21 Airbnbs In Mexico That’ll Sweep You Into Another Dimension

If you’re thinking of going on vacay to Mexico City any time soon, your lodging search is over. Instead of staying in overpriced hotels that lack the creature comforts of home, and the raw, non-corporate cultura of Mexico City, try Airbnbs in Mexico!

We’ve got options ranging from luxury penthouses to affordable garden studios, and every single one is highly rated by people who have stayed there before.

1. Live in luxury at a Polanco Penthouse.

CREDIT: Jennifer. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

Ever wanted to soak in your own private jacuzzi in an open terrace overlooking Mexico City? Well, now that you know it’s even an option, this Penthouse comes equipped with a private gym, designer everything, and proximity to all the best restaurants… for just $247 a night. That’s like a La Quinta Inn in San Francisco.

2. OR, live minimally in a 2-story Modern Loft.

CREDIT: Juliana. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

For just $44 a night, you have a sun deck, roof garden, and gym alongside this adorable townhome. Plus, it’s just a block away from Bellas Artes Palace, and in the midst of boutiques and museums. Nos vamos already.

3. If you’re here for a view, try this penthouse out.

CREDIT: Leon. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

High ceilings and a panoramic living room looking over Chapultepec Park are all you need to feel like a king in Mexico City. Plus, this comes with a wooden deck terrace, and an optional cook, driver and tour guide, all for $299 a night.

4. Live in this 1930s Art Deco Duplex for a minute.

CREDIT: Mariví Y Roberto. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

Located in the heart of historic downtown, “Casa Nuestra” was recently renovated to bring you the mix of old time charm and vintage furniture paired with contemporary design. And the view! All for $69 a night. Why do I live anywhere else?

5. Art lovers: Stay in the late David Alfaro Siqueiros’ old apartment.

CREDIT: Nathalie. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

Siqueiros was an important Mexican painter, and this once studio apartment has become a three bed, 3.5 bath fully serviced dream home. Right outside of Bosque de Chapultepec, you’ll be stunned by the massive mosaic tile wall art in the entrance as a tribute to the late artist.

6. Or go 100% white, clean, and central.

CREDIT: Olivia. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

Want to paint your own experience of Mexico City? Try this restored 18th century colonial hacienda which is just walking distance from the historic downtown district. Plus, it’s only $109 a night.

7. Built in the ’20s, this 5 Star Airbnb screams “location, location, location”

CREDIT: Gabriel. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

The best part of Airbnb’ing? You can rent an entire house. It was recently restored by an artist and guests write that they spent the first hour of their stay in Mexico City just taking photos of every nook and cranny in this gem. You can too for $300 a night.

8. Then there’s Casa Dovela San Mateo.

CREDIT: Gerardo. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

I’m obsessed. This place is flooded with light, and artfully decorated with mid-century modern furniture, modern marble sinks, and even has an outdoor shower! Be stunned when you come home for just $139 a night.

9. I mean, just look at this place.

CREDIT: Carolina. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

As you walk through this massive one bedroom, you’ll find stunning artwork leaning against the walls, a black and white tiled shower, and mid-century modern mixed with brutalist living room furniture. Host up to 4 guests here for just $115 a night.

10. This is just the reception to a $52 a night 2 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment.

CREDIT: Alex. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

The reception looks like a piece of abstract work itself, but as you step inside the apartment, you’ll find clean white walls, a farm table and plenty of ferns to keep you calm and relaxed. Located in the Historic Center, you can lounge on your private terrace and enjoy the city view for just $52 a night. I’m pinching myself.

11. Clean, bright Alameda Downtown Apartment for $55 a night.

CREDIT: Hugo. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

You can really live big in a small way here. The design of this studio is just so that there feels like there’s both space and privacy when you visit with up to 3 guests.

12. Get yourself 2.4k square feet of modern Penthouse in the Condesa neighborhood.

CREDIT: Hugo. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

It’s got sliding doors. It’s got hard wood floors. It’s got famous Mexican photography lining it’s pristine white walls. It’s got a long terrace filled with lavender, jasmine and ferns. It’s got… do I even need to keep going? It’s only $182 a night!

13. Five Star Boutique Studio Apartments actually exist at $59 a night.

CREDIT: Hugo. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

Plus, this comes with a 24 hour gym, king sized bed, and 24 hr security service right in the middle of the Historic Center.

An entire five star review: “This is where you want to stay, period.”

