20 Latino Snacks We Grew Up With And Might Not Know Were Vegan

Let’s say that the recent awareness of young and old folks towards healthier lifestyles isn’t really catching that much speed, but no doubt it is spreading like wildfire in a wind storm. So, how many of these latino snacks did you even guess is part of a vegan diet? And, by the way, a vegan is someone that does not eat any animal products or by-products just in case you didn’t know!

1. Plantain Chips

Credit: Mariquitas. Digital Image.

You’ll find these delightful treats most anywhere subtropical South of the Rio Grande, and as long as they don’t have any cheesy toppings, they’re good to go (down, that is!).

2. Sesame Seed / Coconut Snacks.

Credit: Instagram @defynewyork

These famous Puertorican snacks are the perfect treat for any time of day, they come in different flavors (vegan and not) like Mango, Strawberry, Guava and Dulce de leche.

3. Tajín

veganomie / Instagram

Speaking of chili powder, that’s the holy grail of them all! Worthy of a Nobel Prize, this mix of dried chilies is a classic! Everything, and I mean everything, is bettered by it.

4. Mazapan

mrsjoenc6 / Instagram

The delectable and crumbly puree of peanuts that is simply too good to believe is vegan. Hey! Who says vegan foods have to be bland? Not this kind… dig in!

5. Paletas

jmgayoso / Instagram

Just about any fruit will do. Stuff an ice pop mold, layer in between with “chamoy”, that tasty and tart salsa mix and forget about the 100º heat ‘cause its game on.

6. Mangonadas

jay.e333 / Instagram

Some things are soooo good looking, you’d have a hard time believing they’re also vegan. Chill a few mango slices, splash a bunch of tart salsas and powders on ‘em, put them in a cup and go.

7. Conchitas

conchitasmx / Instagram

Originally a Northern Mexico snack, these corn chips will make you pucker up with their acidity. Follow the usual adding salsas and powders and you’re in yummy goodness.

8. Nachos

plantbaseddawn / Instagram

Yeah, skip the sour cream and pour on the “pico” and beans and you’ll have a crowd pleaser like no other. Guac is optional and included in the sticker price!

9. Takis

takisareanut / Instagram

This Mexican snack took the country by storm and keeps getting better and better with their ever-changing lineup of hotter that hot combinations certain to build up a thirst!

10. Doraditas

Doraditas. Digital Image. April 9, 2018.

This sweet and crunchy treat would look like it has non-vegan ingredients, but you won’t find them anywhere, so indulge along with almond milk laced coffee and binge-watch that show you love!

11. Soda and Peanuts

j3f3 / Instagram

It’s real, people do put peanuts in their pop and then down it in a hurry. Of course, it is vegan, but some folks think it isn’t real. Add some chili powder for an extra punch!

12. Chocolate Abuelita

Credit: Chcolate Abuelita. Digital Image. Mexican Cooking Mama. December 17, 2015.

Just make it with almond or soy milk, but the minute the temperature falls below 70º is reason enough to shake that legendary Abuelita chocolate tablet and get yourself some great pan dulce.

13. Sabritones

paulajoannerussell / Instagram

The ultimate flour chicharron covered in a delicious spicy zesty powder. You’ll eat the whole bag, you’ve been warned.

14. Sorbet with Tajín

theronliesl1 / Instagram

A great refresher, this frozen dessert made with fruit flavored water becomes a marvel once you add some Tajin, chamoy and just about anything to liven it up. Amazing!

15. Cotton Candy

twistedforsugar / Instagram

Always vegan, always sweet, always irresistible, and never with a guilt feeling. Nothing says you’re in the mood for fun like a huge ball of sugar on a stick, party baby!

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16. Tostada

veganewbies / Instagram

Top it off with refried beans, pico, shredded cabbage, and corn kernels. Skip the queso fresco and sour cream, top it off with some Valentina red sauce and dig in, it’s a delicious mess!

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17. Roasted Nuts

theswoonful / Instagram

Switch the butter for margarine and rub a whole bunch of pecans, cashews, peanuts, even garbanzo, then broil a few minutes in the oven, toss with salt, pepper, a touch of brown sugar and Tajin, and get a beer (or 3!). It’s well worth it!

