With The First Day Of Summer Approaching This YouTuber Is Blaming Everyone And Their Momma For The Heat

Credit: KrissyChula / YouTube

“It is 91,000 damn degrees.”

About three years ago, Youtuber KrissyChula released a video titled “It’s hot as hell!” where she had literally the best reaction to the heat. The video has gotten over four million views over the last few years and it’s still the best video reaction to the summer heat we’ve ever seen. With her air conditioner blasting, as low as the temperature will go and as high as the fan would spin, KrissyChula was still visibly sweating. She blamed everyone from God, to prayer, to the neighbors and their kids for contributing to the heat. ?

With the first day of summer approaching and heatwaves springing up all over the country, she’s back with another lament that’s even funnier than the first. Check it out below:

“Why did God create us, just to suffocate us?”

I lose it when she starts singing. ?

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