You’re Gonna Hate Yourself For Laughing At This Juan Gabriel Video Meme

Remember when the late, great Juan Gabriel took a tumble onstage during a concert?

Credit: Asombrosos Videos / YouTube

In 2005, the legendary Mexican singer was performing at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, when he fell from the stage. According to People en Español, Gabriel lost his footing when he got tangled up in a cable on the stage. He was later hospitalized and treated for several fractures on one of his wrists. El Divo de Juárez recovered well and continued to slay for years.

Well, someone created this “Shooting Stars” video meme of JuanGa’s fall, and you’ll probably hate yourself for laughing.

Via: Fenomeno Studios / YouTube

That high-wire section: ?

The JuanGa video meme was inspired by this clip of a large man reluctantly bungee jumping off a bridge:

Credit: All Ski Casino / YouTube

Naturally, people began making their own versions using other viral clips:

Credit: Naive Piglet / YouTube

Oh, and before you pull out your phone to Shazam the song used in this meme, here it is:

Credit: Modular People / YouTube

It’s “Shooting Stars” by Bag Raiders.

That’s why the meme is called “Shooting Stars.”

Credit: Adult Swim

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