21 Airbnbs In Mexico That’ll Sweep You Into Another Dimension

Mariví Y Roberto. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

If you’re thinking of going on vacay to Mexico City any time soon, your lodging search is over. Instead of staying in overpriced hotels that lack the creature comforts of home, and the raw, non-corporate cultura of Mexico City, try Airbnbs in Mexico!

We’ve got options ranging from luxury penthouses to affordable garden studios, and every single one is highly rated by people who have stayed there before.

1. Live in luxury at a Polanco Penthouse.

CREDIT: Jennifer. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

Ever wanted to soak in your own private jacuzzi in an open terrace overlooking Mexico City? Well, now that you know it’s even an option, this Penthouse comes equipped with a private gym, designer everything, and proximity to all the best restaurants… for just $247 a night. That’s like a La Quinta Inn in San Francisco.

2. OR, live minimally in a 2-story Modern Loft.

CREDIT: Juliana. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

For just $44 a night, you have a sun deck, roof garden, and gym alongside this adorable townhome. Plus, it’s just a block away from Bellas Artes Palace, and in the midst of boutiques and museums. Nos vamos already.

3. If you’re here for a view, try this penthouse out.

CREDIT: Leon. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

High ceilings and a panoramic living room looking over Chapultepec Park are all you need to feel like a king in Mexico City. Plus, this comes with a wooden deck terrace, and an optional cook, driver and tour guide, all for $299 a night.

4. Live in this 1930s Art Deco Duplex for a minute.

CREDIT: Mariví Y Roberto. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

Located in the heart of historic downtown, “Casa Nuestra” was recently renovated to bring you the mix of old time charm and vintage furniture paired with contemporary design. And the view! All for $69 a night. Why do I live anywhere else?

5. Art lovers: Stay in the late David Alfaro Siqueiros’ old apartment.

CREDIT: Nathalie. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

Siqueiros was an important Mexican painter, and this once studio apartment has become a three bed, 3.5 bath fully serviced dream home. Right outside of Bosque de Chapultepec, you’ll be stunned by the massive mosaic tile wall art in the entrance as a tribute to the late artist.

6. Or go 100% white, clean, and central.

CREDIT: Olivia. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

Want to paint your own experience of Mexico City? Try this restored 18th century colonial hacienda which is just walking distance from the historic downtown district. Plus, it’s only $109 a night.

7. Built in the ’20s, this 5 Star Airbnb screams “location, location, location”

CREDIT: Gabriel. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

The best part of Airbnb’ing? You can rent an entire house. It was recently restored by an artist and guests write that they spent the first hour of their stay in Mexico City just taking photos of every nook and cranny in this gem. You can too for $300 a night.

8. Then there’s Casa Dovela San Mateo.

CREDIT: Gerardo. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

I’m obsessed. This place is flooded with light, and artfully decorated with mid-century modern furniture, modern marble sinks, and even has an outdoor shower! Be stunned when you come home for just $139 a night.

9. I mean, just look at this place.

CREDIT: Carolina. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

As you walk through this massive one bedroom, you’ll find stunning artwork leaning against the walls, a black and white tiled shower, and mid-century modern mixed with brutalist living room furniture. Host up to 4 guests here for just $115 a night.

10. This is just the reception to a $52 a night 2 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment.

CREDIT: Alex. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

The reception looks like a piece of abstract work itself, but as you step inside the apartment, you’ll find clean white walls, a farm table and plenty of ferns to keep you calm and relaxed. Located in the Historic Center, you can lounge on your private terrace and enjoy the city view for just $52 a night. I’m pinching myself.

11. Clean, bright Alameda Downtown Apartment for $55 a night.

CREDIT: Hugo. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

You can really live big in a small way here. The design of this studio is just so that there feels like there’s both space and privacy when you visit with up to 3 guests.

12. Get yourself 2.4k square feet of modern Penthouse in the Condesa neighborhood.

CREDIT: Hugo. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

It’s got sliding doors. It’s got hard wood floors. It’s got famous Mexican photography lining it’s pristine white walls. It’s got a long terrace filled with lavender, jasmine and ferns. It’s got… do I even need to keep going? It’s only $182 a night!