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18. Michelada

pablitosmicheladas / Instagram

Use a Mexican beer first, then add the mixture: a splash of lime juice from a lime previously used to season the rim of the glass and add, of course, Tajin; tomato juice (no clam stuff!), a dash (or eight) of hot sauce, salt and pepper, more Tajin, and a lot of beer!

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19. Original Salsitas Spicy Salsa Flavored Tortilla Rounds

chips_love_4ever / Instagram

These will definitely satisfy your Tostilocos craving, give them a try. Be warned. Once you start it can be hard to stop.

20. Durito

dianaalvaradx / Instagram

Smother these in beans, cabbage and a hell lot of salsa. You’ve got yourself a perfect, messy treat. There you have it, a whole bunch of goody treats that are vegan, for whatever reason you might be wanting to have them: whether you’re on a diet or are an animal rights activist. Just enjoy!

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From Jamón Rolls To Pizza Quesadillas All The Latino Snacks We “Invented” While Our Parents Were Away


From Jamón Rolls To Pizza Quesadillas All The Latino Snacks We “Invented” While Our Parents Were Away

If you were a kid (we’re banking on the fact that you were) you know that one of your proudest moments was “inventing” a new snack you were pretty sure no one had ever tried before. Whether it was mayonnaise nachos, PB&J tacos, or pizza burritos con ketchup, you tried it all. Recently a TikTok user by the name of @belspies shared her own childhood creation when she showed her “Three M&Ms Ball” recipe on TikTok.

Tons of people on TikTok responded with their own special recipes on TikTok but we wanted to hear from you. So we asked you guys what treats you invented as kids.

And boy did you guys deliver!

Classic PBJ with a Twist

u/BeardedStalion / Teddit

peanut butter burritos so yummy.” –aarahxo@soniaromero03 

Because our parents worked hard as hell.

“Man for real. This made me realize all the stuff we had to come up with because we were hungry, while my son over here can’t repeat the same thing for dinner as he had for lunch. Then again he has the privilege of his mother being home while mine worked, but still.” –avelar227

Tortilla snacks were where it was really at.

“I used to cut up tortillas in little triangles and sprinkle salt and lemon on them to snack on after school.” – salviscientist

Chocolate chips were where it was at.

u/imattyakaz / Reddit

I would add chocolate chips to my cheesy nachos.”- mapauhan

Turns out we were all using ketchup for odd purposes.

myLot / Reddit

“Pizza” = slice of bread, bologna, cheese ketchup & mayo, place in toaster oven until cheese melts.”- berenice02

“Ritz w/ ketchup, cream cheese tortilla rolls, fry a tortilla then add sugar and cinnamon to make my own buñelos, and Pillsberry dough biscuit to make doughnuts. My kid will never know the real struggle.” – pattybear59

“omg sliced cheese with ketchup 😅😅 I was 5 and I thought I made a masterpiece.” – musical_mary21

Jelly tortillas.

rebug / Reddit

“Jelly on flour tortillas.” – becky_anible_

The ultimate cereal crunch.


“Cornflakes and porridge oats (con canela) but it had to be the perfect combo of sweet, hot and cruchy.” – olmos_shnn

Hot dogs fit for the best taqueria.

PB&J on flour tortillas AND hot dogs in corn tortillas. We didn’t really ever have bread around.” – wealthparatodos

Hotdog sandwiches lol, basically sliced grilled weenies with bread, ketchup and mustard.” – eunice_castro

“Grilled Hot dogs rolled in a corn tortilla. Flour tortilla with Peanut Butter & Pancake syrup. Hella good!” – mssassycrabcake

Yes to all of the fresasss.

PB and fresas on pan bimbo…or elote con sopa de arroz and crema.” – dulcesonrisa_85

“Confleis con platano, fried bologna sandwiches, maruchan con chile y limón.” – liz_laprieta

The ultimate messy toast.

Nora Cooks / Reddit

“Toast with butter and maple syrup – ghetto gourmet.” – mmjohar

“I used to grab a potato chip and topped with pelon pelo rico.. my mom would yield at me that I had lombrises en la pansa.. it was so good.” – yandy_loz

Tortillas with mayonnaise.

