Be Prepared To Get Jealous Once You See What The McDonald’s Menus In These Latin American Countries Look Like

The McDonald’s menus in Latin America will make you drool.

McDonald’s is known for their signature Big Mac and french fries, but their menu is compleeetely different across Latin America. This is what part of the breakfast menu looks like in Costa Rica:


This bad boy comes with gallo pinto, scrambled eggs, sausage, tortillas, and plátanos fritos.

If you thought it couldn’t get any bigger than the Big Mac, check out these massive breakfast sandwiches they have in Puerto Rico:


These are twice the size of a breakfast McGriddle.

Desayuno in Mexico includes biscuits con frijol y queso that they call McMOLLETES.


They sure know how to make frijoles y queso look fancy.

For a more simple, yet homey type of breakfast, the McDonald’s menu in Colombia offers this dish:


Super simple, but almost looks like something your mom would cook at home.

If you’ve grown tired of the 6-piece Chicken McNuggets, in Guatemala you can order chicken legs, wings AND thighs for lunch.


What is this? KFC?

To go along with that fried chicken, the McDonald’s in Brazil offers you these fresh ass french fries:


These look soooo much better than their regular french fries.

And to top off their tasty lunch menu, Ecuador offers empanadas! Yes. Empanadas.


Soooo jealous.

As for the dessert menu, Uruguay has a lot more to offer than just a McFlurry.


This looks so bommmmmb!!

But even the restaurants in Latin America that do serve McFlurrys find a way to out stage the American Oreo McFlurry. Check out what they’re handing out in Argentina:


So jealous. All of these different menus really make me want to visit every McDonald’s in the world.

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The Top 12 Salsas From Across Latin America, Ranked


The Top 12 Salsas From Across Latin America, Ranked

Jackie_testet / Instagram

Hot sauce has been a kitchen table staple for Latinos for thousands of years. The Aztecs pretty much invented it. We put it on eggs, on snacks, on meat….you probably have that person in your life who would put it on their finest cardboard and eat it up, the stuff is so popular. Anything that brings vegans and carnivores together at the dinner table deserves to be celebrated. Enjoy this roundup of hot sauces from all over Latin America to try out with your next meal.

1. Mexico: Cholula

Credit: cholulahotsauce/ Instagram

Made in Chapala, Jalisco, the sauce is made with a blend of piquín and arbol chiles. It’s often put up against Tapatio on American restaurant tables in a Coke vs. Pepsi level battle of the condiments. But we know there’s room for both. However, if you’re really dedicated, you might be able to join the Order of Cholula for exclusive offers.

2. Belize: Marie Sharp

Credit: jackie_testtet / Instagram

Made in Stann Creek, Belize, Marie Sharp started her line of hot sauces in her kitchen where she experimented with blends of Habanero peppers and jams and jellies made from fruits and vegetables picked from her farm. The brand has long outgrown the kitchen and went international. We stan an entrepeneurial queen.

3. Costa Rica: Banquete Chilero

Credit: hunter_t_morris / Instagram

This thicker sauce from Costa Rica gets its flavor from habanero peppers and carrots. Some might compare it to an asian sweet and sour sauce.

4. Guatemala: Picama’s Salsa Brava

Credit: beambeeaam/ Instagram

This mild, green sauce has a ketchup-like consistency and is made with serrano peppers. The color is straight up neon, but some people swear by it, stocking up on bottles when they visit Guatemala. Also, don’t you love when an abuela comes through like this?

5. Honduras: D’Olanchano

Credit: @OldJersey / Twitter

This hot sauce uses Tabasco peppers grown in the Olancho valley and later aged in wooden barrels to acquire its taste.

6. Nicaragua: Chilango

Credit: libertadjustica19 / Instagram

Chilango Chile sources their ingredients from all over the world to create unique flavors in their line of hot sauces. The Cabro Consteño is made with the Nicaraguan yellow “goat” pepper grown on the Atlantic coast. The Habanero Chocolate gets its name from the dark, brown pepper it uses for flavor. It doesn’t actually have chocolate in it – whether that relieves or distresses you.

7. Panama: D’Elidas

Credit: south side art / Instagram

This yellow is made with Habanero peppers, mustard, and vinegar. Hot sauce lovers report getting a lot of that mustard taste in the sauce, so adjust expectations accordingly. People are known to fill up their suitcases with bottles before leaving Panama.

8. Brazil: Mendez Hot Sauce

Credit: splikityspic / Instagram

Mendez Hot Sauce is a brand out of Central Brazil where creator, Rafael Mendez strives for sustainable business practices that help his community. The sauce uses the locally sourced Malagueta pepper which creates work for local farming families, lifting many of them out of poverty.

