21 Insane Miami Airbnbs To Vacation In Forever

Kiki / Airbnb

When visiting Miami, there is no question you’ll be spending the day at South Beach, Vizcaya museum, or one of the many croqueterías. After a long day reveling in all the Spanish street signs, incredible Caribbean food, with the humidity to back it up, you’ll want to go back to chill at your Miami Airbnb.

Behold, 21 luxurious, Miami AF, homes, yachts and reality TV mansions you can Airbnb right now.

1. Forget hotels, get yourself a designer mansion.

CREDIT: Gaita Luxury / Airbnb

The Wynwood Penhouse has been in ELLE DECOR and on travel networks. It’s furnished with designer furniture, beautiful works of local art, and an enormous roof terrace. Plus, they have an internal website where you can book your own, in-house, yacht charter, personal chef, massages, personal training, and everything you can imagine. Oh, and it’s just $2,400 a night.

2. The Wynwood Penthouse’s roof terrace is coveted.

CREDIT: Gaita Luxury / Airbnb

This Airbnb is so breathtaking, it deserves two slides. It’s often booked up for private events and weddings because of it’s roof terrace alone. It also comes equipped with an outdoor shower and professional bar. I’m swooning.

3. Be Miami and Live on a Boat.

CREDIT: Kiki / Airbnb

Honestly, you haven’t been to Miami if you didn’t go on a boat. Get yourself a twofer and stay on a US Coast Guard Licensed Captained yacht, complete with a kitchen, and room for four to sleep comfortably.

4. Yacht*… live on a 65′ yacht, I mean.

CREDIT: Luis / Airbnb

Whether you rent this 3 bedroom, 3 bath actual yacht by the hour ($500 an hour) or for $1,500 a night, you can’t really go wrong with a chartered stay on Biscayne Bay. The view’s always changing and you can expect ocean breezes all day and A/C all night.

5. Because ocean views just don’t quit when you’re floating on it.

CREDIT: Gregg / Airbnb

If you’ve got money to spend, spend ~$5,000 for a modern, luxury yacht to split with 8 people. The crew will feed you, water you, and make you drinks as you cruise around Star Island. Plus, all the towels are embroidered with “NO LIMITS” on them, so you’ll still be absorbing the Miami bro vibes wherever you are at sea.

6. OR stay in a villa built on top of the ocean.

CREDIT: Gino / Airbnb

So boats aren’t your thing? Stay on Miami’s Venetian islands in the 8 bedroom villa just between South Beach and Downtown. It has a pool, jacuzzi, **movie theatre**, sauna and pool table. This epic dream stay is a whopping $5,500 per night, but with room for 16+ guests, it boils down to ~$300 per night. #worthit

7. That’s not the only one.

CREDIT: Nicole / Airbnb

For more than half the price, you can stay in a ~7,500 sq ft waterfront mansion that also has a private movie theater, billiards room, outdoor bathroom and shower and “direct water access to park your yacht and jet skis.” I’m in.

8. “Boss Penthouse” in South Beach

CREDIT: Shane / Airbnb

This penthouse sits atop the 1100 West Ave hotel, which means you get the entire rooftop terrace, and the “Sleeping Beauty’s Castle” feel the designer sought after. TBH, this is oozing with Miami machismo and I’m truly shooketh it’s only $499 per night. That’s $100 per night if you go with four friends. Whose with me?

9. Condo Life is Florida life.

CREDIT: SoBeNY / Airbnb

Immerse yourself in Florida’s vacation culture by staying in this 5 bedroom condo that comes with its own private infinity pool. The balcony alone is 1,500 square feet, which is bigger than my house. The condo has two master suites and fits up to 9 guests for $2,500 per night.

10. Stay where the reality TV stars stay, without the drama.

CREDIT: Alicia Kurtzhals / Airbnb

Get yourself a 5,200 square foot mansion overlooking tropical gardens and panoramic views of Bal Harbor, with Miami Beach just visible in the distance. Oh, and the community has it’s own private tennis courts so you can be Florida-sporty, too, for just $1,600 per night.

11. Find your inner child at this South Beach mini-mansion.

CREDIT: Ryan / Airbnb

You know this 3000 sq ft house concept happened in the 90’s and is equipped with 90’s arcades, pool table, 12′ projector screen, and jacuzzi. You probably won’t even leave this home after exploring all the artwork hanging on these walls, but when you do, you’re walking distance to South Beach and Lincoln Road. Host 8 guests here for $799 per night. Dále.

12. Go further back in history in this 6 bedroom villa.

CREDIT: Bill / Airbnb

Villa Valentino was built in 1910 in a Moorish-Mediterranean style design, and comes with a separate private guesthouse and gorgeous, massive pool. Trust, after a day out and about in Coconut Grove, you’re going to want to transport back in time and find some serenity (at the low, low price of $800 per night).

13. Save money for the yacht with this bungalow…

CREDIT: Carlos

For just $250 per night, you can enjoy this quaint, and beautifully designed modern home in the heart of Miami’s Design District and Wynwood. You’ll be sad to leave.

14. Like, look at this chill spot to relax.

CREDIT: Grisel / Airbnb

For $389 per night, you can stay in a 5bd home with a private gym, pool table, and barbecue area. Highlight of the Airbnb description: the “beautiful wood table available to play domino with the family and friends.” Sold.

15. Go big and go home by Airbnb’ing this entire estate.

CREDIT: Isa / Airbnb

There are eight bedrooms, and 6.5 baths and it’s own racquetball court, jacuzzi and parking lot. If you’re looking to just get away to the tropics and have your own private resort, this is it. Note: it is a half hour away from Miami proper.

16. Thrive in Little Havana.

CREDIT: JP / Airbnb

If you really want to experience Miami, you must stay in Little Havana or Hialeah. This “funky graffiti-inspired 3-bedroom bungalow” is just a few blocks away from Little Havana nightclubs (Ball & Chain), and Domino Park. Plan your trip for the last Friday of the month so you can enjoy the street festivals with salsa, street art and open bars. It’s only $149 per night! Snap!

17. Stay on the Miami River in a marble castle.

CREDIT: Judith / Airbnb

For $399 per night, you can stay in a 3-story, modern 4 bedroom / 4 bathroom new home. It overlooks the Miami River and, of course, has it’s own jacuzzi. The entire kitchen is all marble and the deck is literally on top of the river. You can’t go wrong with waterfront views.

18. Or, this boat-accessible Coconut Grove home.

CREDIT: Kai / Airbnb

Located in a gated community, this home will grant you the quiet landscape of suburbia, with a pool overlooking the waterway that’s just three homes away from Key Biscayne. Get the 4bd home for just $400 per night. That’s just $100 per person to have their own room! #ByeHotels

19. Go for a more eclectic stay with designer furniture.

CREDIT: Nathalie / Airbnb

I mean, that furniture is unique. This home has high ceilings, a private pool and BBQ and room for 9 guests for just $700 per night. I honestly don’t know how hotels stay in business.

20. It comes with a Jaguar F-Type

CREDIT: Robert / Airbnb

This is a 2bd penthouse with the option to rent the host’s Jaguar convertible when you’re not enjoying all the home’s amenities. P.S.- you can walk to the beach in just 3 minutes for just $295 per night. Life is beautiful.

21. Stay in Morningside Miami under a massive 100-year-old oak tree.

CREDIT: Cristi / Airbnb

This home has the feel of a farmhouse tables, with lots of sleek mid-century furniture and trees in the home. Plus it’s walking distance from Biscayne Bay Blvd and comes with a salt water pool. $499 per night

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