20 Couples Costumes Inspired By Celebrities, Takis And Latinos In General

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So you and your boo or BFF have made a pact to do Halloween costumes together and we’re guessing the creative side of the deal has landed on your shoulders, dear reader. Well, 2018 is the year of el Latino gang and we’re drippin’ in ideas for your Halloween. Use these ideas from this list or let them inspire even more unique ideas you won’t find on a web page.

Buena suerte, Halloweeners.

The “Finesse” Duo


Cardi B and Bruno Mars’ collaboration on “Finesse” is one of the most iconic songs of the year and was nominated for half a dozen VMA awards. No question people will recognize you instantly, but it came out at the start of the year, so you’re less likely to be competing with lookalikes.

Cardi B and Offset

CREDIT: @iamcardib / Instagram

I mean, just check out their Rolling Stone photo shoot for inspo and expect to be the hottest couple at the party, hands down. And go get a bedazzle gun before they sell out.

Nicki Minaj vs Cardi B at the Met Gala

CREDIT: @latimes / Twitter

You can have a grand ole time with your partner in crime causing drama at every party you grace with your majestic presence. Someone, por favor, ask your abuelita to sew you a Cardi B reina gown.

Budget Sports Nemesis Duo

CREDIT: @jaketaustin / Instagram

Most likely, you already have the fan gear and you can already think of that special someone you feud with on an annual basis. They’re your other half this Halloween, okay? Jake T. Austin and his girlfriend had this look on lock last year.

J-Lo & A-Rod

CREDIT: Hollywood Buzz / YouTube

Speaking of the Yankees. There’s no question that J.Lo and A-Rod are this year’s power couple. Who can forget A-Rod becoming a meme for his reaction while watching J-Lo twerk on the VMAs stage this year.

Harlee Santos and James Nava from “Shades of Blue”


Jennifer Lopez’ “Shades of Blue” enjoyed its series finale this year and we were swooning for the corrupt cop Harlee and Assistant District Attorney James Nava steam ship. Note that Nava is best known for skipping the jacket and slaying the done up vest look.

If you can figure out a way to get Harlee’s hair, just keep the look for the rest of the year.

Daya and Daddy from “Orange is the New Black”

CREDIT: Netflix

This last season of OITNB was on fire with the introduction of smoldering lesbian Vicci Martinez as “Daddy.” More specifically, Daya’s Daddy. 🔥 🔥 🔥

Elena and Syd from “One Day at a Time”

CREDIT: Netflix

They are truly the cutest teen couple on television and all your Cuban friends will instantly recognize you from their prom night look. I got you, queer fam.

Patsy and Edina from “Absolutely Fabulous”

CREDIT: @jessicaalba / Instagram

Last year, Jessica Alba and Kelly Sawyer looked like they were having a blast dressed up as Patsy and Edina from “Absolutely Fabulous.” Really, I just want to dress up like Jessica Alba on any one of her given days.

Alice and the Mad Hatter

CREDIT: Untitled. Digital Image. PopSugar. 24 September 2018.

This costume idea has been around since basically the dawn of time, but it never gets old. Check out Ryan Lochte’s rendition of it 2017 style.

Cheeto Tiger and his Flaming Hot Puff

CREDIT: Untitled. Digital Image. Huffington Post. 24 September 2018.

I hope your abuela taught you how to sew because you won’t be able to buy this costume anywhere. Plus, when you see other couples dressed up like food, you’ll instantly know your people (read: foodies).

Café Bustelo and a cafetera

CREDIT: @RosaRodriguezP / Twitter

The cafetera is a stretch but the abuelita in a Café Bustelo costume is everything. If I ran into you, I’d give you all my candy.

Avocado and Toast

CREDIT: Gisele Bundchen / Facebook

Turns out Gisele Bündchen is a total dork. While avocado’s are more Brazil’s thing and toast is probably more Brady’s thing, the two make a good pair. I’m just waiting for an avocado and Tapatío pair. 👀

Ms. Cholula and Mr. Tapatío

CREDIT: @Sam_Solorzano_ / Twitter

ICYMI, your two favorite salsa’s have these two on their label. You’re looking at the official coolest parents of 2017.

Siegfried and Roy and Their Lion

CREDIT: @nicolerichie / Instagram

Nicole Richie and her friends took a big risk last year by dressing up as the German men who took Vegas by storm with their most successful show in history…until one of their tigers attacked Roy. He’s now paralyzed. I wouldn’t have invited any tigers along for the costume pride. 🦁

Go Western

CREDIT: @mariolopezextra / Instagram

It’s iconic and Mario Lopez proved last year that you can wear a stuffed animal and still be sexy. Have fun with it, mi gente.

Guy Fawkes

CREDIT: @cristiano / Instagram

Cristiano Ronaldo brought us this rendition of Guy Fawkes last year. ICYMI, Fawkes was a mid-century English soldier that fought in the Spanish Inquisition. He was caught planning to assassinate King James I to restore a Catholic monarch to the throne. Strangely, the UK commemorates Fawkes to this day on November 5.

Frida Kahlo & boo

CREDIT: @GiuseppeTurrisi / Twitter

Frida Kahlo was openly bisexual and even toyed with androgyny. You can dress like Frida Kahlo in a suit and be an accurate representation of the Mexican icon. Or you and your boo can just dress like these two and be happy and call it a night. 👻

Morticia and Gomez from The Addams Family

CREDIT: “Morticia and Gomez Addams Costume” Digital Image. Costume-Works. 24 September 2018.

The Addams Family will never get old. Morticia and Gomez are couple goals to the max. Be spooky, be dreary and be lovey dovey. It’s on character.

Or if you’re single AF, just bring Gomez’ skull along for the ride. 👹

CREDIT: @allblacklinda / Twitter

It’s what he’d want, seguramente. While we’re reminiscing, @wearemitu with your favorite Halloween costume to date for a chance to be featured.

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