This Woman’s Eyebrows Totally Stole The Show During Trump’s Health Care Speech

On Monday, July 24, President Donald Trump gave a speech talking about the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) and had “victims of Obamacare” behind him as he spoke. In his speech, Trump urged Republican Senators to keep their promise to repeal and replace Obamacare, which he referred to as a “nightmare.”

While President Trump spoke about the “victims of Obamacare” everyone else was worried about one woman’s eyebrows.

Whether intentional or by accident, the woman with the chola eyebrows totally stole the show from the former reality star turned politician.

Her perplexed expression was all Twitter users needed to make endless savage jokes.

“What the chola is going on with these eyebrows?” ?

People quickly deduced that only a friendless person would make a national television appearance with those eyebrows.


Perhaps, as one Twitter user suggested, she was just getting ready for some math.

Just carry the three and…

Was she added because he thought she was Latina? One Twitter user thought so.

What’s the saying about judging books by their covers?

Now, some people did come to her defense because how ?? dare ?? Obamacare ?? ruin ?? her ?? eyebrows.

So that’s why she supports a repeal and replace plan of action.

Even Mark Dice, a conspiracy theorist with videos claiming that celebrities are killed by the Illuminati, tried to help her.

But @JaimeAAlexander was quick to shut it down.

Some people are saying that the only thing that should be repealed and replaced are the eyebrows.


Looks like Obamacare has a lot of explaining to do.

Twitter never fails to amaze and amuse all of us.

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