20 Reasons Chicago Is Home To So Many Latinos

Guys, Chicagoan Latinos are booming. We’ve officially become the largest minority group in the city of Chicago. Some of the iconic Mexican or Puerto Rican neighborhoods, however, are suffering from gentrification. While the Latino population is growing, Pilsen and Humboldt have lost 30,000 Latinos.

So here’s mitú’s guide to why Chicago is home.

1. Chicago is the #3 hub for Latino Americans. (read: it’s lit)

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There are more than 1.9 million Latinos in the Chicago area, and 1 in 5 Chicagoans are Latino, ay oh! Basically, it’s one giant family reunion.

2. They’re ? living their best life. ?

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The average household income for Chicago Latinos is $42,000 and more than half are homeowners. Coming to you live from Los Angeles, and not holding my breath to ever own a home.

3. The vast majority of Chicago Latinos are Mexicano.

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Of all Chicago Latinos, the three largest groups of origin are Mexican (79.2 percent), Puerto Rican (9.6 percent) and Guatemalan (2.1 percent.) Prepare yourself for all the food.

4. “La Villita” is the Mexican neighborhood of Chicago.

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There are so many neighborhoods that are hella Latino in Chicago, but Little Village is nicknamed the “Mexico of the Midwest,” and you don’t have to go far for proof. Behold.

5. The streets are covered in murals like this one.

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The National Museum of Mexican Arts helped bring us the Pilsen Murals, which range from glass tile mosaics, to graffiti art and enormous depictions of Frida Kahlo. You get to see the neighborhood’s renown artists as you stroll through.

6. The art at the National Museum of Mexican Arts is on point.

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The community in Little Village truly is alive with Mexican arts of the past and present. What do you think this one means? The artist is hush hush.

7. Even the restaurants in Chicago are beloved for it’s wall art.

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Lincoln Square’s Los Nopales Authentic Mexican Restaurant has been open since 2005, and has been thee spot to bring your family of 12, and never run low on margaritas. Plus, their tilapia tacos are Chicago-famous.

8. Mexican food has been served here since 1962.

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Nuevo Leon Restaurant is an iconic landmark in the Pilsen neighborhood and probably the most popular restaurant there. They’re most well known for their Filete Nuevo Leon, which is a New York style steak dish.

9. You can find almost any dish here.

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For a taste of Colombian food (remember, this is the Midwest), go to Las Tablas. They’re famous for their skirt steak, plantains and empanadas.

10. Want Puerto Rican food?

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May St Café offers Mexican food inspired by Puerto Rican and Cuban Caribbean flavors. They offer brie and pear quesadillas alongside burgers with chipotle ketchup. Plus, they often have a DJ and that patio is bumpin’ with merengue moves.

11. Humboldt Park is the home of “Little Puerto Rico.”

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The city erected a pair of enormous, 60′ high Puerto Rican flags in “Paseo Boricua” in 1995. Boricua pride runs deep in this community, so when the wind is freezing you to your bones, you’ll still feel like home.

12. And it’s got it’s own public works art project.

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Notice anything familiar about this mural?

Hint: it’s the giant metal, Puerto Rican flag waving in the background. That’s Chicago for you. :’)

13. Plus, dessert is served daily in Chicago.

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Kristoffer’s Café & Bakery is the drool-worthy destination for Tres Leches. They actually distribute them to other stores and Mexican restaurants, they’re that popular.

14. Chicago is home to the world’s largest free outdoor food festival, called the Taste of Chicago.

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Truth: Chicagoans love their food. You know there’s going to be avocado art there. There is no escape, gracias a Dios.

15. Randomly, Chicago River is the only river in the world to flow backwards.

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And on St. Patrick’s day, they dye the whole river green. It’s a strange town, you guys, but some call it home.

