We Have No Idea If These 7 Superstitions Are Real Or Not But We Won’t Risk It

A lot of the superstitions we learned growing up revolved around attracting luck and starting the year off right. The luck always seemed coincidental and elders would take credit: “Viste? You got good luck, nene.”

But when bad things happened anyway, welp! It was your own fault. It must be that your underwear wasn’t red or maybe your purse touched the floor once?

These are the 7 superstitions we’re still not sure are real or not.

1. Wearing red underwear on New Years Eve meant you were going to have a lucky year.

Credit: Pyramid-Graffiti / Tumblr

“Groovy baby, yeah!”

2. Throwing out last years brooms was a way to get rid of the evil in the house.

3. Mops were thrown out, too, lest they mutate from the evil you’ve collected and run away.

4. Whistling in the house? That’s a sure fire way to get a dose of bad luck.

5. Never put your bag down: “purse on the floor, money out the door.”

6. An itchy palm meant you’d be coming into money soon.

7. Getting your feet swept, meant you’d never get married.

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