The Cavendar Blog / Reddit

“Warm rolled tortilla with a little salt or flour tortilla with mayonnaise.” – ivet_dub

“Apples soaked in pickle juice with chamoy Lucas.” –dreathunder

“Peanut butter jelly and Doritos (or lays) sandwich.” –allyss_abyss_

“Mix all the Lucas powders for the ultimate Lucas.” – genni_reyes

And people were going crazy with tacos.

“Cheetos and mustard.” – lesliehendersonoajaca

“Warm Tortilla and salted sour cream.” – victoria0r0

“Pickles and nacho cheese!” –lovely_did

“Soda crackers with mayo or ritz crackers with American cheese.” – simpleasamy

But above all, we can’t help but think this spicey rice sandwich was da bomb.

Binjal’s VEG Kitchen

“Arroz sándwich.” – bellmaryk

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23 Gifts For The Friend Who Always Has Hot Cheetos Fingers


23 Gifts For The Friend Who Always Has Hot Cheetos Fingers

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are life, need we say more?

They’re crunchy, they’re spicy, they make your mouth water just thinking about them. They’re the best thing that has ever existed in the history of the world. That might sound dramatic, but you know we’re not wrong.

This gift guide is for the friend in your life who’s always got Hot Cheetos stained fingers, but that could also be you. So you can either be selfish and get all the good stuff for yourself or be selfless and gift your BFF the best Hot Cheetos inspired holiday presents.

1. A Flamin’ Hot Cheetos card


The perfect card to let your friend know what you think of them.

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2. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos socks


Keep them toes cozy with these flamin’ hot socks.

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3. Baked Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

hot cheetos gift guide

For that friend who’s trying to cut back on the Hot Cheetos, here’s a “healthy” alternative.

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4. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos leggings

hot cheetos

You’ll for sure make a strong statement wearing these.

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5. A Flamin’ Hot Cheetos keychain


Look at that liddo Hot Cheetos keychain, we love it so much we’re about to recommend 3-4 more different versions of it.

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6. A Flamin’ Hot Cheetos travel mug

hot cheetos gift guide

Pour it up, pour it up.

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7. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Chipotle Ranch

hot cheetos

For the Hot Cheetos obsessed friend who NEEDS to try every single type of Hot Cheetos flavored out there.

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8. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos hair bow

hot cheetos gift guide

Hair on fleek.

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9. Takis keychain

hot cheetos

Obviously, these aren’t Hot Cheetos. But if you’re a true Hot Cheetos fan, you know these are the second best chips to eat when you want to take a break from the usual.

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10. Flamin’ Hot Ruffles

hot cheetos

Again, for that friend who needs to eat anything that includes the words “Hot Cheetos.”

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11. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos earrings


Get that bling, honey.

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12. Hot Cheetos phone case

hot cheetos gift guide

Protect your phone with these flamin’ hot phone case.

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13. Reusable chopsticks

hot cheetos gift guide

We know there’s some of you out there who use chopsticks to eat Hot Cheetos to avoid the Hot Cheetos finger (they’re the best part though), so here you go, get you some chopsticks.

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14. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos sticker

hot cheetos gift guide

Slap it on your laptop.

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15. Flamin’ Xxtra Hot Cheetos keychain

hot cheetos gift guide

Look! Another cute keychain.

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16. Takis and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos travel mug


The best of both worlds, unite.

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17. Flamin’ Hot Fries keychain


Look! Another cute keychain.

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18. Another pair of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos leggings


Oh, boy. These leggings will for sure get some heads turning. Werk it.

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19. OG Flamin’ Hot Cheetos pin


Perfect to pin on your denim jacket.

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20. A Flamin’ Hot Cheetos dress


And we’re ready for the club in this Hot Cheetos inspired look.

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21. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos joggers


Get cozy in these Hot Cheetos joggers.

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22. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos dad hat


Wear your love for Hot Cheetos loud and proud.

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23. A Flamin’ Hot Cheetos print


Check out this lovely piece of Hot Cheetos inspired art.

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