Two White People Bashing A Latino Would Normally Make Me Uncomfortable, Unless That Latino Is Ted Cruz, Then It’s Hilarious

Credit: Full Frontal with Samantha Bee /  YouTube

“This is a human being we’re talking about. No, it’s not. It’s Ted Cruz.”

Ted Cruz is apparently a despised member of the Senate. So much so that South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham said recently that if Cruz was “killed on the floor of the senate and the trial was in the Senate, nobody could convict you.” DAMN. Among the many reasons the former presidential candidate is despised: he ate his own booger at a live debate. Okay, so maybe we don’t know if it was an actual booger, perhaps it was a tonsil stone — which might be a worse thing to have eaten to be honest — still, the fact stands that he’s despised.

There is perhaps no one more outspoken about their hate of Ted Cruz than current Minnesota Senator Al Franken, who had a 20-year career as an actor, writer and producer on “Saturday Night Live.” Franken despises Cruz so much he’s taken the time to dedicate an entire chapter of his new book to destroying Cruz. Of course, as a comedian, he’s well equipped to do so. Franken recently appeared on “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee,” a show where Senator Cruz also has no friends. Bee mercilessly skewers Cruz sharply and often.

In the clip above, from her “Ladies Who Book” segment earlier this week, Bee and Franken disagree on who has insulted Cruz best. The duo read insults that they’ve written about the booger-eating Senator who wanted to defund Planned Parenthood and abolish the IRS. It’s actually pretty amazing.

Check out this video by Salon on Franken’s hate for Cruz.

Credit: Salon

Franken says Cruz is toxic for the office, calling him “the guy who microwaves fish.” Nothing worse than a fish-microwaver. Yuck.

[H/T] Salon

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