This Is What Being A Chambelan Looks Like When You Hate Being In The Spotlight

Being a dama or chambelan in a quinceañera court comes with a ton of responsibility, including paying for your outfit, learning the choreography for a dance piece and having to participate in a million photoshoots. Although all of this can be fun, it’s not so much fun when you’re a non-photogenic introvert who hates being in the spotlight. And that’s what we have here – a collection of quince photoshoots with chambelanes who, by the look of their facial expressions, are not meant to be in the quince business.

One clue that tells you a chambelan ain’t having it, is his absolute refusal to smile in pictures.

CREDIT: @cristinaloca_photography / Instagram / Digital Image / April 16, 2018

This is the exact face my chambelan had on his face during my quinceañera.

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