13. Five Star Boutique Studio Apartments actually exist at $59 a night.

CREDIT: Hugo. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

Plus, this comes with a 24 hour gym, king sized bed, and 24 hr security service right in the middle of the Historic Center.

An entire five star review: “This is where you want to stay, period.”

14. Live in history: this building is 100 years old.

CREDIT: Cristian. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

Reviewers loved that this was just a five minute walk to the Zocalo, a 24 hour taqueria and churreria. The best part of this Airbnb description is the “matrimonial bed” it comes with. I’m here for it.

15. If plants make you feel free, stay at this art condo.

CREDIT: Deco. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

They’ve got their indoor plant game on lock, and they’re right on the Rio de Janeiro park, which means art galleries and restaurants galore are only a block away. If you’re in Mexico city for peace, and wellness, you’ve found your new home.

16. Yes, you can have this for $57 p/night.

CREDIT: Gaby Y Jaime. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

If you’d rather stay somewhere quiet, and travel to the bustle, this place is for you. It is complete with a private terrace, a shared terrace and a very cute design. Plus it’s mad cheap.

17. You can’t stay in the heart of Condesa without ceiling-high windows.

CREDIT: Grace. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

Overlooking a very trendy Amsterdam St (hint: it’s a very trendy part of Mexico City). It has a private terrace, two bedrooms, two baths and a modern kitchen. Four people can stay here for just $156 a night.

18. Lounge in the chic, artsy Roma Norte district.

CREDIT: Jaime. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

Guys, there’s a telescope in there! Plus, this flat is in one of the best nightlife spots in town. Fun fact: Roma used to be a lake before colonizers turned it into rural land! #TheWorst

19. Stay central, clean and cozy in Colonia Cuahtémoc.

CREDIT: Mariana. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

Just a block from the Anthropology, Modern art and Rufino Tamayo Museums, you also don’t need to leave this $151 a night Airbnb. In-unit washer-dryers, two private terraces, two bedrooms, and even a hammock for outdoor lounging make for the ideal vacation getaway.

20. Or budget this 19th Century House Garden Studio

CREDIT: Pablo. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

Here’s the story: the owner, Pablo, built this studio 20 years ago from adobe, which make it quiet, and cool. It has very jungle-y vibes and is only $66 a night!

21. Whatever you do, enjoy Mexico City in your own style.

CREDIT: Rebecca. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

Personally, I’d like to stay in this award-winning contemporary, 3-story, 4 bedroom townhouse in the heart of Condesa. The furniture is artisan, and the roof is a private terrace. I probably would never want to leave.

Puerto Rico’s Airbnbs And Experienced Will Take Your Vacation To The Next Level


Puerto Rico’s Airbnbs And Experienced Will Take Your Vacation To The Next Level

Mark / Airbnb

Aside from just straight donating to charities, visiting Puerto Rico is one of the best ways to help the island continue its recovery from the damages of Hurricane Maria. The island has a long history of relying on tourism to boost its economy, and it’s for good reason: es bellísima. 

Learn to rappel down a waterfall | $135

CREDIT: Diego / Airbnb

If you came to Puerto Rico for the waterfalls, then climbing several small waterfalls with Diego to reach the top of El Salta Waterfall is for you. He’ll teach you how to rappel down the 80 foot waterfall and then zipline out of the forest. Plus, reviewers say that Diego’s family accommodated their vegan dietary needs for a home-cooked meal afterward!

Tree House | $62 p/night

CREDIT: Enrique / Airbnb

I see you outdoorsy people. Enjoy a stay in a five star rated modest treehouse in Utuado, close to rivers, lakes beaches and caves. One reviewer raves, “A magic, romantic and private place for anyone who like wilderness and peace. Much better than i expected. Crazy for going back there. And centric for whoever visit and is planning to adventure the whole island.”

