Check Out These Baja California Hotels And Resorts For Your Next Vacation

When it comes to vacationing in Mexico, resort cities such as Cancun and Puerto Vallarta often get the most tourist traffic. If you want to go off the beaten path,  start looking at flights and car rental rates to Baja California, a land filled with desert dunes, crashing waves and abundant marine life. Here are hotels and resorts to stay at while you’re traveling around Baja.

1. Hotel Araiza Mexicali

CREDIT: araizahoteles / Instagram

If you’re heading south of the border through the capital of Baja California, Mexicali, then you might want to book a stay at Hotel Araiza Mexicali. Guests can enjoy paella and ceviche on Fridays and relax by the outdoor swimming pool.

2. Hotel Colonial Mexicali

CREDIT: Hotel Colonial Mexicali / Facebook

If you’d rather spend money on experiences but still have a nice room, Hotel Colonial Mexicali might be more in your price range. The hotel is located within walking distance from the Plaza Cachanilla Shopping Center and the Sol de Niño Museum.

3. Rancho Tecate Resort

CREDIT: RanchoTecateResort / Instagram

Heading east from Mexicali before you hit Tijuana lies the city of Tecate. During your stay in the city, sip on a glass of wine while touring the vineyards of Rancho Tecate. Rolling hills surround the villas at this resort and the staff is ready to help plan excursions including ziplining and horseback riding.

4. K Tower Hotel Boutique Urbano

CREDIT: K Tower Hotel Boutique Urbano By Lucerna / Facebook

As soon as you cross the border into Baja California, K Tower Hotel is ready to welcome guests with sweeping views of Tijuana from the rooftop pool. Photos of Mexican cultural icons including Cantinflas and Maria Felix adorn the walls of luxe suites.

5. Hotel Real del Río

CREDIT: Hotel Real del Río / Facebook

This hotel in the Zona Río district of Tijuana, which is the modern business district of the city and is in walking distance from  parks and restaurants.

6.Hotel Real del Mar Golf Resort

CREDIT: Hotel Real del Mar Golf Resort / Facebook

Bring your golf clubs and hit the links at this resort in between Tijuana and Rosarito. Pink and white buildings in colonial architecture overlook the 18 hole golf course, tennis court and mission style church inside the facility.

7. Las Rocas Resort & Spa

CREDIT: Las Rocas Resort & Spa / Facebook

After taking the scenic drive down Federal Highway 1D from Tijuana to Rosarito, you can stop overnight at Rosarito’s Las Rocas Resort & Spa. The resort has multiple infinity pools that overlook the Pacific Ocean, guaranteeing you some zen while you stretch out under the ocean breeze.

8. Rosarito Beach Hotel

CREDIT: Rosarito Beach Hotel / Facebook

This three-tower resort has enough accomodation for 500 rooms that overlook into the Pacific Ocean. Each building has its own pool and jacuzzi, and guests in the Coronado Tower can see Coronado Islands less than 10 miles away.

9. Hotel Castillos del Mar

CREDIT: Hotel Castillos del Mar en Rosarito / Facebook

Located five minutes from the center of Rosarito, Hotel Castillos del Mar has 33 oceanview rooms and boasts two private beaches. If you want to get a better view of the Pacific Ocean, take a stroll through the cliffside garden and palapa.

10. Puerto Nuevo Hotel & Villas

CREDIT: Puerto Nuevo Baja Hotel y Villas / Facebook

If you like to gram those foodie shots while globetrotting, make a pit stop at Puerto Nuevo, known as the “Lobster Village” of Baja California. Dine on some grilled lobster with a side of piping hot flour tortillas within a block from the Puerto Nuevo Hotel & Villas.

11. Bruma

CREDIT: brumacasa8 / Instagram

Why not visit Mexico’s best-kept secret while you’re traveling through Baja? Valle de Guadalupe’s wine route sits tucked away between sloping hillsides and is finally being noticed as a global wine region although its grape beginnings has been rooted since the late 1800s. For a secluded getaway, book these boxed bed-and-breakfast suites designed by Alejandro D’Acosta at eco-luxury resort Bruma.

