These Memes Are All Of Us Struggling With Our Panzas Right Now

Tamales with a side of pan dulce is probably what we all had for breakfast every day during the past holiday season and I’m sure that some haven’t stopped ever since… or am I the only one?? ???? Either way, feeling a little extra thick is nothing to be worried about, especially if that means not skipping Taco Tuesday. So, to celebrate our panza and make us all feel a little less guilty about how much we LOOOVE food, here are 20 painfully funny memes that are relatable AF.

1. That feeling you get when summer is just around the corner and it’s time to face that post-holiday plump body you’re rocking.

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Remember that if you don’t succeed there’s always next year…and the year after that..and the year after that.

2. So you start picturing yourself arriving at the beach.

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But it isn’t your fault! You can definitely blame your abuelita for always cooking your favorites when you visit.

3. But then you remember your love for food is sooo big that you have even considered marrying it.

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And I pronounce you Trompo & Wife… ????

4. Not to mention that your BFF is a terrible influence.

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Looking right at you, Yolanda.

5. And then for a minute, you come to the realization that you are perfect just the way you are…

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Finally, you have reached self-acceptance!!!

6. Until your family notices the extra weight…

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But it is not funny, especially since they are sporting more extra pounds than you ever have. #OpenlyBitter

7. Pressuring you to start eating right again… without any luck!

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She didn’t exactly specify which kind of fruit…

8. And when you finally do, you feel a piece of your soul literally dying.

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Like, how am I supposed to survive off of this??

9. So you start contemplating a different type of diet… one of those trendy ones.

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But then you remember the whole empty calories thing and who even has time for a hangover anymore?

10. But after a few days, the result is always the same…

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So then you start wondering how is it possible for people to diet without starving to death…

11. Then you begin to give up… until someone reminds you of those extra pounds.

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Even when you didn’t ask

12. Making you wonder what’s more important, to eat right.

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13. Or to eat whatever you want…

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14. Because life’s too short not to eat what you love.

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15. And some things are REALLY hard to let go…

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Anything but that please. I beg of you!

16. Remember that if you don’t succeed… there’s always next year!

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Persistence is the key to success, but discipline is how you fight that panza.

17. So don’t worry. Nothing happens overnight, you can start your road to recovery slowly.

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Even a small amount of salad counts, right?

18. And until your food intake is back in the balance, love yourself because there is now more to love.

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Words. ???????? To. ???????? Live. ???????? By. ????????

19. Plus, we all know that if they can’t love you now they don’t deserve you at your best.

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Bae goals. ????

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Selena Gomez Launches ‘Mental Health 101’ Campaign, Wants Schools To Provide Mental Health Services To Students


Selena Gomez Launches ‘Mental Health 101’ Campaign, Wants Schools To Provide Mental Health Services To Students

Photo via Getty Images

On Thursday, Selena Gomez took to her Instagram page to reveal a new project she’s working on. And while Selena has been busy working on her Spanish-language album and makeup brand this year, this project is a little bit different. This project will be focused on a cause near and dear to Selena Gomez’s heart: mental health.

Along with Rare Beauty, Selena Gomez is launching a mental health initiative in Mental Health Awareness month to get more schools to provide mental health services to their students.

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The initiative is called Mental Health 101. The campaign is meant to spark conversation with the question: What if mental health education was taught in school?”

Gomez posted a powerful short essay to her Instagram feed about how important mental health services have been to her. It read:

Today, I’m so grateful that we get to launch Mental Health 101. This campaign is so close to my heart because of my own struggles with mental health. I know first hand how scary and lonely it can feel to face anxiety and depression by yourself at a young age. If I had learned about my mental health earlier on – been taught about my condition in school the way I was taught about other subjects – my journey could have looked very different.

The world needs to know that mental health matters. It’s just as important as your physical health, and I wish we could acknowledged that, not just in words but through our actions.

For anyone who is hurting right now, I hope you know that you are not alone. I’m a believer in seeking help. Getting support and educating myself on mental health has changed my life, and it can change yours, too.

Gomez asked her followers to join her mental health initiative by doing three things: signing her petition, donating to the Rare Impact fund, and spreading her message via social media.

Gomez’s Rare Impact fund has the goal of raising $100 million over the next 10 years to help connect people in underserved communities with mental health care. The fund will also be matching donations up to $200,000. You can donate here.

On the petition, Selena Gomez wrote that it is “absolutely essential to offer mental health services in schools, and for the philanthropy community to prioritize this issue.”

The goal of Gomez’s petition is to raise awareness amongst the philanthropy community about how important this issue is for you people.

She also wasn’t afraid to get candid. “Mental Health is personal for me,” she wrote. “Figuring out how to manage my own mental health hasn’t always been easy, but it’s something I am constantly working on. I hope I can help others work on it, too. I wish more people talked about mental health when I was younger, so I could have learned and understood what was going on with my own health earlier on.”

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Kris Floyd Talks Writing For Selena Gomez, J Balvin, And Working “7/24” As Reggaeton’s Secret Hit Weapon


Kris Floyd Talks Writing For Selena Gomez, J Balvin, And Working “7/24” As Reggaeton’s Secret Hit Weapon

In his new video for “7/24,” Kris Floyd sings about working hard every day that he doesn’t have time for anything else. That reflects the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter’s real-life as reggaeton’s secret pop weapon. This year, he’s written for J Balvin and Selena Gomez on top of creating his own music with Boricua hit-maker Tainy. In an exclusive interview with Latido Music, Floyd talked about working with Tainy, the hits he’s written, and representing the next wave of reggaeton artists.

