Not All Burritos Are The Same! Here Are 15 Varieties You Should Try ASAP

Burritos are the best food, we all know it so let’s just admit it. They are portable, all wrapped up in their tortilla, pack a ton of flavor, and are downright delicious. It’s no surprise cooks and chefs around the country are always putting their own spin on this cylinder of flavor. For some, a burrito is a very specific combination of foods, flavors, and textures.  But to others, burritos are anything wrapped in a tortilla. We’ve got it all here-  traditional styles and new school rule breakers. We’ve picked out breakfast, fusion, vegan, Indian inspired, Buffalo wing, Korean inspired, and even a couple traditional burritos. Quite a few of these burritos were found in unexpected places, so pack your bags, grab a friend (or your dog), and hit the road because we have put together a list of 15 burritos you’ll be drooling over by the time you finish reading.

The Breakfast Burrito

Credit: Breakfast Burrito. Yelp. P’Angeleno L. 

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? Well, starting your day, and our list, is Lucy’s Drive In in Los Angeles, CA. The breakfast burrito is where it’s at here. Fluffy egg, crispy bacon, melty cheese, and potato hash browns right in the mix. Just peel back the foil, and enjoy!

The Buffalo Chicken Burrito

Credit: Burrito. Yelp. David S. 

Lover of Buffalo wings? Then you have got to try the Big Willie Style from Lloyd Taco Factory, in Buffalo, New York. It is a flour tortilla, fried chicken, hot sauce, blue cheese dressing (no ranch dressing here), lettuce, tomato, and onion. It’s like a Buffalo chicken finger sub rolled up in a tortilla.

The Spicy Pork Burrito

Credit: Spicy Pork Burrito. Yelp. Ann L. 

The Kimchi Grill in the Prospect Heights neighborhood of New York City, is serving up a fusion of flavors in a flour tortilla. Famous for their Korean BBQ taco truck you can grab their tasty fare on the road or at the grill. Check out the spicy pork burrito with a healthy serving of tangy and savory kimchi wrapped inside.

The Vegan Burrito

Credit: Burrito. Yelp. Choice Cafe Owner.

A shout out to our vegan friends- you can have your burrito and eat it too… beachside! In Coconut Grove, Florida you’ll find a ton of choices at Choices Café. Try the Insane Mex with soy chorizo, quinoa, black beans, plantains, onions, pico de gallo, and cashew cheese.   Not feeling the chorizo? Try the Mental Lentil for another filling meal!

The Indian-Inspired Burrito

Credit: #8. Yelp. Crackle resting M.

Even in the thin mountain air of Denver you can find delicious scratch made burritos. Try the #8 at Scratch Burrito. This burrito is a happy marriage of your favorite Indian flavors and the convenience of a portable burrito. Boasting tandoori lamb, curried brown rice, dill pickle salad, cilantro raita, and crispy onions working together to make a warm, spicy, burrito you have to try!

The Pastrami Burrito

Credit: Pastrami Burrito. Yelp. Winnie L.

Oki’s Dog in Los Angeles brings us another big twist on a burrito- a pastrami burrito. It’s packed with smoked beef, cabbage and melty, gooey, cheese. You’ll probably need extra napkins but this burrito is big enough to share.

The So-Cal Baja Fish Burrito

Credit: Pescado burrito. Yelp. Ruwan J. 

The Essex Taquiera is bringing So-Cal Baja style fish burritos back east to New York City. This pescado burrito is ready to break its shell with all the flavors packed inside.  It’s stuffed with grilled fish, rice, black beans, cilantro, cheese, green sauce, and red sauce on the side.

The Surf And Turf Burrito

Credit: Surfin’ burrito. Yelp. Alexander Y.

Feeling Fancy? Try the Surf and Turf burrito from Lucha Libre in San Diego, CA.  Like a New Years’ Eve dinner, this burrito brings land and sea together with grilled steak and lime marinated shrimp.  Add in the avocado and you’d think this burrito was perfect. But wait- there’s more ! Slide in the fresh french fries and top with pico de gallo to make this burrito a feelin’ fancy (without a fancy budget) meal that will keep you full for hours.