16. Barack Obama is a major part of Chicago.

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Remember when we had DACA? And a friendly relationship with Mexico? And no “border wall”? *cry*

17. An average of 35 million visitors flock to Chicago each year.

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People come for the food, but they all come to The Bean, formally known as Cloud Gate. The City of Chicago opened up a design competition that Sir Anish Kapoor won. It was completed in 2006 and is made up of 168 stainless steel plates!

18. Chicago has 15 miles of bathing beaches.

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It’s no wonder so many of us live here. We’re here for the food and we’re here for the beaches. I have no idea where we go during the 6 months of windy winters.

19. In 1924, the first gay rights group in the U.S. was created in Chicago.

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Henry Gerber, a German immigrant, moved to Chicago and was shocked at how LGBTQ+ people were treated. He was even committed to a mental institution because of his sexual orientation. The very first gay rights group in the U.S., “The Society for Human Rights” was disbanded in 1925 after they were all arrested, but the members just moved to other parts of the country and started their own advocacy groups.

Last year, Chicago Pride had over 1,000,000 people in attendance. :’)

20. Chicago was technically the birthplace of soap operas.

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Created by Irna Phillips, later known as “Queen of the Soaps”, “These Are My Children” was the very first daytime soap opera on air in the U.S. The show only aired for 24 days before being cancelled, but it paved a path, and proves that Latinos have a permanent home in Chicago.

The Chicago Baby Ripped From His Mother’s Womb Has Lost His Battle To Survive And This Heartbreaking Story Just Hit Rock Bottom

Things That Matter

The Chicago Baby Ripped From His Mother’s Womb Has Lost His Battle To Survive And This Heartbreaking Story Just Hit Rock Bottom

So many were rooting for little Yovanny and his father, Yovani Lopez.

The infant, whose life started with tragedy, drew national attention after news of his mother’s horrific death made headlines. Yovanny and his mother became victims of fetal-abduction in early April of this year when his mother was lured to a house to collect free baby clothes and was ultimately strangled to death. Still, images of the father and son, with papa holding little Yovanny in his arms as the baby opened his eyes for the very first time gave those following their story hope.

Unfortunately. this heartbreaking situation has become even more tragic as it’s confirmed that the little boy has lost his fight to survive.

The devastating update comes nearly two months after his mother was found murdered.

The two-month-old infant who was cut from the womb of his mother, murder victim Marlen Ochoa-Lopez in Chicago, has died.

“It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of baby Yovanny Jadiel Lopez,” family spokeswoman Julie Contreras said in a statement published by NBC Chicago. “He passed away this morning Friday, June 14, 2019, from his severe brain injury.” 

The baby boy’s father, Yovani, had been praying for his recovery and was hopeful that he would survive.

Credit: YovaniLopez / Facebook

Despite weeks of promising false starts, like when the baby opened his eyes, he never regained full brain function and was pronounced dead in the hospital on Friday.

The boy’s death is a devastating blow to a family who has already lost so much.

Credit: @nypost / Twitter

Yovanny is survived by his father Yovani, who was Marlen’s husband. The little boy will be laid to rest at a private funeral at a later date. The boy had been on life support since being brought to Advocate Christ Medical Center by his mother’s alleged killer in April.

The boy’s mother was brutally murdered after chatting with her alleged murder about free baby clothes.

Credit: @HijadeMiMadre3 / Twitter

Yovanny’s mother Marlen, 19, was brutally strangled before her stomach was cut open and Yovanny was snatched from her womb.

Marlen’s alleged killer Clarisa Figueroa, 46, is then said to have gone to the hospital with the baby and passed it off as her own, after dumping Marlen in a trash can around the side of her house.

Figueroa, whose adult son died in 2017, reportedly tricked Marlen into coming to her house after offering her free clothes for her unborn baby on a local Facebook forum.

After snatching the baby and going to the hospital, she even set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for ‘her’ infant’s hospital care, it is alleged.

The baby’s death comes just days after police announced murder charges against Clarisa and Desiree Figueroa.

