25 Latinx Owned Businesses Who Are Disrupting The Food Industry

If there is one thing Latinos are known for, it is definitely the food. As you can see, we have taken out own traditional foods and fused them with some of the most iconic dishes. How can you deny the grandeur of an elote pizza? Not only are we creating some amazing foods, we are also disrupting the traditional food industry with our unique take on flavor and menu items. Check out the 25 Latinx businesses that are changing the food game.

Part of being Latinx is having food as a love language. No matter your family’s traditions or where you grew up, one things can be certain: everything centered around food.

Which is why it’s awesome to see these Latinx entrepreneurs absolutely reinventing the Latinx food game and putting modern twists on home classics. It’s not only impressive, but it’s also a really unique way to introduce Latinx culture to others that might never encounter it. We’ve added another dozen to our list of amazing places to check out that totally change the way we eat Latinx food.

1. Twisted 4 Sugar

Twisted4Sugar latinx owned business
CREDIT: Twisted4Sugar

Calling all sugar addicts! Get ready for Twisted 4 Sugar – it’s cotton candy with a Latin twist. The flavors have hints of dulce, spicy and sweet, and the best part is you can get it delivered right to your house. Who doesn’t want cotton candy delivered to their door step? I’m all about it, thank you.

2. Lola’s Cocina

CREDIT: Lola’s Cocina

Lola’s Cocina is the brainchild of Dolores Wiarco Dweck. It’s a corner of the Internet where you can shop delicious ingredients but also take cooking classes and peek around different recipes. Basically, it sets you up to win in your own kitchen and create bonding experiences with your own family. It’s more than just a “blog” – it’s a place that celebrates Mexican culture and food.

3. Pink Elephant Bakery

CREDIT: @pinkelephantbakery / Instagram

Handmade sweet treats with a modern flare? Count me in! This place isn’t your typical panadería. They’re open daily from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m., and have been serving the San Jose area since 1978. But they continue to evolve and adapt to modern times, including their aesthetically pleasing Instagram page and cool, artistic website.

4. Equelecuá Cuban Vegan Café

CREDIT: Equelecuá Cuban Cafe

Equelecuá is the first and only Cuban restaurant in the U.S. to feature an all vegan menu featuring tostones, mojo wings, picadillo, Cuban sandwiches and arroz con leche. #drooling.

5. Tlayuda la

CREDIT: Tlayuda la

Any restaurant that brands itself as an “artsy Oaxacan” place is a win in my book. It’s not just going to devour delicious, authentic plates and dishes. They pride themselves on their ambiance of local artists, murals, and colorful designs. I’m all about a place that leans into not only its trendy brand, but also makes some incredible food.

6. Churro Boss

CREDIT: @_churroboss_ / Instagram

Churros. For. Days. And these aren’t your mama’s churros. Churro Boss serves up unique, flavorful, and decadent twists on the classic churro out of their brick and mortar joint in Monterey Park. If you truly want to treat yourself to a fancy churro like the bite-size “oreo drizzled churros”, then Churro Boss is your place.

7. Nuni Toaster

CREDIT: Nuni Toaster

It’s not a restaurant, but it’s definitely changing the food game! A toaster, specifically for tortillas? Have the heavens opened up and blessed us so? Sure seems that way. It’s simplifying heating up tortillas by just sticking them into this custom, made-for-tortillas-only, toaster.

8.  Hija de Sanchez

CREDIT: Hija de Sanchez

Rosio Sanchez is a Mexican-American champion of Mexican cuisine in Denmark. Truly, this country had never been exposed to Mexican cuisine. She even said people asked her “what kind of pancake” is the corn tortilla. She fuses Scandinavian with Mexican with dishes like a fjord shrimp taco, in which the shrimps are fried whole and basted with árbol chile oil.

9. Broken Spanish

CREDIT: @brokenspanishla / Instagram

Located in Downtown Los Angeles, Chef Ray Garcia offers a spin on Modern Mexican food based on local, fresh ingredients. Tamales are stuffed with English peas and farmers’ market swiss chard. Plus, there’s the most authentic Choco Taco we’ve ever seen out of a wrapper.

10. Todo Verde

CREDIT: @todoverde / Instagram

Any company that is a mobile company is destined for greatness in 2018. Todo Verde provides healthy and affordable smoothies, juices, aguas frescas, and plant-based food to the East Los Angeles communities and neighborhoods. Founder Jocelyn Ramirez is a vegan cook and advocate for healthy food and she’s absolutely revolutionizing the smoothie game with her company.

