Canelo And Sylvester Stallone Are In A Commercial Together And It’s… Interesting

The highly-anticipated fight between Mexican boxing stars Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez and Julio César Chávez Jr. is getting closer and closer. The event, which takes place in Las Vegas on May 6th, pits Álvarez, a powerful, skilled boxer versus Chavez Jr., a bruiser whose father is one of the greatest fighters in Mexican sports history. Not only will the two pugilists make millions of dollars in the ring (although they supposedly agreed that the winner would win the full fight purse), they’re also making money from advertisements and sponsorships.

Here’s one somewhat bizarre ad featuring Canelo and “Rocky” star Sylvester Stallone:

Credit: Tecate USA / YouTube

Wait — did anyone else watch that whole video like this?

Friday / New Line Cinema

OK, getting Stallone, the man behind the iconic “Rocky” series, to star in an ad with Canelo makes total sense. The rest of what takes place in the video does not. Let’s break it down.

We start with Canelo, who is doing a little shadowboxing in the ring. Then we realize…

Tecate USA / YouTube

… the ring is infested with flies or bees, which appear to be ruining Canelo’s shadowboxing session.

Tecate USA / YouTube

Look at poor Canelo flail around in futility. Gyms are sweaty and dank, so it doesn’t seem out of place for there to be a fly (or two) buzzing around.

Oh, wait. They’re definitely bees! Good ol’ Sly apparently brought a beehive to the gym. And he’s using it as a speed bag.

Tecate USA / YouTube

Wyd, Sly? Maybe he wants Canelo to “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”? Apparently no one told him he forgot the butterflies.

He also tells Canelo to “be bold,” even though Canelo’s shadowboxing form totally went to crap once the bees got in his face.

Canelo appears to be confused…

Tecate USA / YouTube

“¿Abejas? No mames, porque no me pone a perseguir gallinas o darle chingadazos a un medio de res?”

But he quickly realizes he’s getting a check for this commercial whether he understands it or not.

Tecate USA / YouTube

“Si güey, lo que digas!” ?

Sly points at the beehive one more time, in case the whole beehive = speed bag thing isn’t totally clear.

Tecate USA / YouTube

You can almost hear Stallone saying, “Get it?”

Then things switch over to a backyard BBQ, where Canelo is nursing a black eye.

Tecate USA / YouTube

Canelo reaches for an effective, proven remedy for reducing swelling: ice. But a mysterious hand stops Canelo before he can swish his hands around in that cool, wet ice chest.

Tecate USA / YouTube

It’s Stallone! So sly, that guy. He takes one look at Canelo’s eye and offers the sage advice that can only come from years of researching the fight game:

Tecate USA / YouTube

Stallone then offers a questionable alternative to ice: a thawed steak.

Tecate USA / YouTube

Again, he implores Canelo to “be bold.”

Canelo takes one look at Stallone’s fuckery and decides to do this:

Tecate USA / YouTube

Canelo is probably thinking, “Este güey esta loco.” Looks like Canelo wasn’t a fan of Stallone’s beehive speedbag.

“Be bolder,” replies Canelo.

Tecate USA / YouTube


Supa Hot Fire / Giphy

Wait. “Be bolder”? Isn’t that exactly what you would do with a steak in that situation?

Tecate USA / YouTube

There is nothing revolutionary about throwing a steak onto a grill, Canelo.

Impressed by Canelo’s witty retort (and steak-throwing ability), Sly shakes Canelo’s hand.

Tecate USA / YouTube

He probably whispers to Canelo, “Can you believe we’re getting paid for this?”

And the two live happily ever after.

Tecate USA / YouTube

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