The Carne Asada Burrito

Credit: Burrito. Yelp. Moiz T. 

Champaign, Illinois might not be the first place you think of for authentic Mexican, but it is the home of Maize Mexican Grill. Owned by a native of Mexico City, everything is homemade from scratch. Carne asada is the burrito to get here. The authentic flavors of the carne really shine in this burrito.  Plenty of grilled steak and flavor fill this traditional burrito.

The Baby Burrito

Credit: Baby Burrito. Yelp. Shaun S.

Taco Chuki’s in Seattle, Washington is the home of the baby burrito. That’s right the “baby” burrito. Tired of giant stuffed burritos that make you commit to just one filling? Order a few baby burritos and try several types! Besides, have you ever seen a cuter burrito?

The Bean And Cheese Burrito

Credit. Bean and cheese. Yelp. Joey Brezinski 1. 

Al and Bea’s burritos are LA famous and with good reason. This not so hidden gem has been serving up burritos in Los Angeles since 1966. The bean and cheese burrito is served “wet” with a smokey red sauce. It’s packed with hearty beans, melty, gooey cheese, and is so flavorful! It’s so packed, many suggest to double wrap your burrito with an extra tortilla just to prevent an explosion!

The Hawaiian Burrito

Credit. Chun’s bomber. Yelp. Al P.

Island breezes and ocean sounds, what more could you want? A burrito, of course! Kono’s North Shore is a Hawaiian burrito paradise. Before you hit the beach, fill up with this tasty take on a breakfast burrito.  Even though you’re probably sleeping while it’s roasting, don’t sleep on the Chun’s bomber burrito. The kalua pork in this burrito roasts for 12 hours, then it’s topped with fluffy egg, breakfast potatoes, and cheese so this bomber is exploding with flavor.

The Chicken Fattie Burrito

Credit: Chicken fattie. Yelp. Jack M. 

The good times are rolling at Rollin’ Fatties in New Orleans with this taco truck. Rollin’ Fatties is the name of the taco truck but also an accurate description of these burritos- they are all nearly bursting at the seams with fillings and flavor. Try the chicken fattie with black beans, tangy red cabbage, and chipotle cream.

Up in Maine, where they are known for lobster, burritos are no exception. El Frijoles is home to the spicy lobster burrito. Sautéed in achiote chili butter and wrapped up with rice, beans, cheese, salsa, and crema this burrito is bringing new meaning to the term “lobster roll.”

From west coast to east coast and everywhere in between, people are making beautiful burritos with seafood, tofu, steak, and beans. There’s no limit to the possibilities of a meal when it’s wrapped in a tortilla!

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Chicago’s Mi Tocaya Is Offering Up Free Mexican Homemeals For Undocumented Community


Chicago’s Mi Tocaya Is Offering Up Free Mexican Homemeals For Undocumented Community

mitocaya / Instagram

Undocumented communities are being left out of Covid relief plans. Chef Diana Dávila of Mi Tocaya in Chicago is working to help undocumented restaurant worker in the time of Covid. Abuse of undocumented workers is rampant in certain industries and Chef Dávila hopes to offer some kind of help.

Mi Tocaya is a Mexican restaurant in Chicago’s Logan Square that wants to help the community.

Covid-19 has devastated the hospitality industry with restaurants being hit exceptionally hard. Restaurants have been forced to close their doors for good as the virus dragged on with no decent relief plan from the federal government. As several countries financially support citizens to avoid economic disaster, the U.S. government has given citizens $1,800 total to cover 10 months of isolating and business closures.

Namely, Mi Tocaya is working to help the undocumented community.

Mi Tocaya, a family-run restaurant, is teaming up with Chicago’s Top Chefs and local non-profits Dishroulette Kitchen and Logan Square Neighborhood Association. The goal is to highlight the issues facing the undocumented community during the pandemic.

The initiative called Todos Ponen, is all about uplifting members of our community in a time of severe need. The restaurant is creating healthy Mexican family meals for those in need.