Kris is part of Tainy’s NEON16 collective.

“When I write for myself, I’m thinking more about what I’ve lived,” Floyd tells mitú. “When I’m writing for another artist, I’m 100 percent putting myself in their situation. I say things that other artists wouldn’t say.”

Floyd is a rising star in Tainy’s NEON16 collective. Through a mutual friend, Floyd got to know Marco “Tainy” Masís in Puerto Rico. They struck up a friendship and in Miami is where the two bonded more over music. Tainy signed him to NEON16 as a songwriter and artist.

“Not everyone has the No. 1 producer working with you,” Floyd says. “All the days we spend in the studio, it’s a blessing. It’s super to work hands-on with someone who is not only a great producer but who is also a great person.”

Kris wrote on a majority of Selena Gomez’s Spanish EP.

When Gomez trusted Tainy to guide her through her first Latin EP, Revelación, he enlisted Floyd as one of the songwriters for the project. Kris wrote on a majority of the project, including the hit singles like “De Una Vez,” “Baila Conmigo” with Rauw Alejandro, and “Selfish Love” with France’s DJ Snake.

“That was an experience that I’m equally blessed and thankful for,” Floyd says. “Working with a great team felt good. The process in general was awesome. Working between two worlds with Selena and supporting her first time singing in Spanish with great music, I enjoyed that process so much.”

Revelación debuted at No. 1 on Billboard‘s Top Latin Albums chart. Gomez’s Latinx fans in the U.S. really connected with the singles, sending both “De Una Vez” and “Baila Conmigo” to No. 4 on the Hot Latin Songs chart.

“Selena has such a big reach,” Floyd says. “To know there’s a lot of her fans singing those lyrics that we helped write, there are no words that can 100 percent explain that feeling. It’s something that I didn’t expect in my career.”

Kris wrote with J Balvin for the Colombian superstar’s new album.

More of Floyd’s recent co-writes include Mexican pop icon Thalía’s “La Luz” with Myke Towers and Chilean-American singer Paloma Mami’s “Religiosa.” He also had a hand in writing Colombian reggaetonero J Balvin’s recent hit “Tu Veneno.”

“We wrote that at a writing camp in Miami,” Floyd says. “[J Balvin] was there and between everyone, he was very involved. We were collaborating. That’s what I’m seeing more of in this genre, that people are more open to collaborating and working with different writers and receiving new ideas. It’s like creating a painting where everyone adds a different color to it. Working with Balvin was super duro.”

Kris has also released his own music through NEON16.

With Tainy and the NEON16 collective, Floyd spent 2020 releasing his own songs. His breakthrough was the hypnotic “Malos Habitos” with Tainy for The Kids That Grew Up on Reggaeton mixtape. He also featured on Tainy’s alluring “Falta” with Dominican-American singer DaniLeigh. Floyd’s flow can float like a butterfly with sensual touch or sting like a bee on his swaggering cuts.

“That’s what I like,” Floyd says about his dynamic flow. “I’m a fan of all kinds of music. I don’t just listen to trap or just listen to romantic songs. I listen to everything and that’s reflected in the music I make.”

“7/24” reflects Floyd’s grind as both an artist and songwriter.

In “7/24,” Floyd harnesses both of those sides to his advantage. He lets a lover down gently with the enchanting trap track. Floyd is working 24-7 to keep up his lavish lifestyle at the expense of everything else, but he hints there’s always time for a quick fling. “Pa’ mi es perfecto, babe,” he sings.

“That happens to me when I’m fully dedicated to the music,” Floyd says. “When you don’t have time for things like relationships. That’s what I was feeling. Right now it’s more about work.”

As Floyd’s first single of 2021, he’s stepping more into the spotlight with “7/24.” While his past videos were dark with the singers in the shadows, Floyd is more up-close and personal in this colorful visual. In a Bogotá mansion, he can be seen walking on a treadmill and flexing in the bathroom mirror.

With Floyd as a fresh face of reggaeton, the future of the genre is in good hands.

Floyd lists Puerto Rican OG Arcángel as someone he would like to work with next. He also mentions J Balvin again but in an artist-with-artist capacity.

“Like [Balvin], I want to work with artists who want to grow and who are hungry. Wherever my path takes me, I’ll work with whoever wants to work with me.”

Floyd promises that there’s more music and collaborations on the way. He wants to continue to generate a buzz with his own songs.

“I want to first put my music in the streets so that people can see what I’m doing and understand my vision,” Floyd says. “When someone connects and identifies with the two or three minutes of my songs, that’s something that’s super duro for me. I want my music to have a positive effect on people.”

As a new face and voice in reggaeton, Floyd is keeping the genre fresh. He sees a bright future for reggaeton despite the naysayers.

“There’s always people saying that reggaeton is coming to end and we’re showing that it’s here to stay,” Floyd says. “I think the genre is only getting stronger. It’s everywhere. Reggaeton is cultural now.”

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