Here’s What We Imagine Marc Anthony And A-Rod Said To Each Other At J.Lo’s Rehearsal

Over the weekend, Jennifer Lopez was performing in the Dominican Republic for the first time. During her performance, she ended up on stage with her ex-husband, the still very smooth, and the newly be-neck-tattooed, Marc Anthony. Meanwhile, her new, genetically enhanced beau and former Yankee, Alex Rodriguez, lurked on in the cut like a creeper.

Over the weekend Jennifer Lopez performed in the Dominican Republic, while her new boyfriend Alex Rodriguez watched her them Marc Anthony, like a hawk.

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A-Rod can be seen stalking his prey in an inconspicuous teal posturing-polo.

During a set break, A-Rod was seen speaking with Marc, who by then probably reeked of “X-Wife” by J.Lo (available at Gualmar™ ).

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We’ve all been there: your girlfriend is performing her hit platinum duet with her ex-husband, who she has twin babies with. Nothing to worry about there, right?

We pondered all the possible ways this conversation could’ve played out and have listed only the most probable ones.

1. Don’t offend someone in their own home.

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No defense here, if you go to a Yankee game, you wear a Yankee hat. Period.

2. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

3. You know J.Lo sets all the rules.

4. Don’t Drake and drive.

5. J.Lo will upgrade you.

6. A-Rod is a professional ball-buster.

7. Being a new stepdad can be strange.

8. Co-parenting can be tough, but having open communication is key.

9. With J.Lo in common, it’s important to celebrate differences.

All in all, everyone seemed super chill about the three of them spending the weekend together.

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Dique, for real.

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