11. Mexvegana

CREDIT: @mexvegana_ / Instagram

Mexvegana is on a mission to prove to you that vegan food doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it’s often quite the opposite. Plus, they’re known for their “Mexican Sushi” which sounds as good as it looks – truly mouthwatering.

12. Elado Ice Cream

CREDIT: @eladoicecream / Instagram

Located in a strip mall in Pico Rivera, Calif., this ice cream parlor boasts unique and inventive flavors. They’ve got chamoy on sorbets, watermelon cucumber lime chabet, and the Conchita con Helado y Churro ice cream sandwich. I’m drooling just typing this.

13. Holbox Los Angeles

CREDIT: @holboxlosangeles

Holbox is reinventing the Mexican seafood game. Located in Downtown LA, this menu is simply not of this world. Here, you can sit at the counter and watch your food being prepared. It’s the freshest, most decadent seafood you might find in Los Angeles.

14. Chicas Tacos

CREDIT: @chicastacos

Chicas Tacos is proudly serving the Los Angeles area, with modern twists on tacos. For instance, a caesar salad fish taco? Um, yes please. They’re all about their unique twists on classic Mexican flare. Everything is authentic and organic and worth every penny.

15. East Los Sweets

CREDIT: @eastlossweets

Cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and more at this East LA bakery that handcrafts all of their desserts to be exactly what you want. Who doesn’t want a pan dulce cake pop?

16. Swirl Fiesta

CREDIT: @swirlfiesta / Instagram

Swirl Fiesta brings everything we love together – Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and corn, plus all kinds of pineapple dole whips and sweet treats. But seriously, that corn though! Smothered in Flamin’ Hot Cheetos? We’re going to be there ASAP.

17. Alicias Delicias

CREDIT: @aliciasdelicias / Instagram

These aren’t your average sugar cookies. AliciasDelicias makes edible art and it’s fantastic. Anything from Frida Kahlo cookies to beautiful, watercolor cookies – it’s easy to spend hours scrolling through the Instagram page, in awe of the designs.

18. Courtesan Cupcakes

CREDIT: Courtesan Cupcakes

Jessika Lauren is a self-taught, Los Angeles based vegan baker who was featured on the Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars”, where she baked a Spicy Green Curry cupcake, and Halloween themed cupcakes.

19. Birosca

CREDIT: Courtesy of CNN

As featured on Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, Birosca is staffed entirely by women. Owner Bruna Martins even says, “Mineira cuisine has always been and will be made by women.” Miniera cuisine is made with only local produce, including fruits like pequi which, if you bite too deep, you’ll need a professional to remove the hundreds of nano spikes at the center. Do not try this at home.

20. La Newyorkina

CREDIT: @lanewyorkinasweets / Facebook

In our last post, we heard from some of you that we left out a few major players here. So without further ado, La Newyorkina, an artisanal Mexican ice cream shop operating out of Washington Square, NYC. We see you.

21. Taco Mesa

CREDIT: @tacomesa / Facebook

This place has been around longer than a lot of us were born, and since Day 1, “healthy and authentic Mexican cuisine” has made its way to the Costa Mesa, Calif. area. This flagship location makes award-winning al pastor burgers stuffed with proscuitto, pineapple, sweet chipotle adobo and grilled onions.

22. Taco Rosa

CREDIT: @tacorosairvine / Facebook

Taco Mesa’s sister store, Taco Rosa gets creative. They make Tacos Koreanos, served with slow-cooked chipotle BBQ pork ribs, Napa cabbage, roasted sweet red peppers and green onions. Muchísmas gracias.

23.  Molli Sauces – True Mexican Flavors

CREDIT: @mollisauces / Facebook

We think of Molli Sauces as the food researcher equipo we all wanted to be in when we grew up. They serve fresh food at their restaurant and also bottle their famous sauces. This gorgeous pic is from a culinary research trip in Mexico. They cooked that beautiful flower as a filling for tacos and quesadillas. Bless.

24. Yuca Bar & Restaurant

CREDIT: @yucabar / Instagram

Based in the East Village, Yuca Bar highlights drinks from all over Latin America and Spain (read: Caipirinhas, Sangria, Mojitos, etc.).

25. Bolivar Restaurant Bar Lounge

CREDIT: @bolivarmiamibeach / Instagram

You can eat. You can party. It sounds like a Latinx classic, but what makes Bolivar special is how they separate Miami cuisine from Colombian, Venezuelan and other classics. Brava.