14. Live in history: this building is 100 years old.

CREDIT: Cristian. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

Reviewers loved that this was just a five minute walk to the Zocalo, a 24 hour taqueria and churreria. The best part of this Airbnb description is the “matrimonial bed” it comes with. I’m here for it.

15. If plants make you feel free, stay at this art condo.

CREDIT: Deco. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

They’ve got their indoor plant game on lock, and they’re right on the Rio de Janeiro park, which means art galleries and restaurants galore are only a block away. If you’re in Mexico city for peace, and wellness, you’ve found your new home.

16. Yes, you can have this for $57 p/night.

CREDIT: Gaby Y Jaime. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

If you’d rather stay somewhere quiet, and travel to the bustle, this place is for you. It is complete with a private terrace, a shared terrace and a very cute design. Plus it’s mad cheap.

17. You can’t stay in the heart of Condesa without ceiling-high windows.

CREDIT: Grace. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

Overlooking a very trendy Amsterdam St (hint: it’s a very trendy part of Mexico City). It has a private terrace, two bedrooms, two baths and a modern kitchen. Four people can stay here for just $156 a night.

18. Lounge in the chic, artsy Roma Norte district.

CREDIT: Jaime. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

Guys, there’s a telescope in there! Plus, this flat is in one of the best nightlife spots in town. Fun fact: Roma used to be a lake before colonizers turned it into rural land! #TheWorst

19. Stay central, clean and cozy in Colonia Cuahtémoc.

CREDIT: Mariana. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

Just a block from the Anthropology, Modern art and Rufino Tamayo Museums, you also don’t need to leave this $151 a night Airbnb. In-unit washer-dryers, two private terraces, two bedrooms, and even a hammock for outdoor lounging make for the ideal vacation getaway.

20. Or budget this 19th Century House Garden Studio

CREDIT: Pablo. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

Here’s the story: the owner, Pablo, built this studio 20 years ago from adobe, which make it quiet, and cool. It has very jungle-y vibes and is only $66 a night!

21. Whatever you do, enjoy Mexico City in your own style.

CREDIT: Rebecca. Digital Image. Airbnb. 6 May 2018.

Personally, I’d like to stay in this award-winning contemporary, 3-story, 4 bedroom townhouse in the heart of Condesa. The furniture is artisan, and the roof is a private terrace. I probably would never want to leave.

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You Can Live Your ‘Fresh Prince’ Fantasy With An Airbnb Stay At The Actual Bel Air Mansion


You Can Live Your ‘Fresh Prince’ Fantasy With An Airbnb Stay At The Actual Bel Air Mansion


If you ever daydreamed about telling a cabbie, “Yo homes, to Bel-Air!” then your chance is finally here. Will Smith and Airbnb have teamed up to offer the actual Bel Air mansion from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Once again, the vacation rental site has graced us with an Airbnb stay fit for the 90s kid in all of us. It wasn’t long ago that Airbnb offered up a stay at Barbie’s Malibu Dream House. There’s also a Hello Kitty apartment in Japan and the actual house from the series Twilight.

Of course, we should all still be doing our part to minimize the risk of Coronavirus and that’s why this Airbnb stay is only available to residents of Los Angeles county. But if you’re like me, all this time cooped up at home, under quarantine, following social distancing guidelines probably has you longing for some excuse – any excuse –  to leave the house. Well, now here’s the perfect excuse.

Will Smith and Airbnb team up to rent out the mansion from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Yes, it’s true! Although it’s been 30 years since the show first hit the airwaves, the Bel Air mansion from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is still a very real place – and it’s soon available to rent on Airbnb.

Starting on September 29, Airbnb will give you the chance to book a stay at the home in groups of up to two. The five available dates, which only cost $30 in honor of the show’s 30th anniversary, are October 2, 5, 8, 11, and 14.

And since they’ve partnered up with the ‘Fresh Prince’ himself, guests will have access to the wing of the house where Smith’s character called home, as well as to a poolside lounge area and dining room. Other perks include access to Will’s wardrobe and a virtual welcome by DJ Jazzy Jeff.

The only disclaimer: because of Covid-19, those lucky guests must prove residency in LA County and be able to prove they’re from the same household. Airbnb also states that the rental will be compliant with CDC rules and follow the enhanced cleaning protocol made by Airbnb as well.

These accommodations look hella fresh and are definitely Will Smith approved.

Credit: willsmith/ Instagram

Although Airbnb states that guests will have access to the wing of the property where Will Smith crashed, you obviously won’t be locked in the bedroom for the entire stay.