”We asked ourselves; How can we keep our doors open, provide a true service to the community, maintain and create jobs, and keep the supply chain intact by supporting local farmers and vendors. This is the answer,” Chef Dávila said in a statement. “I confidently believe The TODOS PONEN Logan Square Project addresses all of the above and can very well be easily implemented in any community. Our goal is to bring awareness to the lack of resources available to the undocumented workforce- the backbone of our industry.”

The initiative starts in February.

Mi Tocaya is offering 1000 free meals for local farmers and undocumented restaurant workers. The meals are available for pickup Tuesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 2800 W Logan Blvd, Chicago, IL 60647. to make this happen, Mi Tocaya also needs your help.

The restaurant has teamed up with two nonprofits to make sure that they can scale their operation to fulfill their commitment. They are also asking for donations to make sure they can do what they can to help undocumented restaurant workers.

According to Eater LA, 8 million restaurant workers have been laid off since the pandemic started. Some restaurants have had to lay off up to 91 percent of their staff because of Covid, about 10 percent of those are undocumented. In the cities, that number is as high as 40 percent of the laid-off restaurant staff are undocumented.

“People don’t want to talk about the undocumented workforce, but they’re part of our daily routine in most restaurants,” Jackson Flores, who manages the operations of Mi Tocaya, said in a statement. “They are in the toughest position in the whole economy because they’re an invisible part of it. Restaurant worker advocacy groups have added the creation of relief funds to their agendas, but there have yet to be long-term changes in protections for undocumented workers. Without access to unemployment benefits and other government resources, this group is especially vulnerable.”

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From TV-less Weekdays To Cereal Bowls, People Are Sharing The Strangest House Rules


From TV-less Weekdays To Cereal Bowls, People Are Sharing The Strangest House Rules

James Leynse / Getty

If you’ve ever spent the night at someone else’s home, you know that there are people in the world who have house rules that can be very different from your own. From rules about drinking all of your milk cereal to not raising the volume of the television to a hearable level, different households have them all. Now, some of these crazy house rules are being shared in the comments section of an AskReddit. Not only are some of the stories and rules shared wild, some are also even a little sickening.

Check them out below!

“I had a friend who instead of washing the dishes after a meal just put them straight back in the cupboard. I thought his parents would freak out but it turns out it was just something they did in their house. Whenever I went over I always made sure to eat beforehand.” Reddit User

“Family who babysat me when I was young had a rule of “no drinking during meals” and I don’t just mean soda, juice or milk, no water until your meal is done. This was insane to me because we would be called in to supper/lunch after playing outside in the summer and weren’t allowed to drink anything until we sat down and finished our plates. Also, this rule didn’t apply to the father of the family who would often drink beer during meals.

My great-aunt had a parlor room in which all the furniture was covered in plastic and never used, it also had a plastic walkway going through the middle (just a strip of plastic cover) which was the only path you could walk on (she would flip out if you touched carpet).” –Random_White_Guy

“I wasn’t allowed to put extra salt on my food, had to be in bed by 8pm (all the way through middle school), and had to ride my bike to school everyday even though my best friends parents offered to take me.” –willwhit87

“No fighting over the heel of the bread. The father once off hand told his oldest children that the heel of a loaf of bread was the best and made them want it instead of the regular pieces. By the time there were 4 kids sometimes fist fights would break out over the heels. Loaves had been opened on both sides, or loaves were a mess because someone reached through the sack and pulled the back heel out. For a while there was a turn system where the heels were promised to a child for each loaf, but that fell apart when one went to summer camp and lost their turn. One time my friend wasted an afternoon waiting for his mother to come home with a fresh loaf of bread instead of going out and playing. I witnessed fist fights over the bread most people throw away.” –DarrenEdwards

“In college I had a friend that lived with his grandparents when he went to school. Before they’d let him leave the house his grandmother would say ‘nothing good happens after midnight’ and he would have to repeat it. If I was there, I would also have to repeat the phrase.” –iownalaptop

“I slept over a friends house in grade school one time. He prepared us a bowl of cereal the next morning for breakfast. Not thinking ANYTHING of my behavior, I didn’t finish the milk. I just never used to. I don’t know.

He was like “You uh…gonna finish that?”

“Uhhh oh…I uh…I don’t think so? Does that matter?”

