25 Reasons Why Hialeah Should Be The Nail Acrylic Art Capital Of The World

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There are few things in this world more precious than a woman’s acrylic nails. Some people like to keep things simple but some women, and full communities, take things a little to far some times. That’s the story we have here straight out of Hialeah, the Cuban enclave in Miami. These women are not about to let anyone outdo them and their nails. Thankfully #HialeahNails is a thing so we can admire the lengths Hialeah women go to shine.

1. When your nail tips wear rings…

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You know it could only be made in Hialeah. This is true artistry folks. Did everyone notice the jewels added on the underside of the nails? #Queen

2. Cuticles are for flowers…

CREDIT: @yakelinacosta / Instagram

Or jewels. Or actual crowns. But you should know that your cuticles are just a blank canvas for whatever you want to adorn them with, obvi.

3. With nails like these, you need servants to do everything for you.

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And you freakin’ deserve it. Every woman deserves to be treated like a queen and these nails guarantee that you won’t have to do anything.

4. What are nails if not a place to paint your flag pride?

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And these nails are not so rare in Hialeah. Like, they’re all over the place because the city is full of Cubanas. #CubanaPride

5. Use your nails to blend in with your environment.

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Because Hialeah is close enough to Coral Cables, which is essentially a sea castle. Plus, you’re a mermaid. Act like one.

6. Do you see the jewel under her nails?!

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Literally, all I can say is #OnlyInHialeah. And also, understand that nail tips are it. Call them Beyoncé nails, or go to Hialeah and they can be yours.

7. Or go for a ghosty, gold flake look.

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The more intricate the nails the higher the social status. That is a fact. Look it up.

8. Better yet, go ghosty and chic.

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Tie a pink ribbon on it, dip your tips in jewels, and hashtag it #HialeahNails. If you don’t, I will.

9. These are the classiest, fiercest nails on the planet.

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Faded french plus pointed tips make for the perfect balance of everything you need for the perfect set of nails.

10. Oh snap. How about matte red tips?

CREDIT: @sknails33015 / Instagram

I take it back. These are the fieriest, most badass nails in town. Go to South Beach for the henna tattoo.

11. Like the square tips? It’s all you boo.

CREDIT: @polishednailhouse / Instagram

Caption: “I will be too busy admiring these nails to do any work today .. sorry not sorry ?”


12. Do you think those gems really dazzle like that?

CREDIT: @polishednailhouse / Instagram

Because I’d make a wish on those shining stars. Everyone knows that the only wishing stars worth wishing on are those bad boys on your nails.

13. Who says you can’t have it all?

CREDIT: @polishednailhouse / Instagram

Apparently, The Polished Nail House is the place to go for glossy french tips, gem-lined cuticles and glitter overlays. Good for them!

14. ? ???

CREDIT: @alanna_taughtyou / Instagram

These are definitely some interesting nails. There is nothing wrong with any line of work as long as you do it well.

15. Let bae know that you are thinking about them on Valentine’s Day.

CREDIT: @polishednailhouse / Instagram

Whether I’m going it alone or with my partner, I will be invincible next Valentines Day. Literally every single nail is different but the synergy is on point. ? It’ll just suck to have to take them off the next day.

16. Get you some abstract modernism in Hialeah.

CREDIT: @polishednailhouse / Instagram

Did I mention this is art already? Because if you’re not with me, you’re against me, and the army of women with works of art that serve as weapons to boot.

17. In Hialeah, we only celebrate Easter with a bunny boo on the ring finger.

CREDIT: @polishednailhouse / Instagram

Genius, right? Nobody gets more pastel glam for Easter than Miamians. It’s because we’re already dressing in florals year-round. #paradiso

18. We call this “The Modern Day Victorian”

CREDIT: @nails_hair_kenia / Instagram

Because you’ll feel like royalty when you let the peasants kiss your jeweled hands. And we’re pretty sure even Victorian royalty didn’t have bling like this. This belongs to Hialeah alone.

19. If you’re from Hialeah, you like orchids.

CREDIT: @nails_hair_kenia / Instagram

And now you can wear orchid-inspired art as you drop jewel-shaped ice cubes in the rare orchids you have in and around your house.

20. Don’t make me do anything else with these hands.

CREDIT: @nails_hair_kenia / Instagram

They’re here for you to ogle. They exist as art and everyone else are just observers.

21. Geometric transparent acrylics, get outta here!

CREDIT: @munekasnailsbar / Instagram

My only question when admiring nails are, “Would Rihanna wear this?” I think she would, because this is badass.

22. Nails are for seeing your reflection in them.

CREDIT: @model_nails_hialeah / Instagram

My mom always likes to brag about the time she caused a car accident when she waved down a cab and the glare of her acrylics (and her Puerto Rican beauty) tripped him up. Ok, so only half of that story is true, but I’m not telling which.

23. Matte is everything.

CREDIT: @model_nails_hialeah / Instagram

I can already tell that these are good breakup nails. They’re serious, they mean business and they put you at the center of a dissolving duality. JK–they’re just pretty and you need to #treatyoself during hard times.

24. When it’s spring time, bling it up.

CREDIT: @model_nails_hialeah / Instagram

A feisty twist on an old classic, these soft pink nails have nothing soft about them. Dáme already.

25. I leave you with Hot Wheels inspired #HialeahNails.

CREDIT: @alanna_taughtyou / Instagram

And I’ll let you decide if our community should be dubbed the World’s Capital of Acrylic Nail Art.

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