12. Adobe Guadalupe

CREDIT: Adobe Guadalupe / Facebook

If the rustic architecture is calling your name more than a modern suite, Adobe Guadalupe’s hacienda style is just as enchanting. Dine al fresco under olive trees at seasonal restaurant El Jardin, which is open between late spring and early autumn.

13. Estero Beach Hotel/Resort

CREDIT: Estero Beach Hotel & Resort / Facebook

This has been a mainstay for tourists in Ensenada since the 1950s and regularly hosts beach volleyball, tennis and soccer tournaments. Guests can choose between private rooms with patios and ocean views, or cottage units.

14. Bajamar Ocean Front

CREDIT: BAJAMAR, Ocrean Front Golf Resort / Facebook

Bajamar’s golf resort includes 71 rooms and 10 junior suites in Spanish hacienda style architecture. Guests will either be provided views of the ocean or the gold course depending on which room they are booked in.

15. Hotel Mision Santa Maria – San Quintín

CREDIT: Hotel Mision Santa Maria / Facebook

This expansive resort sits on the sundrenched coastal town of San Quintín, south of Ensenada. After walking around the courtyard complete with a fountain, relax on the beach after a round of beach volleyball by swinging in a hammock under a palapa.

16. Don Eddie’s Landing

CREDIT: Don Eddie’s Landing (Hotel And Sport Fishing Center) / Facebook

If you are one of the thousands of tourists eager to reel in some fish off the coast of Baja, take a more casual approach to your lodging by staying at Don Eddie’s Landing Hotel and Sport Fishing Center. The 17-room hotel also has space to park trailers and RVs, and if you forgot some of your fishing equipment, the hotel has a sport fishing store on-site.

17. San Felipe Marina Resort

CREDIT: San Felipe Marina Resort / Facebook

The western coast that hugs the Pacific Ocean isn’t the only coast that you can visit while traveling around Baja. Cross over the state to the Gulf of California to the city of San Felipe, where you can stay at the San Felipe Marina Resort. The beachfront retreat has a private beach and sits next to the Fonatur Marina.

18. Hotel El Cortéz

CREDIT: El Cortez / Facebook

Named after the Sea of Cortez (another name the Gulf of California goes by), this hotel sits right in front of the ocean and is a little over 10 minutes walking distance from the Malecón San Felipe esplanade. It was built in 1959 and is decked in a tan color that matches the sand dunes of San Felipe.

19. Las Animas Eco-Lodge

CREDIT: Las Animas Ecolodge / Facebook

Accessible only by boat, the Las Animas Eco-Lodge is ready to provide guests with a one-stop eco adventure. Go kayaking in the Sea of Cortez or snorkel with dolphins at your side. The adventure is up to you if you’re willing to stick it out in these eco-friendly hut-style vacation rentals.

20. Rancho Rodeo del Rey

CREDIT: Rancho Rodeo del Rey / Facebook

This resort is *completely* the polar opposite from any of the architectural styles of Baja California’s typical resorts. Located on the edge of the, this cabin resort is surrounded by pine trees along the Sierra de Juarez mountain range. Snow even falls in the winter! You can book a stay at Rancho Rodeo del Rey after making the trip either from San Felipe or it’s an easy 2-hour drive from Ensenada.

Which resort would you like to stay in? Let us know in the comments!

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Mexico’s AMLO Wants To Launch New Social Media Network For Mexicans After Twitter Banned Trump

Things That Matter

Mexico’s AMLO Wants To Launch New Social Media Network For Mexicans After Twitter Banned Trump

Hector Vivas / Getty Images

Love him or hate him, Mexico’s President Andres Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) has long called himself the voice of the people – and many Mexicans agree with him. That’s why his latest announcement against social media companies has many so worried.

In the wake of Twitter and Facebook’s (along with many other social media platforms) announcement that they would be restricting or banning Donald Trump from their platforms, the Mexican president expressed his contempt for the decisions. And his intention to create a Mexican social network that won’t be held to the standards from Silicon Valley.

Mexico’s AMLO moves to create a social media network for Mexicans outside of Silicon Valley’s control.