Credit: @13abc / Twitter

Figueroa and daughter Desiree, 24, were formally charged with Marlen’s first-degree murder earlier this week.

Police have yet to say whether they will now face further charges over baby Yovanny’s death.

Clarisa Figueroa’s boyfriend Piotr Bobak is charged with concealing Marlen’s murder. The teen’s body was not found for three weeks after she disappeared. Hospital staff faced questions about why they did not alert police over Figueroa’s admission, with medics saying there were no signs she had given birth to Yovanny.

Reactions on Twitter have been filled with shock, heartbreak, and anger.

Credit: @people / Twitter

Many pointed out how they had been glued to the news of this case since it first broke. And the death of the little boy was the last thing they had expected.

Many had the father in their thoughts and prayers.

Credit: @CNN / Twitter

Other’s sent all their sympathy, prayers, and thoughts to the father, who has lost his entire world. First, his wife was brutally murdered and now his son passes away in his arms after months battling for his life. Truly heartbreaking.

While others could only find comfort knowing that perhaps the baby and his mama are finally together.

Credit: @people / Twitter

This is a heartbreaking story that touched the hearts of people everywhere.

All of us are sending our thoughts to little Yovanny’s surviving family so that they have the strength to power through this tragedy.

Woman Who Brutally Murdered A Pregnant Teen To Steal Her Baby Took Photos With Boy At The Hospital

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Woman Who Brutally Murdered A Pregnant Teen To Steal Her Baby Took Photos With Boy At The Hospital

The story surrounding the murder of 19-year-old Marlen Ochoa-Lopez continues to be one of heartbreak, confusion, and madness.

At the core of this tragic ordeal that took place in Chicago was simply a teen mom looking for some help on Facebook. Last month, Ochoa-Lopez, already a mom to a toddler, sought to get used baby clothes and items via a Facebook group called “Help A Sister Out.” One woman did respond to Ochoa-Lopez’s request. Clarisa Figueroa, a 46-year-old woman, said she had all the goods at her house and told her to come to pick it up. When Ochoa-Lopez arrived, eight months pregnant, Figueroa ended up killing her, tossing her body in the trash, and took the baby out of the mother’s womb and claimed it as her own.

A new image has surfaced that showed the killer posing next to the baby in the hospital.

The images, obtained by CBS News but were taken down as requested by the family, shows Figueroa at the Advocate Christ Medical Center, where the baby was taken after she called the police. Mitú has chosen to not post the photos in this article out of respect for the family.

Figueroa told officials that she had given birth at home and that baby wasn’t breathing. What they didn’t know then is that Ochoa-Lopez’s body was in the trash and had just been killed.

The killer’s twin daughters say they had no idea their mom had taken this baby, and also gave details about how the hospital was accommodating towards her.

“They should have checked my mom. They should have made sure that the baby was hers. If they knew her tubes were tied, why didn’t you double check? Why didn’t you check that that was her baby,” one of the sisters said.

They went to visit their mom in the hospital a couple of days after she had arrived.

“I seen the baby, and I touch the baby, and I didn’t think of anything about it wasn’t my brother because my mom said it was my brother,” one sister said, according to CBS News.

The daughters also called their mom and step sister “monsters.”

Twitter/ @d_RealTahj

A timeline provided by CBS Chicago local news shows that Figueroa’s 20-year-old son died in September 2018. Later that year, Figueroa said she was pregnant, and showed an ultra sound picture on her Facebook page. None of that was true. In April, Figueroa began corresponding with Ochoa-Lopez on Facebook.

CNN reports that police are investigating why Advocate Christ Medical Center didn’t contact children’s services if they had suspicions about Figueroa.

“Our top priority is to provide the safest and highest quality care for the patients and communities we serve. Out of respect for patient privacy and in compliance with federal and state regulations, we are unable to provide comment. We continue to cooperate with local authorities,” medical center spokesman Adam Mesirow said, according to CNN.

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