It’s 2018 And Día De Los Muertos Makeup And Costumes Are Stunning Across The World

Bueno, another year has passed, and maybe some of our loved ones have, too. Cada año, Día de los Muertos gives us the special opportunity to celebrate the deaths of those we love. Whether you’re throwing a party this year, or celebrating with your own private ofrenda at home, we have a bella inspo board to make this year’s Día de los Muertos the most memorable.

Bejeweled Calavera

CREDIT: @ladylunablue / Instagram

Last year, Lily Martinez stole the show with major jewels adorning her face, a corazón santo stitched into her blouse. The handmade enormous rose crown was a beautiful magnification of traditional accents.

This year, Lily Martinez dived into the structured halo trend.

CREDIT: @lilylove213 / Instagram

This year, Martinez elevated her look with precision. The metal adornments seem to be the trend of 2018, allowing for a crisp, clean structured look.

These hermanas lifted each other up this year:

CREDIT: @sincerelyjules / Instagram

Martinez also crafted costumes for her two hermanas. ????

Caption: “Happy to be celebrating our loved ones who have passed away by honoring them at the festival for #DayoftheDead. ???????? Love my Mexican culture! • Special thank you to my sister @lilylove213 for this dope head to toe custom costume- you’re the bomb sis!”

 Lace + Pink is a whole new look.

CREDIT: @rubysophia / Instagram

For all you pastel goths out there, you can go light on the dark makeup and make your entire aesthetic a canvas for death by pink.

So is The Gargoyle Queen look.

CREDIT: @fazia.1 / Instagram
If you’re not a teenager in disguise and are not getting that “Riverdale” reference, let’s just mutually admire those gold bejeweled teeth. Bella.

We also spotted incredible headresses sin flores y fue bien.

CREDIT: @robertswappphoto / Instagram

Our point being that it doesn’t have to be a choice between flores or metal, colorful or not. It can be neither and be incredible.

It can also be both.

CREDIT: @007dante / Twitter

The exaggerated floral crown coupled with the metal halo and bright, iridescent makeup complement’s her novio’s own suit. If you’re dressing up with your loved one, these little accents can offer the wow factor you’re seeking.

Pero, go solo si quieres.

CREDIT: @CGTNOfficial / Twitter

Este hombre was spotted in Mexico City this weekend. Todo el país is gearing up for the upcoming celebrations.

 Another pair of sisters in México properly celebrating the beloved holiday.

CREDIT: @CGTNOfficial / Twitter

Tradition will never fail you. If you’re feeling paralyzed by the multitude of trends facing you, then come back home to how all our abuelas ever celebrated Día de los Muertos. This is all for them afterall.

For most, Día de los Muertos is a family celebration.

CREDIT: @theSARiverWalk / Twitter

When you’re with your familia, no le importa casi nada. It’s all about family, and this one came through. There’s just nothing better about spending time on special holidays with your loved ones.

But it’s also a celebration for body painters everywhere.

CREDIT: @TheZombiUnicorn / Twitter

There is nothing people don’t like more than being walking art. The only thing better is creating the art for others to enjoy.

Even the most “most” looks are spellbinding.

CREDIT: @californiaflowermall / Instagram

I would have to do some serious neck exercises to get my neck in shape just to carry that crown around. That being said, I would gladly do the exercises to look that stunning.

This look is brought to you by Kat Von D Beauty:

CREDIT: @Pro_Makeup101 / Twitter

Made by a Mexicana for Mexicanxs. Kat Von D’s Inkwell Liner is all you need for that smudge-free precision. Vamos a la ofrenda.

Many restaurants already have their public ofrendas out.

CREDIT: @laguelaguetza / Instagram

Caption: “To those we will never forget… ✨????????????✨ Since opening our doors in 1994, we have shared this Dia de Los Muertos tradition at Guelaguetza. This year we expanded our altar to make room for your loved ones. Stop by and drop off your photos at any time, this space is for everyone.”

For your private ofrenda, showcase marigolds forever.

CREDIT: @100_layercake / Instagram

Whether you can afford to buy dozens of marigolds and string them together for your altar, or you’re employing your hijos to make a bunch of paper flores, los muertos will be drawn to you on this special day.

La huela es por los muertos.

CREDIT: @lidiaolidia / Instagram

Día de los Muertos is a sensory overload so much more than the visual. The story goes that you need to put extra cinnamon in las galletas, and burn extra palo santo because los espíritus can’t smell, see or taste as well as when they were alive.

Caption: “Dated back to the Aztecs , Day of the Dead honors our loved ones who have passed . It is believed that Marigolds guide the deceased to the altars that are made for them.”

