Vicente Fox Goes Full Vicente Fox In Hilarious Tirade Against President Trump

Super Deluxe is back at it again with another video showcasing former Mexican President Vicente Fox’s charming personality.

In the latest installment, Vicente Fox gives President Trump a list of questions he should ask himself before ending life as we know it through nuclear holocaust or worse. Fox, himself a former world leader, understands the value of diplomacy over aggression, saying, “Sometimes the best leaders aren’t the ones who drop bombs. They are the ones who can avoid dropping bombs, by using their words.” Fox says he understands the value of a having a healthy sense of humor. And, perhaps most important, Fox says he understands the value of a well-timed f-word. Closing out the segment, Fox says he’s sending a care package of goodies that Trump can play with whenever he feels like starting a war. Let’s hope it works!

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