These Memes Are All Of Us Struggling With Our Panzas Right Now

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Tamales with a side of pan dulce is probably what we all had for breakfast every day during the past holiday season and I’m sure that some haven’t stopped ever since… or am I the only one?? 😓 Either way, feeling a little extra thick is nothing to be worried about, especially if that means not skipping Taco Tuesday. So, to celebrate our panza and make us all feel a little less guilty about how much we LOOOVE food, here are 20 painfully funny memes that are relatable AF.

1. That feeling you get when summer is just around the corner and it’s time to face that post-holiday plump body you’re rocking.

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Remember that if you don’t succeed there’s always next year…and the year after that..and the year after that.

2. So you start picturing yourself arriving at the beach.

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But it isn’t your fault! You can definitely blame your abuelita for always cooking your favorites when you visit.

3. But then you remember your love for food is sooo big that you have even considered marrying it.

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And I pronounce you Trompo & Wife… 💍

4. Not to mention that your BFF is a terrible influence.

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Looking right at you, Yolanda.

5. And then for a minute, you come to the realization that you are perfect just the way you are…

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Finally, you have reached self-acceptance!!!

6. Until your family notices the extra weight…

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But it is not funny, especially since they are sporting more extra pounds than you ever have. #OpenlyBitter

7. Pressuring you to start eating right again… without any luck!

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She didn’t exactly specify which kind of fruit…

8. And when you finally do, you feel a piece of your soul literally dying.

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Like, how am I supposed to survive off of this??

9. So you start contemplating a different type of diet… one of those trendy ones.

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But then you remember the whole empty calories thing and who even has time for a hangover anymore?

10. But after a few days, the result is always the same…

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So then you start wondering how is it possible for people to diet without starving to death…

11. Then you begin to give up… until someone reminds you of those extra pounds.

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Even when you didn’t ask

12. Making you wonder what’s more important, to eat right.

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13. Or to eat whatever you want…

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14. Because life’s too short not to eat what you love.

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15. And some things are REALLY hard to let go…

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Anything but that please. I beg of you!

16. Remember that if you don’t succeed… there’s always next year!

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Persistence is the key to success, but discipline is how you fight that panza.

17. So don’t worry. Nothing happens overnight, you can start your road to recovery slowly.

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Even a small amount of salad counts, right?

18. And until your food intake is back in the balance, love yourself because there is now more to love.

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Words. 👏🏽 To. 👏🏽 Live. 👏🏽 By. 👏🏽

19. Plus, we all know that if they can’t love you now they don’t deserve you at your best.

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Bae goals. 😍

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