These Roommate Horror Stories Will Make You Want To Live On Your Own Forever

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Leaving your parent’s house and moving into your own place can be one of the most exciting, liberating, stressful and difficult experiences you can go through, but it all depends on one person: your roommate.

Just like that, your roommates hold the power to turn this liberating experience into your worst nightmare and cause you to go running back to your parents’ house. Don’t believe us? Check out these roommate horror stories…

Roommate Horror Story #1

“My roommate was running an illegal massage parlor out of our dorm room. She would have all of these old men in and out of our dorm room all the time and I kinda knew what she was doing but I decided to mind my own business. One of the men that came over ended up being an undercover cop and arrested her. It turns out everyone living in our suite dorm was under investigation for a couple of months and she ended up confessing to prostitution. In the end she ended up hating me because she thought I had snitched, even though she was posting Craigslist ads and wasn’t even being careful about it. Smh.”


Well DAMN, that roommate story escalated quickly.

So happy I never had a roommate problem like this.

Roommate Horror Story #2

When we all first moved in together, I’m talking about like a month into it, my roommate told me that his family was going through some stuff so his mom was going to live with us. I said it was totally cool. I mean if my mom was going through something of course I’m going to have her stay with me. The problem was that it ended up not just being his mom… It was his mom, his two sisters, and the two kids of one of the sisters. So instead of only us three living in the apartment, it was eight of us in a three bedroom, one bathroom apartment. And they ended up staying for 6 MONTHS instead of just a couple of weeks like my roommate had said. It was a nightmare.”


OH…EM…GEE. This would’ve driven me nuts.


This +1 invitation turned into a +20, just like it happens at most Latino family parties. 😅

Roommate Horror Story #3

“My roommate literally gave the key to the apartment to random strangers. I’d walk out of my room and boom…another guy I didn’t know just watching TV. She also brought stray cats home. Filled up our place with fleas. 😩”


SMH. Unacceptable.

I would’ve moved out in a heartbeat if there were stray cats and stray people in our apartment.

Roommate Horror Story #4

“I lived with two boy roomies (I’m a girl). And everything was fine until one day I realized that one of them had been using my stuff. I found out in the grossest way… My body soap was full of hairs.”


That is just plain DIS-GUS-TING.

Pro tip: Buy a shower caddy, hide it under your bed and only take it to the bathroom when you’re going to use it.

Roommate Horror Story #5

“In my college dorm room, my roommate’s bed was only 3 feet away from my bed. At the time, I didn’t have any classes until 10am or later each day. However, my roommate had a 7am class. And every damn morning her annoying iPhone alarm clock would go off around 5am. You know, that loud, annoying, horn-like-sound alarm. The alarm would wake me up every damn morning, but since she was a deep sleeper, she wouldn’t hear the alarm and it would keep ringing for 20 minutes straight. But this wasn’t the only problem I had with this roommate. Every time she was on her monthly menstrual cycle, she would go into the bathroom to change her pad and then she would toss her old, bloody pad into the trashcan that was in our room instead of tossing it in the bathroom trashcan. Even worse, is that she would leave her pad lying all wide and open in the trashcan. She wouldn’t even roll it up.”

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That is just horrifying.

I would hate to have a roommate like that.

Roommate Horror Story #6

“So when I was in college I was a starving student. I hardly had any money for food and I didn’t have a car so I had to take the bus. And one day I remember I was so damn hungry during my lecture. And I remembered that I had a Twinkie in my dorm, sitting on my desk. I couldn’t even focus in class because I was thinking about how I was going to eat my Twinkie as soon as I got to my dorm.

As soon as my class was over I rushed to my dorm, all out of breath. And when I got there my Twinkie was GONE. So I asked my roommate Wanda, ‘Wanda did you take my Twinkie? I had a Twinkie on my desk and it’s not there anymore. Did you eat my Twinkie?’ And she said, ‘Nah, why would I eat your Twinkie?’ So I go back to my desk and then I see the damn Twinkie wrapper in my trash bin.”


If someone ate my food without asking, this is how I would react:

That’s just something you don’t mess with – someone’s food.

Roommate Horror Story #7

“So one day I was minding my own damn business, studying and doing my work on my desk, when suddenly my roommate grabs her cup of water and just throws all of the water onto my textbook. Mind you, this textbook cost over $100. I obviously got mad and started yelling at her, asking her why she would do that. And then my other roommate stepped in and started yelling at her as well. But this roommate of mine was far more aggressive, so she started chasing after her around our apartment until she chased her outside of our place. We locked her out and it was pouring rain outside, and she was only wearing her shorts and sports bra. She begged us to let her back inside but we waited about half an hour before we let her back in.”


Well at least this roommate was able to get her sweet revenge. 😌

Moral of the story: Never mess with a broke college students’ textbooks.

Roommate Horror Story #8:

“My roommate was talking to a guy I think she found on Yik Yak. He was really sketch, but she was still into talking to him. A couple of days later after I found out that they were hanging out in our dorm, there were certain hours throughout the day that I couldn’t be around. One day I came to my dorm and my sheets and comforter were not on my bed. I was very confused. I sat down where my desk was and I was about to start working when I noticed a wet condom in my waste basket. Yup. She had sex on my bed because he didn’t want to climb up to her top bunk. She baptized that bed before I did.”


That is so gross. 🤢

I would been so disgusted and upset if this ever happened to me.

Roommate Horror Story #9

“My roommate had this thing where she NEVER warned me when her boyfriend was in our room. They’d lock the door, so whenever I opened it with my key I was always immediately greeted with the scene of him scrambling to get his clothes on and her frantically trying to cover him up with her blankets. This happened more than once. Not only that, but even when I was in the room and he came to visit her, he would lock the door after coming in every single time. It always creeped me out.”


That is SO annoying.

I would definitely kick the guy out the room on the spot if that ever happened to me.

Roommate Horror Story #10

“My roommate in college in Miami decided to stack our beds like bunk beds. He got more sex than a rabbit in heat and never cared that I was in our out of the room. It started any time on any day. I put up with it for 2 years. In other words, I’ve witnessed more live porn than any other student on campus and I think I should be awarded an Associates Degree on that subject!” 😭


This person put up with their roommate for TWO WHOLE YEARS? I would not be able to handle that.

That roommate had no shame at all.

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What are your roommate horror stories? Let us know in the comments and hit the share button below! 

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