He panicked. Absolutely panicked. I think he put it down the toilet before his parents came back into the room.

I don’t know what the rule was, exactly, but FINISH YOUR MILK OR DIE would be my guess based on his reaction. I still feel bad about it. I was like 8 and didn’t think.” –soomuchcoffee

“When I was a kid. I spent the night at one of my friends house. And you were allowed to drink a soda like sprite before bed. But you had to stir it till all the carbonation was gone.. Don’t ask me why…” –newvictim

“I had a friend in middle school, and his dad worked for Pepsi. No one was allowed to bring any Coke products into the house. The first time I went there his mom told me I could not come in the house because I had a Dr. Pepper. I thought she was joking and tried to walk in, but stopped me and said that if I don’t throw that in the garbage outside that I would have to leave. They were fucking serious about that shit.” – SlowRunner

“During college years, I used to visit my friend during summer months at his parents’ house, where he lived at that time. They had two odd “house rules” I’ll never forget:

  1. We couldn’t open any window in the house (even the bathroom window) – ever! Even if it was far cooler outside than inside during the summer.
  2. We weren’t allowed to close our bedroom doors at night, so that his parents’ cat could have free access to all rooms at all times. (This made it difficult to sleep, without a breath of air from the windows, and the cat walking over us in bed while trying to sleep.)” –Back2Bach

“I knew this family that would share the same bathwater as a means to cut down on their water bill. So when one person took a bath, they ALL took a bath that day. The waiting list was about 4-5 people deep. From what I understand, a lot of families do this, however, I just couldn’t see myself washing off in someone else’s soapy leftovers =( If that were the case, I got first dibs on getting in the bathtub first lol”- __femme_fatale__

“My ex’s family would throw all their left over food over their balconey instead of putting in the trash can. I asked them why they did that, they replied it keeps bugs away……..and didnt think rotted food right outside their door would bring bugs.” –PimemtoCheese

“I had a friend whose mom required her to sit on the floor. Never a chair, couch, bed, or other piece of furniture. I went to her house once and sat down on her bed and she flipped out, made me get off it and spent several minutes smoothing the sheets to make it look flat again. I think her mom thought “kids are dirty” but the rule was in place even after bathing and wearing clean.” –knitasha

“Went over to a school-mates’s house for dinner when I was in elementary school…his mom cut everyone’s good into little tiny bites before giving you the plate and only let us eat with a spoon… Her oldest daughter apparently choked on something once when she was a teenager and it became a rule…even on hamburger and hotdog night.” –GRZMNKY

“I was doing a project with a classmate at her house and on our way to her house we stopped at a store and picked up some snacks. We did our schoolwork and then just kind of played and messed around while eating those snacks. Then her mom came home and lost her absolute shit about the snacks. It wasn’t so much that we had eaten them, it was because the snacks had crumbs that had contaminated their otherwise purified home.

My friend had to stop everything and vacuum the entire house to get every crumb of snack, then take the nearly empty vacuum bag, the empty snack bags, and the half-empty but “contaminated” bag of kitchen trash outside and ask one of the neighbors if she could put it in their garbage bin because not a crumb of that kind of food was allowed on the property in any form after sunset. My mom picked me up and as I was leaving they were doing some additional purification ritual and my friend was praying for forgiveness for having potentially defiled their home.

Turns out they were 7th Day Adventist and it was against their code or whatever to have leavened foods in their house/property during a certain period of time? I don’t remember the exact details, but I remember it was a pretty big thing about how every crumb had to be removed from the property ASAP.” – alexa-488

“My neighborhood friend and I would hang out almost every day of the summer. We would go out exploring in the woods with a bunch of our friends and would usually come back all muddy and tired. My friend was very nice and would offer me water and food. His parents would take those away from me if they saw me with them saying they were only for their children. He was always allowed to eat at our house yet I’d have to walk back if they started having any type of meal. The worst though was his next door neighbor who had a daughter our age and when we were hanging out we all got muddy (we were 10) the girls mom proceeded to take her daughter and my friend into her house to clean them up and told me I wasn’t allowed to enter and that I could use the hose. Some people just know how to ruin a kid’s self esteem.” –boomsloth

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