Tamales Elena Is About To Become LA’s First Afro-Mexican Restaurant


Tamales Elena Is About To Become LA’s First Afro-Mexican Restaurant

tamaleselenayantojitos / Instagram

The Los Angeles food truck Tamales Elena y Antojitos has been serving up authentic Guerrero food for 20 years. Tamales Elena y Antojitos is a staple at E 110th St. & Wilmington Ave. in LA’s Watts neighborhood offering up banana leaf-wrapped tamales. Now, Tamales Elena y Antojitos will become a restaurant.

Tamales Elena y Antojitos is opening up LA’s first Afro-Mexican restaurant.

Not even a pandemic will slow them down. The family behind the famous food truck in Watts will soon be welcoming guests (following COVID-19 guidelines) in Bell Gardens, California. The tamales, pozoles, and array of Afro-Mexican dishes will be served to everyone who has come to adore the Mexican establishment.

The restaurant will add another cuisine to the vast palate that is LA’s food scene.

Los Angeles is home to a diverse and inviting list of restaurants representing cultures from around the world. Some of the best Mexican food in the country can be found in Los Angeles and Tamales Elena y Antojitos is adding another level to that representation. Angelenos are celebrating the Afro-Mexican restaurant staffed and owned by Afro-Mexicans.

The restaurant has a special place in people’s lives.

The family has been offering up their unique food to residents of Watts for 20 years. In two weeks, Maria Elena Lorenzo will be offering up her family recipes in-store to more people as of July 15. The family has spent years in the food industry and have worked hard to make their mark on LA’s food scene.

Lorenzo’s daughters have been played a big role in getting the restaurant going.

According to LA Eater, Lorenzo’s daughters have spent years working in various restaurants around Los Angeles. Her daughters, Maria, Heidi, Judepth, Teresa, and Nayeli spent time working front-of-house and back-of-house at restaurants including Rivera, Petty Cash Taqueria, and Guerrilla Tacos. Heidi Irra worked at Mezcalero in downtown Los Angeles. Now, the daughters are bringing their experience to the family business and helping their mother start her restaurant.

Lorenzo, lovingly known as Mama, is clearly going to have a lot of guests are her restaurant.

Congratulations, Mama! This is one of those stories we love to see. Nothing makes you prouder than watching Latino families come together to chase the American Dream and succeed.

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Little Caesars Hands Customer Pizza With Pepperoni Swastika Made As ‘Insensitive Joke’

Things That Matter

Little Caesars Hands Customer Pizza With Pepperoni Swastika Made As ‘Insensitive Joke’

@LaskaMisty / Twitter

One Ohio couple recently received an order for a pizza that’ll leave a pretty rancid taste in your mouth.

After running errands with his wife Misty Laska this past Saturday night, Jason Laska said they picked up a pepperoni pizza from Little Caesars. Eager to eat they cracked open the pizza once they got home, receiving a shocking surprise that likely ruined their appetite.

Misty noticed a backward laid swastika made out of pepperoni slices on the pie.

After getting in touch with Little Caesars, the couple was told it was meant to be a funny and private joke.

According to The New York Times, when Misty Laska first opened the takeaway pizza she noticed that it was not sliced. Then, she and her husband realized that the pepperoni pieces had been prepared in the shape of a swastika.

Misty told Reuters that when they first realized what they saw they were “just silent.” Furious, they returned to the store to return the pizza, the shop was closed. The next day, the pizza chain, which is the third-largest in the country called, to apologize.

“We have zero tolerance for racism and discrimination in any form, and these franchise store employees were immediately terminated,” Little Caesars told The New York Times. “This conduct is completely against our values.”

“That’s why it was not cut or anything like that,” Jason Laska said. “They made it as a joke and it was never intended to go out to a customer.”

However, even if the joke was meant to be a private one it is gross and unacceptable.

“Even in a joking manner, it’s absolutely unacceptable,” Jason Laska added.

Jill Proctor, a spokesperson for Little Caesars confirmed the incident and said that the employees involved were fired in a statement to CNN. “We have zero tolerance for racism and discrimination in any form, and these franchise store employees were immediately terminated. We’re deeply disappointed that this happened, as this conduct is completely against our values,” Proctor continued. “We have also reached out to the customer to discuss this personally with him.”

In response to the firing of the employees, Misty has said she hopes they are learning an important lesson.”These are the kinds of things that are continuing to fuel the hate and the confusion that exists in the country and in the world,” her husband said after sharing that they both hope

The Laskas hoped that by sharing their experience others will educate themselves about Nazism and the symbols used to perpetuate it.