Here’s What My Mexican Mom Did When She Found A Bag Of Weed In Her House

Latina moms are no-bullshit kind of women. They don’t beat around the bush. They give it to you straight and will drag you… and troll drug dealers. Wait, wait, wait, let me explain…

Meet my mom. She raised myself and and my four younger siblings. And like most Latina moms, she’s 100% against weed.

She doesn’t care that it has recreational benefits or can be used for good. She’s watched enough “Rosa de Guadalupe” to know that’s just one step away from becoming a weed addicted, kidnapping evil murderer. To her, drugs are drugs.

One day, my mom was doing mom things like gardening and cleaning the front yard. She noticed a little plastic bag hidden in her macetas.

After taking a closer look, she realized it wasn’t just any bag, but a bag full of weed. She figured it was probably stashed there so the buyer could come by and pick up his merch.

My mom thought: Not here, no bajo de mi techo.


Instead of going all ‘Rosa de Guadalupe,’ like all Latina moms, she took the liberty to school these kids.

She grabbed the bag and flushed its contents down the toilet.

But she wasn’t done yet. ? She thought about how sad the poor buyer would be to come by and find his weed was gone. Y se le remordió la conciencia.

So she returned the bag and filled it with something else… Dry oregano.

Moral of the story: Don’t mess with Mexican moms and their plantas.

Unless you’re looking into trafficking spices.

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