Culebra Snorkeling Getaway | $115

CREDIT: East Island / Airbnb

This sold out experience gets you six hours of Caribbean Sea views, both above board and under water. Enjoy Culebra’s beautiful beaches and coral reefs at your leisure, along with a lunch buffet and all snorkeling gear included.

Pool House with Underground Jacuzzi Grotto | $850 p/night

CREDIT: Max / Airbnb

If you’re swimming in dough or have a big group of friends, you’ll enjoy this 8-bedroom mansion complete with an underground jacuzzi. The home itself is a piece of history, complete with private pools and unique features.

Rainforest Water Slide Tour | $89

CREDIT: Chris / Airbnb

This is Airbnb’s #1 adventure tour in Puerto Rico for a reason. You’ll get to go to remote giant rainforest water slides and jump off of 30 foot cliffs into crystal clear water.

Body Rafting™ & Caving ∙Nature Reserve | $110

CREDIT: Mimi / Airbnb

Mimi is a scientist who has spent 7 years surveying the geo hydrology of Tanamá caves. She takes adventurers in life vests to float downstream and get a nature tour of the caves she studies so intimately.

Horseback Ride on Luquillo Beach | $99

CREDIT: Alejandro / Airbnb

You guys. Bring your boo to “traverse the crystal clear waters of the Mameyes River to finally reach Luquillo’s Gold Coast” on horseback. Then, relax on the beach, have a drink and enjoy the breeze.

Casablanca | $79

CREDIT: CasaBlanca / Airbnb

Rent out your own air conditioned space just blocks from Ocean Park beach in San Juan. When you’re not taking in San Juan, you can relax on your own hammock in a tropical private garden.

Condado City Lights – LED Night Paddle | $49

CREDIT: mark / Airbnb

If your idea of enjoying San Juan’s nightlife is from an LED lit paddle board, then Mark has you covered. The glow face paint is included. ; )

Sail San Juan Bay | $75

CREDIT: Ivan / Airbnb

Spend a couple hours with Ivan on a romantic sunset sail on San Juan Bay. His complimentary drinks really hit home with reviewers, along with his excellent photography skills. Get that couples’ shot with flying manta rays. This is your vacay.

Mofongos! Mofongos! Mofongos! | $29

CREDIT: cristian / Airbnb

You haven’t been to Puerto Rico until you’ve drooled while eating its famous mofongo. Join Cristian and his family in learning how to make the dish, offered to meet your dietary needs.

Entire Condominium in San Juan | $115 p/night

CREDIT: Annet and Andrés / Airbnb

A recent guest says it all about this gem: “A rare piece of history and beauty. An incredible opportunity to see, hear, and experience Old San Juan from the most premier location. The Victorian doors and windows were stunning. The open balconies on the interior was fascinating and incredible – facilitating a constant warm ocean breeze when the louvers and shutters were open. A roof porch in the center of town. Great views of the lively colors of the city. Thanks to Lourdes for her kindness, recommendations, and welcomeness. Kind neighbors downstairs. Muchas gracias!”

Go Paddleboarding in a scenic lagoon with Julio for $25

CREDIT: Juilo / Airbnb

Check out Puerto Rico’s manatees, sea turtles and sting rays in a beautiful lagoon adjacent to the city of San Juan. His staff are all certified by the American Canoe Association to give you the best experience possible of the Condado Lagoon.

Surfing with Local Brian Ramos! | $70

CREDIT: Brian / Airbnb

Brian promises to take you to uncrowded spots where beginners are able to get 10+ waves in a short two hour lesson. If you’ve never surfed before, trust that this is huge.

Experience Tropical Camping at a Cabin Close to the Ocean | $95 p/night

CREDIT: Francis / Airbnb

Call this glamping, complete with post-modern minimalist decor, AC and a nearby beach. Reviewers truly *rave* about their host: “We loved staying at Francis’ place. It was immaculate and furnished with great attention to detail. There was a nice bottle of red wine and chocolates. Francis was very hospitable and easy to talk to, and he gave us two fresh coconuts and straws to drink from. What makes this Airbnb special is the beach nearby and the local friendliness in the area. The beach is right across the street and through a little trail. It is very private besides a few surfers in the morning. The sand is soft and the waves are beautiful. We spent a lot of time collecting sea shells and swimming. We will definitely be back!”

