22 Best Beaches In Latin America: Beat The Cold Winter And Escape To One Of These Beautiful Sunny Beaches

Latin-America has the best beaches on earth. Period. Picture this, you’re walking in crystal-clear waters, the white sandy beaches are covered in tropical flora. Music plays in the background, you’re waiting for the Piña Colada and fish tacos you just ordered. Might go snorkeling in a centuries-old cenote later, or maybe you could take a nap in the Robinson Crusoe-inspired cabana you rented for a very reasonable price. Amirite or amirite?

If, instead of being on a tropical island somewhere in the Caribbean or South America, you’re stuck in your cold, smog-infested, snowy city, we recommend you take a look at the list below. We rounded up the best beaches in Latin-America to help you escape your day to day. 

Rio de Janeiro

This Brazilian city is home to Copacabana beach, sugarloaf mountain, Carnaval and Christ the Redeemer Statue.

Punta Cana 

The Dominican region is known for its beaches, luxury resorts and indigenous ecological park. 


Major Cuban resort town on Hicacos Peninsula, with its 20km beach, golf course and several parks. 


This Mexican town in the Mayan riviera is known for its Caribbean crystal clear waters and white sand beaches, as well as for its Mayan archaeological site El Castillo and Parque Nacional Tulum —plus, lots and lots of ‘cenotes’ (natural pits, or sinkholes, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath).

Puerto Vallarta

Resort town with historic center and its famous ‘El Malecon’ broadwalks, plus its lush beaches which offer snorkeling and fishing —don’t miss the insta-famous spot ‘Islas Marietas’ where you can swim into a hidden beach in a cave. 


Occupying 54-long Santa Catarina island, this state capital of … is known for its beaches and surfing. 

Costa Rica

This Central American country with capital San Jose, is known fo its tropical rainforest, beautiful beaches and wildlife. A True paradise. 

Cabo San Lucas

The Mexican beach resort town is known for hosting some of the liveliest nights out. The beaches are a sight to be seen, as is the striking ‘El Arco’ formation. 


The caribbean island is a white-sand beach heaven, with its colorful buildings, lively clubs and tropical music —and let’s not forget the cigars. Azucar!


This laid-back Mexican Caribbean island is famed for its beaches, the scuba-diving and Mayan ruins of ‘El Cedral’. Not to be missed. 


The Brazilian municipality with Itamambuca Beach, Ubatuba Aquarium and the TAMAR project turtle sanctuary, this beach will make for a perfect, quiet, solitary and tropical retreat. 


This city is known for its 19th century colonial heritage, its white-sand beaches and an off-shore coral reef. 


The pearl of the Caribbean is a port city with a 16th century castle, a walled old town and lovely beaches, plus the Islas del Rosario which are a must. The ideal beachy getaway when you also want to do some sightseeing.


Akumal is a beach resort town on Mexico’s Riviera Maya. Its located alongside the worlds 2nd largest coral reef and if you get lucky, you might spot some turtles and tropical fish swimming around in the waters of its Yal-Ku lagoon. 


This Mexican resort city is known for the cliff divers of La Quebrada, its lively night life and beautiful beaches. 

Isla Mujeres 

The Mexican island is known for Playa Norte beach, it offers diving on offshore coral reefs and a sea turtle sanctuary. 

Saint Lucia

This lush Caribbean island is home to the Piton mountains and it offers stunning landscapes, volcanic beaches, hot springs and capital Castries. 


The bahian capital is rich with Afro-Brazilian culture and its Pelourinho colonial district offers historic buildings to add to your trip. Don’t miss the district’s Sao Francisco church. 


Peru’s bustling capital is full of Spanish colonial buildings, the Museo Larco of art, and a vibrant food scene and lovely beaches. What’s not to love?


The Caribbean island is a white-sand beach and coral reef paradise. Plus Nelson’s Dockyard and Shirley Heights lookouts are jaw-dropping.

San Juan

The capital city of Puerto Rico has it all. Beaches, colonial sights, rich food and lively nights out. Don’t miss our on the colonial El  Morro and La Fortaleza forts. 

Punta del Este

This Uruguayan resort city is known for ‘The Hand’ sculpture, Mansa beach and Gorriti Island. A beautiful south-American destination.


This Island in Honduras boasts white sandy beaches, tropical flora and vibrant coral reefs you can dive in. The tranquility will help you re-charge for the year to come. 

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Argentine Chef Narda Lepes Named Best Female Chef In Latin America


Argentine Chef Narda Lepes Named Best Female Chef In Latin America

JUAN MABROMATA / AFP via Getty Images

Narda Lepes is a strong advocate for returning our diets to health produce. It is all about plant-based, vegetable-focused dishes and that is what led her to a coveted recognition.

Argentine chef Narda Lepes has been named the best female chef in Latin America.