Here’s how Airbnb describes your once-in-a-lifetime stay: “It’s your crib for the night, so feel free to act like you own the place. My wing of the mansion includes my bedroom (great for naps), a full bathroom (great for spitting bars in the shower), pool area (great for dips), an outdoor lounge, and the dining room (great for eating obviously). And you gotta do it like my guy DJ Jazzy Jeff so don’t forget your sunglasses!”

Oh, and the best part: Will Smith is the host.

Your stay comes with all sorts of incredible perks!

Credit: Airbnb

The mansion from every 90s kids dreams is still as fly as it ever was. Bold graffiti art, posh interiors, timeless family portraits, and Philly cheesesteaks served on silver platters will give visitors the full 90s glam experience. The listing adds that guests will be able to enjoy the following:

  • Lacing up a fresh pair of Air Jordans before shooting some b-ball in the bedroom. 
  • Spinning throwback classics all night on turntables just like DJ Jazzy Jeff’s. 
  • Donning a fly look from Will’s closet, from argyle prepster to all-star athlete and Bel-Air Athletics gear. 
  • Soaking up the sun poolside on luxe lounge chairs.
  • Being (virtually) welcomed to the mansion by none other than DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Those looking to book a night at the Banks home should note that the house rules follow local COVID-19 guidelines and rules. Airbnb also said visitors can also rest assured knowing that the king-size bed will be cleaned in protocol in accordance with CDC rules and consistent with the company’s enhanced cleaning measures.

This is not the first time Airbnb has offered the chance to stay in homes that take me back to my days as a kid. In 2019 you could stay at the Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse for just $60 a night, and later this month, residents in Deschutes County, Oregon, have the chance to spend the night at the last remaining Blockbuster video store.

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Someone Offered A ‘Live The Revolution’ Experience On Airbnb In Chile And The Insensitivity And Disrespect Is Just Baffling

Things That Matter

Someone Offered A ‘Live The Revolution’ Experience On Airbnb In Chile And The Insensitivity And Disrespect Is Just Baffling

Ivan Alvarado / Getty

Someone was offering an Airbnb “experience” that involved “living the revolution.” The two-hour ‘experience’ offered a tour of Santiago’s Plaza Italia but the offer prompted fierce backlash against effort to monetize protest and was quickly taken down by the platform. 

An Airbnb tour in Chile promised the chance to ‘live the revolution’.

The two-hour “experience” offered a tour of Santiago’s Plaza Italia, which has become ground zero for a wave of mass demonstrations over social and economic inequality.

The tour was monetizing the revolution.

Priced at 19,000 Chilean pesos —about $25 USD, the excursion included a bottle of water and protective eye goggles —a nod to those worn by protesters to shield themselves from birdshot and rubber-coated pellets shot by riot police.

“Live the revolution” was up on Airbnb Experiences

The insensitive tour was promoted on Airbnb Experiences, a platform offering “one-of-a-kind activities hosted by locals” – but was withdrawn from the site just a few days after it went live, following huge criticism on social media.

A local ideated the tour.

Promotor Sebastián Nieto told local media that he came up with the idea of the tour after noting foreign visitors’ fascination with the demonstrations. “I realized that at the protests there are always lots of spectators, people taking photos,” he said. “Of course there is a backdrop of social issues – which is totally valid – but there’s also a playful element.”

But the experience was met with a lot of backlash.

Chileans responded with fury, with some claiming the tour was a violation of Airbnb’s safety policies, while others condemned its insensitivity. “The social struggle is NOT a business” read one tweet.

The protests have been taking place for more than 3 months now.

Several clashes have unfolded at Plaza Italia between protesters and the police for almost three months. According to reports, hundreds of thousands of people have joined the rallies since they began in September as they called for radical changes to the country’s economic and political system over alleged corruption claims. The country’s security forces have also been accused of a spate of grave human rights abuses in their response to the marches, that have left at least 26 people dead and thousands more injured.

The UN human rights office reported that it had heard 345 cases involving people suffering eye injuries caused by lead pellets fired from police shotguns.

In a statement, Airbnb said: “The safety of our host and guest community is a priority for Airbnb. If we are made aware that an experience and/or host violates our platform policies, community standards, or terms of service, we take action. This experience is no longer available.”

This is a movement against capitalism.

Protester Mario Hans, who has gone to Plaza Italia every day since the unrest began said to newspaper The Guardian, that he was uncomfortable at the idea that anyone would profit from Chile’s political uprising. “This is a movement against capitalism, for equality,” he said. “The first goal here should be to inform, not to charge.”

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