Exotic Flower Farm Stay | $39 p/night

CREDIT: Britton / Airbnb

Yup. You can stay in a cabana on a tropical fruit and flower farm with ocean views. Grab a mango from the garden and head to the beach for some good surf, all at a very reasonable price.

Barefoot Studio Sanctuary Prime Location Surf Yoga | $50 p/night

CREDIT: Joy / Airbnb

The best part about this studio, complete with a king bed and private garden filled with tropical flowers for your picking, is how integrated other activities are with your stay. You can walk to the beach, take surf and yoga lessons offered by the same company.

Eco-Chalet up in the mountains | $100 p/night

CREDIT: Juan Carlos / Airbnb

Enjoy your stay at the only Puerto Rican eco-lodge listed on Airbnb. The house is on 144 acres of private tropical rainforest. The only electricity in the house comes from solar energy, and you can expect to be completely unplugged from the internet. This place has 100 five star reviews.

Cave Tubing and Ziplining Adventure | $75

CREDIT: Noel / Airbnb

It’s the lazy river for not so lazy people. This trip into the Arecibo area includes a 250 foot biplane, rafting into caves, and hikes through the famous El Yunque rainforest.

El Yunque Rainforest River Trail! | $89

CREDIT: Safuan / Airbnb

Safuan offers transportation to and from the famous El Yunque rainforest. From there, you’ll embark on a short hike to a less traversed swimming hole, complete with a swinging rope, a natural stone slide, and local beach.

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Miami Airbnbs To Keep You Cozy While You Avoid Your Family During the Holidays


Miami Airbnbs To Keep You Cozy While You Avoid Your Family During the Holidays

Deborah / Airbnb

If it hasn’t already started happening, pretty soon the nagging about buying your plane tickets back home to Miami will be cada hora, at the top of the hour. If you’re like me and you love your thriving, absurd, no-place-like-home Puerto Rican and Cuban family in Miami but you also just learned about self-care, there is a middle ground. Tell your Mami you’re coming home so she can stop lighting all the candles in the house and book an Airbnb. Check out these places to hide away while visiting family if you need a moment to breathe.

Treehouse Canopy Room: Permaculture Farm | $65 per night

CREDIT: Leslie / Airbnb

Is your family time so crazy that you need to be one with nature to relax? Hang in the Florida canopy in Little Haiti with fresh produce, eggs, and honey on hand. When your family is driving you loco, you can feed some goats and rent a kayak.

Relaxing Cottage in Coconut Grove | $90 per night

CREDIT: Ronni & Becca / Airbnb

Treat yourself to a place of solitude in Coconut Grove. The guest house shares a pool, waterfall and koi pond with the family in residence. Find your zen.

Charming Cottage Great Location Close to Center | $77 per night

CREDIT: Ines / Airbnb

Stay local to Little Havana and away from the MAGA familia by supporting Ines, who says it like it is: “Together we will not build walls but a magnificent future for our children and future generations.”


CREDIT: Christian / Airbnb

You know when you make your mami promise you que nos vamos a la playa and then you never do? Make it your home base.

New 15th Floor Beachfront 180º Oceanview Apartment | $49 per night

CREDIT: Shane And Maru / Airbnb

Always wanted to experience living inside a modern minimalist Instagram aesthetic? This is a super cheap way to do it within walking distance of Miami Beach. That’s right. You can see the beach from here.

New Artistic & gorgeous cottage with private yard | $79 per night

CREDIT: Ana / Airbnb

Artists, escuchen. This loft is full of supplies for crafting and is used as a studio when desocupado. Plus, there’s an avocado tree in the backyard.