Lepes was named the best female chef in Latin America by a panel of critics who create the list of the 50 best restaurants in the world each year. After a year of lockdowns, a pandemic, and governments coming to a halt, the news is a welcomed bit of good news.

“In a year where everything is so intense and so strange, and requires so much from each of us and strains us emotionally, I take this recognition as a boost for my career,” Lepes told the AFP news agency.

Lepes uses her voice and presence in the food scene to promote healthy and plant-based eating.

Lepes and Microsoft partnered to create the Comé + Plantas app to give people a chance to explore healthier eating. The app is available in the Apple Store and the Google Play store. The app is connecting users with vegetables virtually and teaching them how to make the most of their fresh produce.

Lepes is most famously known for her successful restaurant in Buenos Aires.

Narda Comedor broke into the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants list last year. The restaurant focuses on the principle of eating seasonal vegetables while trying new things. This is Lepes’ own philosophy when it comes to food and life. The restaurant was opened in 2017 and has become a staple of the Buenos Aires food scene.

Lepes wants everyone to do one thing: think about the produce we eat.

Lepes wants the world to embrace a more plant-based lifestyle. In that same effort, Lepes wants us to take a moment to think about what we are eating and where it is coming from.

“I like having the opportunity to say this in a more amplified way: we have to pay attention to what we eat and rethink how we produce it,” Lepes told the AFP. “The recognition from my peers, in a situation like this, like the one we’re living in, is wonderful.”

She added: “We need to understand where it comes from, how it is grown, how it gets to us and to incorporate variety. We have to eat more vegetables.”

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Take A Tasting Tour Of Latin America This Thanksgiving With This Curated Menu


Take A Tasting Tour Of Latin America This Thanksgiving With This Curated Menu


Thanksgiving is right around the corner so we should be getting all of those Thanksgiving menus ready. We all know the usual playbook but why not do something a little different this year and make Thanksgiving everything you want. After all, Covid already changed everything so take a tour through Latin America with these dishes to replace your Thanksgiving menu.

Enjoy some pernil as your centerpiece protein.

Pernil is a classic dish that can change any Thanksgiving. The Puerto Rican pernil is our recommendation. The juicy meat combined with the crunchy skin will drive your senses wild. Make sure you leave a lot of time for this recipe as you will spend about three days if you really want a delicious and flavor pernil. Don’t worry. It is not a hard recipe, just time-consuming but so worth every minute.

A chile relleno casserole will be the talk of the town.

Chiles rellenos are everything and in casserole form they are somehow elevated. These chile relleno casseroles are guaranteed to pack a punch in the best way possible. Imagine a regular chile relleno and then turn that into layers of cheese and chiles that gets better with every bite.

Yuca frita is the perfect starch to mingle into your menu.

Yuca frita is one of the best starch dishes you can eat. It is very important that you remember to boil the yuca before you fry it. Frying yuca without boiling it will not work. Trust us from personal experience. You also need to make sure you remove the fibrous core. Yuca takes a little extra work but it is such wonderful food.

No menu is complete without rice so try out this congri recipe.

Congri is one of Cuba’s many culinary gifts to the world. The mix of the rice and beans create a unique texture to the dish that can be found in different ways around Latin America. Be warned that seasoning your beans to abuela-level is elusive. It is hard to match abuela’s skills that she spent years perfecting. However, it never hurts to try.

Your stomachs will thank you for some pão de queijo.

Pão de queijo is a Brazilian cheese bread and will make dinner rolls seem so obsolete. The bread is light and airy and is a perfect vessel to transport cheese to your mouth. The texture will excite you, especially if you have never had this bread before. There’s a reason these are world-famous.

Don’t forget the arroz con leche for dessert.

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Right now, the weather is rolling in with some serious Fall vibes and lots of rain. 🌧 My favorite season is in full swing and it always makes me crave coziness and comfort, especially now more than ever. 🥴 Growing up, desserts in our household always consisted of Puerto Rican classics like polvorones (shortbread cookies) and arroz con dulce (rice pudding). Simple and sweet, some countries call it arroz con leche, but essentially they’re the same: rice slowly simmered in various milks and warming spices. This one is completely dairy-free and packed with coconut goodness, so plant-based and lactose intolerant friends, rejoice! We can eat this without the discomfort that follows. 😅 The full recipe for this comfy dessert is available in my new e-book. Link in bio to download today!☝🏽 . . . . #sofritoproject #riceislife #arrozcondulce #arrozconleche #lactosefree #plantbasedrecipe #dessertrecipe #recipeintheebook #foodwriter #foodblogeats #foodblogging #foodculture #foodwinewomen #wherewomencook #puertoricanchef #personalchef #shareyourtable #onmyplate #inmykitchen #thewayweeat #f52community #chsfood #chseats

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Iconic. Show stopping. Important. Arroz con leche is the most recognizable, and beloved, dessert of Latin America. Every country has a way to make it and you can’t really go wrong. Give it a shot if you’ve never had it. It will change your life.

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