A week after his United States counterpart was kicked off Facebook and Twitter, President López Obrador floated the idea of creating a national social media network to avoid the possibility of Mexicans being censored.

Speaking at his daily news conference, AMLO instructed the National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt) and other government departments to look at the possibility of creating a state-owned social media site that would guarantee freedom of speech in Mexico.

“We care about freedom a lot, it’s an issue that’s going to be addressed by us,” he told reporters. He also added that Facebook and Twitter have become “global institutions of censorship,” sounding a lot like the alt-right terrorists that stormed the U.S. Capitol.

“To guarantee freedom, for freedom, so there’s no censorship in Mexico. We want a country without censorship. Mexico must be a country of freedom. This is a commitment we have,” he told reporters.

AMLO deeply criticized the moves by Twitter and Facebook to ban Trump from their platforms.

Credit: Hector Vivas / Getty Images

AMLO – like Trump – is an avid user of social media to connect with his constituents. He’s also been known to spread falsehoods and boast about his achievements on the platforms – sound familiar?

So, it came as little surprise when he tore into social media companies for ‘censoring’ Donald Trump, saying that they have turned into “global institutions of censorship” and are carrying out a “holy inquisition.”

Nobody has the right to silence citizens even if their views are unpopular, López Obrador said. Even if the words used by Trump provoked a violent attack against his own government.

“Since they took these decisions [to suspend Trump], the Statue of Liberty has been turning green with anger because it doesn’t want to become an empty symbol,” he quipped.

So what could a Mexican social media network be called?

The president’s proposal to create a national social media network triggered chatter about what such a site would or should be called. One Twitter user suggested Facemex or Twitmex, apparently taking his inspiration from the state oil company Pemex.

The newspaper Milenio came up with three alternative names and logos for uniquely Mexican sites, suggesting that a Mexican version of Facebook could be called Facebookóatl (inspired by the Aztec feathered-serpent god Quetzalcóatl), Twitter could become Twitterlopochtli (a riff on the name of Aztec war, sun and human deity Huitzilopochtli) and Instagram could become Instagratlán (tlán, which in the Náhuatl language means place near an abundance of something – deer, for example, in the case of Mazatlán – is a common suffix in Mexican place names.)

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Carlos Villagrán Is Running To Be Governor Of Querétaro


Carlos Villagrán Is Running To Be Governor Of Querétaro

Paul Archuleta / FilmMagic

We all remember Carlos Villagrán as Quico from “El Chavo del Ocho.” The actor and Mexican icon is now entering the world of politics. Villagrán is entering the race for governor of Querétaro.

Actor and comedian Carlos Villagrán wants to be governor of Querétaro.

Affectionately known as Quico from “El Chavo del Ocho,” Villagrán is someone we grew up with. Now, decades after his famous role ended, Villagrán is hoping to open a brand new chapter in his life: politics.

“After 50 years of making people laugh, I find myself on another platform, which does me a tremendous honor,” Villagrán said during a press conference after filing paperwork.

Villagrán has been thinking about entering Mexican politics for a while.

It is never easy to decide if you want to become a politician. Your private life is no longer private and everything you do is suddenly under intense scrutiny. Villagrán did take time mulling over the idea before filing his paperwork to be a candidate for governor of Querétaro. He registered under the local Querétaro Independiente Party.

“I can’t say anything, because I still don’t know anyone and I have to talk to people to find out what it is about. So, I could not say anything at this moment,” Villagrán told El Universal when still debating the idea.

Villagrán created a Twitter account after announcing his candidacy and is hitting the talking points hard.

Villagrán’s official Twitter account has only pushed tweets highlighting QiBook. The social media platform is specific to Querétaro and is hoping to foster some economic and commercial success in the state.

Fans around the world are wishing him so much success.

Villagrán character Quico is one of the most celebrated characters in Latin America. The wild success of “El Chavo del Ocho” has made Villagrán a face that people throughout Latin America know and love.

However, some people are not excited to see another entertainer enter politics.

We have seen entertainers become politicians and it isn’t always a good thing. The current governor of Morales is Cuauhtémoc Blanco, a former soccer player, and people are not loving him and his leadership. We will no better about his chances of running on Feb. 8 when things are finalized.

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