Give la gente what they want: creepy bebidas.

CREDIT: “The Grave Digger.” Digital Image. TresAgaves. 29 October 2018.

If you’re throwing a party, you’ll want to invest in calavera ice cube trays to stay on theme. Spike those bebidas extra for the borrachos muertos.

Eso se llama el “Exorcist Sangrita.”

CREDIT: “Exorcist Sangrita.” Digital Image. TresAgaves. 29 October 2018.

Just blend a tomatillo, cucumber, celery stalk, cilantro, a few dashes of green tobasco, salt and pepper and serve in a shot glass. It’s a chaser.

Claro, what’s a fiesta without a sugar skull decorating table.

CREDIT: Untitled. Digital Image. Muy Bueno Cookbook. 29 October 2018.

We love that this mother pulled out Día de los Muertos themed vinyl tablecloth, and so we offer you the suggestion to stay on theme y limpia.

The party starts a la puerta.

CREDIT: Stef (Girl. Inspired.) / Pinterest

Make sure your Nana knows which door to cross (and that all your vecinos know you’re the most Mexicano on the block). It’s a win-win.

Feliz Día de los Muertos, mis Mexicanos queridos. ????????????

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Mexico’s Famed Día De Muertos Events Are Going Virtual, Meaning It’s Easier Than Ever To Join The Celebrations


Mexico’s Famed Día De Muertos Events Are Going Virtual, Meaning It’s Easier Than Ever To Join The Celebrations

Jan Sochor / Getty Images

In Mexico, traditions are sacred and family is everything. So when the Coronavirus pandemic hit Mexico and threatened to take away many of the country’s prized traditions, people sprung into action to think outside the box so that communities could continue celebrating the year’s many traditions but in a low-risk way.

It’s this commitment to tradition and ingenuity that is helping Día de Muertos traditions live on this year, despite the surge in Covid-19 cases across the country.

Día de Muertos is usually celebrated across Central and Southern Mexico with large celebrations that include people from the entire pueblo. Well, obviously this year that isn’t exactly possible (or at least safe) so authorities are creating new ways to bring the important celebrations to Mexicans (and others) around the world.

Thanks to Covid-19, our Día de Muertos celebrations will look a lot different this year.

Typically at this time of year, Mexico bustles with activity and cities and pueblos across the country come to life full of color and scents. The cempasúchil – the typical orange marigolds associated with Día de Muertos – are everywhere and the scent is intoxicating.

However, things look exceptionally different this year. Mexican authorities have said cemeteries will remain closed for the Nov. 2 celebration, meaning that people aren’t buying up the flowers as in years past. In fact, according to many growers, less than half the typical amount have been grown this year.

Along with the cutback in flowers and typical holiday purchases, nearly all of the country’s major events have been cancelled by authorities. However, officials say that families can still celebrate but in more private ways or by tuning into online, virtual events.

Mexican authorities are urging people to practice sana distancia and avoid large family gatherings – including for Day of the Dead.

For many Mexicans, however, this year is especially important to celebrate the holiday in honor of the loved ones they’ve lost to the pandemic. Mexico has been one of the world’s hardest hit countries as there have been more than 855,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 86,338 deaths. Although those numbers are said to be highly skewed thanks to one of the world’s lowest testing rates.

“This year is very special because my family members died of COVID-19,” said Dulce Maria Torres in an interview with NBC News, who was buying flowers at a traditional market in the Mexican capital. “It’s important to me and we want to make them a beautiful offering.”

However, authorities are pleading with people to help contain the virus’ spread by avoiding the traditional family gatherings associated with the holiday.

As Mexico works to curb the spread of Covid-19, most events are going virtual this year.

Authorities across Mexico are working to maintain a balance between tradition and safety as they work to bring Día de Muertos celebrations to an online audience.

In an interview, Paola Félix Díaz, Director of the Tourism Promotion Fund, said that “Events such as the Day of the Dead are an opportunity to generate a tribute to all the people who have left because of this disease but also as a reminder of all the traditions that cannot be stopped.”

Officials are working an app called “Xóchitl, Mexico’s virtual ambassador for the world” that will work as an interactive digital platform featuring AR (Augmented Reality), which will include content related to Mexican traditions, culture, and entertainment.

The platform will give access to virtual events, live streaming for the promotion of beautiful Mexico City in a safe way without putting anyone at risk. The parade will be held inside a stadium or a recording studio, without public and following all COVID-19 protocols. The event will be broadcast in many different online platforms”

Even Mexico City’s famed Día de Muertos parade is going virtual this year.

