Bob Saget Said He Looks Just Like The Cholula Lady And People On Twitter Aren’t Having It

Bob Saget, best known for starring in “Full House” and as host of “America’s Funniest Videos” — he’s also as a raunchy stand-up comic — recently made a ~life-changing~ discovery. He posted a close-up of the lady from the Cholula Hot Sauce bottle to his Twitter account and tweeted “Seriously, I do not remember posing for this.”

Comedian Bob Saget thinks he looks a lot like the Cholula Hot Sauce lady.

And he’s actually kind of right, there is a slight resemblance there.

The resemblance is amplified when you put the Cholula lady’s head on the “Full House” intro.

Almost identical really…

Twitter user @danicalo got really into it.

Others thought the Cholula lady looked like a different “Full House” cast member.

 At a certain point, things got out of hand, and Cholula had to speak up.

Twins or nah?

Credit: Full House / Cholula

You be the judge.

[H/T] Latina

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