Amazing Penthouse with private pool stunning view | $2,500 per night

CREDIT: Luxury Property / Airbnb

Maybe you’re Cardi B. Maybe you’ll enjoy seeing this to know how the other side lives. Rent this 5,600 sq foot two-story penthouse with 7 bedrooms, sauna, private gym, and indoor pool. Invite me. K, thanks.

Centrally located resort style Miami home | $269 per night

CREDIT: Evelyn / Airbnb

You might have to go in on this with your primos, but it’ll be worth it. The 3-bedroom home is built around the pool, meaning rest and relaxation takes center stage.

Oasis Pool Home in the heart of Miami | $200 per night

CREDIT: John / Airbnb

If you think that pool is insane, wait until you see the rest of this Balinese style home. Located in the heart of Coconut Grove, the place is big enough for you to invite your favorite cousins.

Beautiful Poolside Studio, Heart of Miami | $72 per night

CREDIT: Deborah / Airbnb

OK, so that whole casa Azul is not yours, but you get the guest house which has access to that glorious pool. This is perfect if you want to stay close to the family in Little Havana, but have some separation.

Amazing Brickell Bay Penthouse | $99 per night

CREDIT: Gustavo / Airbnb

Embody the mental state of “everyone is beneath me” this holiday season by staying in this modern, luxurious penthouse. If your people play their cards right, they may get access to the two pools, gym and spa you’ll have available to you.

Ocean Drive Luxury Beachfront Studio. Ocean View Pool | $104 per night

CREDIT: Catalina / Airbnb

We’re here for the bathtub. Also the status symbol of staying at Congress Hotel in South Beach. Chill on the rooftop by the pool, overlooking the ocean and then soak in your majestic tub after. Tell your family you’re staying with friends.

Gorgeous & Spacious Mid Miami Beach | $80 per night

CREDIT: Sandra / Airbnb

Hurry up! Sandra is booking up fast. Probably because of its tasteful ambience located right across from the boardwalk, its private pool and nearby beach available at all times.

Beachy Chic South Beach Studio Apt | $40 per night

CREDIT: Keith and Connie / Airbnb

Mis amigos desperados. You’re not looking for a vacay. You’re on a budget and investing in your mental sanity. You canasta in South Beach for $40. ‘Nuff Said.

Cottage Oasis on the Miami River Circa 1936 | $45 per night

CREDIT: Luis / Airbnb

This modern, little loft is on the Miami River and has a plunge pool right outside. You can also rent a long list of Porsche’s during your stay from the very same Luis.

Large Trendy 2 Bedroom in Arts District with Views | $100 per night

CREDIT: Randy / Airbnb

Step out of Hialeah and step into Miami’s Arts District with panoramic views of Biscayne Bay. This is where the after party happens after the abuelas say their prayers to Saint Anthony for your soul lost to la fiesta.

Bayfront 5-Star Luxury Hotel-Water View Studio | $104 per night

CREDIT: Catalina / Airbnb

This view alone is worth the dinero, but add the free beach cruiser, ocean kayaks and SUP boards, gym, yoga and Go Pro rental and you’ve invested in a Flamingo Park experience with just a taste of luchando over Longana.

Little Havana: Spacious Cottage with Beach Gear! | $79 per night

CREDIT: Allán / Airbnb

Stay in Little Havana but feel like you’re staying in the whitest of clouds. Walk outside and you’ve got Cuban Cafés, cigar shops, and Calle Ocho to keep you company (if your family ever leaves you alone).

*TROPICAL DECO APARTMENT – Steps From The Beach* | $29 per night

CREDIT: spb / Airbnb

Maybe you love your family? Maybe you want to return to your Miami roots for a minute. This 6 month rental is affordable, in the heart of the Art Deco district and five minute walk from the beach. Check out all those Miami sites you never did growing up. Disfrute.

30’ Sailboat, with kitchen | $76 per night

CREDIT: Alejandro / Airbnb

OR—plan your getaway in advance by renting this sailboat. JK—you’ll have to organize day trips with Alejandro, but in the meantime, you can enjoy the solar panel operated modern luxuries with a classic sea breeze.

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