Vicente Fox Goes Full Vicente Fox In Hilarious Tirade Against President Trump

Super Deluxe is back at it again with another video showcasing former Mexican President Vicente Fox’s charming personality.

In the latest installment, Vicente Fox gives President Trump a list of questions he should ask himself before ending life as we know it through nuclear holocaust or worse. Fox, himself a former world leader, understands the value of diplomacy over aggression, saying, “Sometimes the best leaders aren’t the ones who drop bombs. They are the ones who can avoid dropping bombs, by using their words.” Fox says he understands the value of a having a healthy sense of humor. And, perhaps most important, Fox says he understands the value of a well-timed f-word. Closing out the segment, Fox says he’s sending a care package of goodies that Trump can play with whenever he feels like starting a war. Let’s hope it works!

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Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Drops A Diss Video Against Trump And It’s Savage

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Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Drops A Diss Video Against Trump And It’s Savage

It’s no secret that former Mexican President Vicente Fox dislikes Donald Trump. From the beginning days of Trump’s 2016 campaign, Fox made it clear that he thought Trump was a bad match for the United States and implored American voters (especially Latinos) to pick someone else through a series of scathing video ads.

Now, Fox is back with an SNL style sketch video lampooning the president for his most ridiculous moments and talking points, again urging Americans to select someone else come November’s election.

Vicente Fox is coming for Trump, taking no prisoners and I am here for every moment of it.

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox – who was in office from 2000-2006 – has repeatedly attacked Donald Trump but his most recent video is at a whole other level. His video, which is part SNL sketch and part infomercial for his line of MAGA-inspired hats, is basically one of the most effective political ads against Trump that’s currently out there.

It’s absurd, over the top, and would likely have caused a diplomatic incident if we were living in any other era. Instead, it’s just good TV.

From his ranch, Fox asks Americans to vote “for someone who is a better president than Donald Trump.” In his words. “America, the rest of the world has its eyes on you, we are counting on you. You don’t have to vote for me,” he tells his viewers, “but please vote for someone who is a better president than Donald Trump.”

He closes the message with his two middle fingers raised from a hallway in clear allusion to Trump. Fox’s latest video is just the most recent in a string of stinging rebukes of Donald Trump.

The former president is also selling several hats that are definitely meant to troll Donald Trump.

Credit: Citizens Fed Up / YouTube

The video, although obviously an attack ad against Trump, is also a sort of ad for Fox’s line of hats that clearly make fun of Trump’s MAGA hats.

Fox has launched his own collection of red hats, identical to those worn by the current resident of the White House and his legion of MAGA-followers. They look exactly the same, down to the shade of red and typeface – except the phrases make light of some of Trump’s most absurd moments, arguments, and talking points. Some of the options include:

  • 65 million is more than 62 million
  • Always ask before grabbing a pussy
  • Putin is not my papi
  • Trump has baby fingers
  • Not afraid of stairs

Fox has a long history of mocking Trump, including several comments on Trump’s planned border wall.

The former president had worn a t-shirt that read: “Can’t build a wall if your hands are too small.” The T-shirt refers to a joke which came about during the 2016 presidential campaign and was most notably used by Trump’s primary challenger Marco Rubio, who ridiculed him about the size of his hands during a debate.

He also told Donald Trump: ‘I’m not paying for the f***ing wall!’

With a very blunt tone, Fox straight up told Trump ““I’m not going to pay for the f***ing wall.” The comment was in response to Trump’s announcement that Mexico would pay for the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. He went on to say that Trump should pay for it.

And when Trump one the Nevada primary in 2016, Fox questioned who the 44% of Hispanics were that voted for Trump.

“They are followers of a false prophet and he’s going to take them to the desert… And if they think they will benefit with an administration led by Donald Trump, they’re wrong. They must open their eyes…This nation is going to fail if it goes into the hands of a crazy guy”, he said in an interview with Fusion.

He’s also told Donald Trump that his ‘mouth is the foulest s***hole in the world.’

Credit: Alberto Ruiz / Getty Images

After Trump made headlines for calling Haiti and African countries “shithole countries,” Fox fired back.

“Donald Trump, your mouth is the foulest sh*thole in the world. With what authority do you proclaim who’s welcome in America and who’s not,” he said on Twitter.

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Vicente Fox Wants To Remind Everyone That Mexico Propped The U.S. Up During World War II

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Vicente Fox Wants To Remind Everyone That Mexico Propped The U.S. Up During World War II

He still refuses to pay for that “f%^&ing wall.”

Former Mexican president Vicente Fox recently joined Jordan Klepper on his new show “The Opposition” and, of course, it started with the wall. Fox reiterated once again that he is “not paying for the fucking wall.” Like usual, the line received a lot of fanfare as Klepper’s fans cheered for Fox. Klepper quickly asked Fox if President Trump was right when he mentioned that some Mexicans are good people. Fox took the opportunity to give Klepper a little history lesson about how Mexicans kept the U.S. afloat during World War II.

“Please, let me tell you about Mexico and Mexicans. They are the most respectful and hardworking, decent people that have contributed to the greatness of this nation,” Fox says. “Just remember right after World War II when the United States didn’t have enough labor because they had to go to war and soldiers went to Europe. Mexico was invited to send 2 million Mexicans that took over the factories, the work, the services that were needed here in the United States.”

Fox is referencing the Bracero Program, which was implemented via executive order in 1942. The order allowed for millions of Mexicans to come to the U.S. and work the jobs left behind by U.S. soldiers in the war. Mexican nationals came to the U.S. and worked jobs at pay rates below what most Americans were being paid and their contracts were only for 3/4 of the time.

Despite Mexicans propping up the U.S. economy during World War II, President Eisenhower implemented Operation Wetback. Operation Wetback was used to detain and deport all the people in the U.S. under the Bracero Program. President Trump touted this as a good example of mass deportation in 2015 during a debate, but the reality of this is much more grim.

According to the LA Times, close to 300,000 Mexican nationals were apprehended by immigration officials and sent back. However, some estimates range as high as 1.3 million. The mass deportation of Mexican nationals during Operation Wetback led to numerous deaths as a result of the inhumane tactics used. Immigration officials were detaining people with such fervor that some U.S. citizens were also detained and deported.

It is that dark and sad history that has convinced Fox to stay vocal against President Trump. Fox admits that some of his language is not okay for a president to use. But he reminds Klepper that he is a former president so he can use that language.

READ: Vicente Fox Goes Full Vicente Fox In Hilarious Tirade Against President Trump

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