’ prized attraction in the lot.

The unidentified man must’ve thought that the porn star was attending the game in support of the Redskins and proceeded to slut-shame her when his team was on the losing side of things.

The aggressive man may have been misguided in his anger against Jewels. BangBros have been very public about their support of Miami teams in the past. The adult film company even wanted to change the name of the Miami Heat stadium to BBC or ‘Bang Bros Cares’ or the ‘Bang Bros Center’ and went as far as to make a multi-million bid to make that happen. The red and white BangBros colors may have tricked the drunk man into thinking that Jewels and her companion were at the game in support of the Washington Redskins.  

Jewels confirmed that the person in the video was her via Twitter.

Credit: jewelsval / Instagram

Jewels reported that she was the Bang Bros girl who was being yelled at by the Dolphins fan by sharing a video of the incident on Twitter and took to Instagram to call out the disrespect and shine a light on “how hard it really is to deal with being a ‘star’ in a SW industry.”

“We deal with the same problems you do and on top of that we deal with masses having their fingers pointed at us,” she captioned the post. “I’m glad everyone’s getting sneak peek of how it feels like being a SW, can’t even enjoy a game without being disrespected. It’s not about “freedom of speech” there’s a bigger underlining issue there. I’m not gonna stay quiet about this, we are treated poorly & unfairly on the daily basis.”

While views on the adult industry are increasingly progressive, the widely held perceptions of the women and men in the frame remain static. 

In an interview with the Independent, porn veteran Raylin Joy, a singer and actress in the Showtime mini-series ‘Submission’ spoke about the stigma and disrespect that women receive for working in the porn industry.

“Sometimes the stigma that can come with porn is too much for some girls to handle,” she said, “Because it is not even the porn world that can really get to girls, it’s the bulls**t that girls can experience from the outside world because people think they have this idea of porn and that if you are a girl who does it then you must be a little bit weird or something.”

Bang Bros gave a great response to questions regarding the incident.

Credit: @bustedcoverage / Twitter

For their part, when asked about an official stance, Bang Bros responded to questions about the incident via a DM to Busted Coverage; “Idk, some fans can’t control their drinking. Stadium security did a great job. We had a wonderful time at the game.”

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A Woman Lost Her Job At A Panera Bread After She Posted A Viral Video Of Her Warming Up Frozen Mac And Cheese


A Woman Lost Her Job At A Panera Bread After She Posted A Viral Video Of Her Warming Up Frozen Mac And Cheese

Social media is a wonderful tool when it comes to connecting with friends across large distances and finding a community. However, social media can also come with its own downfalls. Take the recent lesson learned by TikTok user @briannaraelenee. She posted a video on TikTok from work and it went viral eventually leading to her losing her job. Here’s what went down.

A viral video about Panera Bread’s macaroni and cheese took on a life of its own after it was posted.

The video shows an employee preparing the macaroni and cheese for a customer. The food is frozen in a plastic bag and is dropped into boiling water to warm up. The video isn’t anything revelatory in itself since a lot of restaurants warm up frozen foods that are shipped to locations to insure consistency.

Her next video was dedicated to explaining how the food was still good.

It didn’t take long for the video to go viral. As of the time of this writing, the video had almost 1 million views. Despite the text on her first video of “exposing Panera,” @briannaraelenee told people to keep eating at Panera because the food is delicious.

She quickly followed up with a video near tears apologizing to an Anthony.

The TikTok user really wanted to keep her job. She is making it clear that she likes her job and was not trying to tarnish or attack Panera Bread. One can only assume that she made the video without thinking about it.

She kept her fans, new and old, completely up to date on her journey from Panera employee to unemployed.

She was all smiles when she explained that she was told that she was let go. As she puts it, they were parting ways, like a breakup. She then explained that she is not being fired for the video. Instead, she is being fired because she had her phone out and her nails were too long, both violations of health safety regulations.

The next video showed her in tears as she drove away.

It’s hard to lose a job so unexpectedly. However, it seems that @briannaraelenee saw it coming when her video of the macaroni and cheese started to go viral. It was only a matter of time before people at Panera Bread saw the video.

While some might think she’d be full on clout, she is letting everyone know that it is not the case.

LOL. It’s like becoming famous. As soon as it happens, everyone you ever met is going to come out of nowhere to hit you up. Obviously, they think you are going to do them some kind of favors or will help give them their own social media clout.

The woman took to Twitter to address all of the concerns from followers.

Credit: @BriiRamirezz / Twitter

She is really holding herself up here. Not only is she taking responsibility for what she did, but she is also telling everyone else to calm down.

Not everyone is buying that her tweet was not coerced.

Credit: @SassmastatT / Twitter

You can’t really blame them. Social media is filled with lies and questionable moments. It isn’t too shocking that the Panera employee’s sincere responses to the scandal are being questioned.

Other people are just genuinely impressed with her composure throughout the whole thing.

Credit: @mikegstowe / Twitter

It really is impressive. She took responsibility for her actions and took the consequences in stride.

She does want to leave everyone this one special PSA about phone usage at work.

Solid advice. Hopefully, people can learn from her mistake.

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