9. Chile: Diaguitas

Credit: lutecastro / Instagram

Diaguitas is the most popular hot sauce in Chile, coming in a few flavors. It’s light on ingredients, letting the peppers speak for themselves. It’s salty, so handle with care to balance that taste out on your food.

10. Colombia: Amazon Pepper Sauce

Credit: lutecastro / Instagram

This brand uses a variety of Amazon peppers that grow at the edge of the rainforest in the Andes Cauca Valley. They blend the chilis with other tropical ingredients. They have a mild flavor that stands out made with guava. 

11. Ecuador: Ole

Credit: serieroom700 / Instagram

Ole carries a few different flavors, but it always goes back to the ingredients to make a hot sauce unique to the region it comes from. Ole uses the tena pepper which only grows in Ecuador. They have it on its own where you get the fruit taste with a lash of heat. They also put it in their Tamarillo sauce which couples the tena with the fruit from the pepper tomato tree.

12. Peru: Salsa de Aji Amarillo


What’s actually the most popular thing to do in Peru is to just make your own hot sauces. However, sometimes you can find bottled sauces that will satisfy the craving. The Peru Chef makes one with the aji amarillo pepper which has a subtle sweetness to it and is a cornerstone of Peruvian cuisine.

Of course, there are many hot sauces from all over Latin America that you’ll simply have to travel for if you want the best like Llajwa sauce from Bolivia. You could also probably stay home and get some bomb green sauce from King Taco.

McDonald’s Was Trying To Be Cute When They Put These Characters On Cups But It Didn’t Take Long For People To Discover This Major Design Flaw


McDonald’s Was Trying To Be Cute When They Put These Characters On Cups But It Didn’t Take Long For People To Discover This Major Design Flaw

@stargazer2501 / Twitter

Look – I get it. As a working graphic designer I ask, who among us has not inadvertently created a something not quite ready for the general publication ? It is a surprisingly easy mistake to make, and I know I have had to scrap a project or two for inappropriate thermometers and light bulbs. Even in the small team that I work with, there’s a whole review process that makes sure accidental genitals, stray cups of booze, and unfortunate phrasing like “pitch a tent” stay off of our family-friendly publications and marketing materials.

At McDonald’s, it seems that no one was around to take that one last look that is all the difference between a sweet, summery cup and a social media prompt for the depraved.

McDonald’s locations in Japan are distributing cups that feature a guy and a girl that when tipped in certain directions, depict the two lovebirds in some naughty situations.

Here’s the designer’s vision of how this cup is supposed to work:

But as we know…these didn’t turn out exactly the way they were supposed to. Or rather, the design team didn’t anticipate just how juvenile people can be.

If you are dedicated to law and order and keep the bottom of the cup on the table, when you finish your drink the two characters come together in a cute, romantic fling. 

But let’s be honest…if we know we can be immature and make these cute couples look naughty, we’re totally doing it.

Each of the three available cups, show the couple engaged in a chaste kiss.

So cute. If only it had stayed that way.

So innocent! So pure! It almost doesn’t belong in 2019! 

Not straight? Not a problem! Nestle two cups on top of each other and this cup is gay rights.

But we live in a universe of absolute, unbridled chaos and people started tipping those cups every which way. The results? 

From one angle, it looks like the guy is grabbing the girl’s butt. And in a different angle of the same cup, you might see that the girl is kissing the guy’s butt. A little juvenile. Not so bad though, right? We all see what we want to see.

Oh no! In these two examples, our couple appears to be getting a bit carried away…

As with so many things in life, I suppose it all depends in your point of view. 

I thought animal-style was an In-N-Out thing? I’m still rooting for these two to make it though. Let’s check in on our gay couple.

What can we say? It’s hot in these streets.

After the 2004 documentary Super Size Me drew a lot of criticism to the McDonald’s brand, the company has been trying to rehabilitate its image. Their supersize option is no longer available and newer, supposedly more healthy options have made their way on to the menu. McDonald’s has also opted for the sleeker look of competitors like Starbucks. Many franchise establishments have gotten a facelift, moving away from a garish red and yellow motif to a neutral tone look and offering free WiFi

Lately, McDonald’s has gotten into the specialty drink game. You can now drive through for a vanilla latte or a fruit smoothie, assuming the machine is working. The cups came about through a marketing campaign for McDonad’s McFizz drinks – carbonated, fruity beverages that come in a variety of colors that photograph beautifully as a backdrop for the design. 

You have to admit, it started out as a cute idea, but when producing new designs, one has to remember that Twitter exists and stays ready to drag. It’s always good practice to look things over a few times. Look once for spelling and grammar. Look a second time with the eyes of a thirteen year old boy who will take every opportunity to make a sexual innuendo. And I guess we have reached the point where we probably need to look a third time from every possible point of view so that your product doesn’t become a trending topic on Twitter for unforeseen reasons. a

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