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Avocado Bar Opens In Brooklyn Then Runs Out Of Avocados In Three Hours

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A new restaurant opened in Brooklyn this week that promises to serve a menu almost entirely comprised of avocado-infused dishes.

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Even Becky is on the Avocado train.

On Monday, the Avocaderia opened up in Brooklyn. It’s a restaurant opened by three friends from Italy who tasted avocados in Mexico and knew what they had to do.

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Francesco Brachetti, one of the three friends, was interviewed by the New York Times and said “They’re tasty and healthy, and I ate them every day,” when discussing his discovery of avocados on his trip to Mexico.

Guys from Italy went to Mexico, discovered exotic fruits, and decided to cash in? Sounds very familiar. Even the dude on the left is like, “Um, hey guys, is this a good idea?”

The Avocaderia is located in “Industry City,” which is neither a city, nor is it itself an industry.

Credit: Industry City

It’s some sort of collective for hipsters to go and drink exclusive free-range, fair-trade, vegan, gluten-free, top-knot, flannel, macchiatos, or whatever.

Some natives of the area, myself included, think Brooklyn has had enough trendiness.

Hipster Pack

Brooklyn has been “hip” for far too long. Bikes, cupcakes, quinoa, and now avocados.

Industry City is the real world embodiment of “SoDoSoPa” (“South of Downtown South Park”) from “The City Part Of Town.”

Credit: Comedy Central

This South Park episode focuses on gentrification. In it, the locals build an entire downtown area where there wasn’t one, displacing and inconveniencing the poor people in the area, to attract the alien overlords of Whole Foods to open a location in the area.

What happened to the Brooklyn I knew? Am I just out of touch? Old fashioned?

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Am I just nostalgia-ridden for a time when Industry City was just another unwalkable part of Sunset Park? An area me and the homies enjoyed having as a scary area you just don’t go to, unless you were looking for a scary area to go to?

Man, I have severely digressed in this article. Um. Avocados. Right. Anyway, the food looks delicious as fuck.

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Now, the real question is how do I hold this? Do I need white privilege, or can I just use my hands?

According to reports, on its first day, the new restaurant ran out of ripe avocados, their main ingredient, within three hours. The fruit is notorious for its ripening pattern.

Apparently, they didn’t run out of avocados, they had plenty of those, they just weren’t ripe. Sounds like they were a bit unprepared. They discovered avocados like yesterday, so you can almost forgive them for not knowing. Almost.

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Mariners Fans Got To Try This Traditional Mexican Snack On Opening Day

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Mariners Fans Got To Try This Traditional Mexican Snack On Opening Day

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Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 11.59.02 AM


One of the things I love about baseball is the food.

Grabbing a hotdog and washing it down with a cold beer is always the perfect way to enjoy the game. Or is it? That’s the question the Mariners asked recently when they added a not-so-traditional item to their refreshment menu at Safeco Field.

For the Seattle Mariners home opener, Safeco Field patrons could treat themselves to a nice cup of… chapulines.

The toasted grasshoppers were provided by nearby restaurant Poquitos and cost $4 a serving.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 12.07.14 PM

“They are a one-of-a-kind snack that the fans will really love, either on a taco or on their own,” Steve Dominguez, the general manager for Centerplate, the company responsible for Safeco Field’s menu, told the Los Angeles Times.

Leading up to opening day, the hype was real, but opinions were mixed. Some people were curious…

…But other people were less than impressed.

Swing and a you-don’t-know-what-you’re-missing.

So, did the fans love the chapulines?

A Mariners spokesperson, Rebecca Hale, told ESPN, “We don’t expect to sell a lot of them, but it’s a fun thing to offer and it’s an authentic.”

Despite the skepticism… it turns out the chapulines were a home run.

Seriously, the stadium sold out.

Fans were so excited to try them, they posted videos of their first bites.

Don’t worry if you missed out. Safeco Field is expected to stock the snack throughout the season, ESPN reports.

And the Mariners won their opening game, so maybe they’re good luck.

Pinocchio / Disney

Of course Jiminy was a cricket.

[H/T] Los Angeles Times: Mariners fans can’t get enough toasted grasshoppers during Monday’s home opener at Safeco Field

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