Mexico City’s Day of the Dead parade is one of the country’s biggest tourism draws. Just last year the city had more than 2 million people at the parade. In addition, it’s a widely sponsored event by large companies such as Apple and Mattel. It brings in millions of dollars of revenue to the city.

Félix Díaz said that the possibilities of a virtual parade or “looking for these new trends such as drive-ins or a car tour are in talks. We are planning it.”

Cancun’s Xcaret park will be hosting an online festival to celebrate the holiday.

Although the sustainable park based outside Cancun has suspended all of its events and activities for 2020, in accordance with WHO recommendations, the park will host a virtual celebration for Día de Muertos.

Although the official date hasn’t yet been confirmed, the group says that they are excited to bring the event (now in its 14th year) to people around the world via an online celebration.

Events in the U.S. will also be taking place online – from California to New York.

One of the country’s largest Día de Muertos events, held in LA’s Grand Park will take place with 12 days of virtual celebrations. You’ll find arts workshops, digital ofrendas and storytelling online, as well as in-real-life art installations at the neighboring Downtown locations. Self-Help Graphics & Art—which hosts its own Day of the Dead event—has curated 11 large-scale altars for socially distant viewing, with audio tours available online.

Downey moves its annual Day of the Dead celebration from the city’s civic center to the internet with this virtual celebration. In the lead-up to the event you’ll be able to find recipes and crafting tutorials, and on the day of you can expect a mix of movies, music, ballet folklorico performances, shopping opportunities and a pair of art exhibitions.

And for those of us who can’t wait and/or want 24/7/365 access to Día de Muertos events, there’s always Google. The platform brings tons of Day of the Dead exhibits and information to users around the world through its Google Arts & Culture site, which you can view here.

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Día De Muertos Takes Over The Sneaker World With New Collection By Nike


Día De Muertos Takes Over The Sneaker World With New Collection By Nike


Mexico’s famed Día de Muertos celebration seems to be everywhere these days. Following the James Bond film Spectre – which featured several scenes amid a fictional Day of the Dead parade – Mexico City created the parade just to satisfy people’s demands.

Now, Día de Muertos is being picked up by brands from all over the world as a way to pay tribute to the popular, traditional holiday (and likely make some money in the process…)

Nike is the latest brand to announce its own Día de Muertos collection and it’s already got fans of the iconic brand ready and waiting with their wallets in hand.

Nike announced its latest Día de Muertos collection which is set to debut later this month.

Last week, the footwear company announced it will be releasing its 2020 Día de Muertos collection later this month, ahead of the Mexican holiday where families gather to celebrate their loved ones who have passed away.

According to Nike’s announcement, the collection includes four styles of shoes including the Air Max 90, the DBreak Type, the Blazer Mid and the Air Jordan 1, all with unique designs that have “a modern approach grounded in art and culture.”

“Día de Muertos’s traditional ofrendas, or altars, serve as the design inspiration behind each of the silhouettes and apparel pieces, with colors, patterns and crafted details nodding to the delicate, handmade artwork of papel picado and flowers typically seen at an altar,” the announcement said.

In addition to the four noteworthy sneaker types that will be available, the collection also includes t-shirts and a sweatshirt, all of which will likely sell out fast – so have your wallet ready!

Nike’s Día de Muertos collection is known for its festive colors and iconic designs.

Credit: Nike

The Nike Day of the Dead sneakers are the sneakers that the swoosh brand launches every year to celebrate the Day of the Dead in Mexico. It is an annual celebration and remembrance, known for its striking iconography and festive colors.

Using the traditional Mexican Cempasúchil flower as a common thread and interpreting the motto “Para Mi Familia”, the four models are colorful tributes to the members of the family, both present and past.

Each pair is based on the traditional Day of the Dead ofrendas (altars), using bright color schemes and intricate details that salute the delicate papel picado and flowers that often surround them.

Some of the pieces — specifically the T-shirts, sweatshirt, the DBreak Type and the Air Jordan 1 — even have the phrase “Para Mi Familia” written on them, to bring the collection “back to the notion of family,” the announcement said.

The collection will even feature a special, limited edition Nike Air Jordan 1.

Credit: Nike

First up are the Nike Air Jordan 1 mid-cut shoe. It combines a white base with purple and gold overlays, provides a “Family” touch on the fender, special details on the tongue badge and insoles and a cracked leather around the neck.

If you’re looking for color, then the Air Max 90 will likely be your first choice.

Credit: Nike

The Nike Air Max 90 shoe is the most vibrant shoe of the bunch, covered from toe to heel in playful, swirling patterns that use multiple shades of red, yellow and orange.

Nike’s latest Día de Muertos collection is already available at Nike stores in Mexico but it the collection will be available globally in the Nike App SNKRS from the 15th of October.

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