Mexico’s Coach Went Bananas And Microphones Picked Up Everything He Said

Meet Juan Carlos Osorio. He’s been the coach of Mexico’s national fútbol squad since 2015.

He’s usually a mild-mannered, composed dude on the field. During matches, the obsessive tactician spends a lot of his time on the sideline writing notes into a notepad.

But during yesterday’s Confederations Cup group match versus New Zealand (Mexico won 2-1), this happened:

Viewers at home were like:


Yep, Osorio lost it.

CREDIT: Telemundo / FIFA

Instead of using an insult like “carechimba,” the Colombian went with a word that would be easily understood by the New Zealanders.

Why? He was angry because New Zealand continued to play (and nearly scored) even though one of Mexico’s players was injured on the field.

CREDIT: Telemundo / FIFA

In the spirit of “fair play,” a team will usually kick a ball out of bounds to give the injured player time to recover or receive treatment. Here’s an example:

Credit: samarda7 / YouTube

In this video, the player, despite having a clear a scoring opportunity, chooses to boot the ball out of bounds after seeing an opposing player go down.

In a post-game interview, Osorio apologized.

But he also claimed that a member of New Zealand’s coaching staff encouraged the team to continue playing even though one of his players was down, which is what set him off.

In a post-match press conference, New Zealand coach Anthony Hudson said his staff figured if there was any wrongdoing on their part, it would be reviewed by the VAR (Video Assistant Referee), which is being tested at the Confederations Cup.


“The conversation between me and my assistant was ‘Let’s just wait for the video… see what happens and the outcome is going to be black and white.’”

It appears this was an isolated incident for Osorio, who will probably do this next time he’s heated:

Mexico faces Russia on Saturday in their third group match of the Confederations cup. A win or a tie guarantees Mexico advances to the next round.

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Latina Moms Will Want To Ban Fidget Spinners In The House After She Hears This Pastor Explain Why They’re Evil

A lot of claims have been made about fidget spinners. Basically, the spinners are toys, but there are some pseudo-scientific claims about them being stress reducers and aides for people with anxiety, autism or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. However, Pastor Juan Mariano Avalos Sanabria believes that no good can come from fidget spinners because they are diabolical.

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Pastor Juan Mariano Avalos Sanabria demonstrates to his Facebook audience what makes spinners so satanic.

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Do you see how Avalos is holding the spinner and how his fingers are left to make horns? He says that is a satanic symbol and that all the people walking around making that symbol with their hands while they spin their gadgets are making fun of God.

He acknowledges that some people hold the spinner differently, but each way you hold the fidget spinner, Satan is being channeled.

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In this case, the three fingers stand for 666, which is the number some people associate with the devil.

Most people took the word of this pastor in good spirits.

Credit: Juan Mariano Avalos / Facebook

Others thanked him for enlightening them.

CREDIT: Juan Mariano Avalos Sanabria / Facebook

You can watch his entire sermon here:

El juguete SATANiCo "Spinner" republique.

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Diabolical or heavenly or too much stressing over a device that is supposed to relieve stress?

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