Here’s Just How Dramatic Some Latina Moms Become When They Discover Their Kids Have Tattoos

If there’s one thing Latina moms are super strict about, it’s about tattoos – which is why this 25-year-old son got into big trouble when he showed his mom his arm tattoo. In response to the video, a lot of people on Facebook started to share their own stories about tattoos… specifically, about how their mom reacted when they saw them. So if you’re looking for a little entertainment, check out these hilarious stories.

ICYMI, here’s a 25-year-old getting smacked by his mom after she saw his tattoo:


To hundreds of people, this was relatable AF.

One of the first responses was from a guy who, like Sergio, was also 25 years old.

And would also be deemed a disappointment – even though he’s in med school – for his tattoo.

And if you thought 25 was old, this 42-year-old woman admitted that she’s STILL afraid to show her parents her tattoo.

Age ain’t nothin but a number.

Soooo till what age do you have to wait to be able to show your parents your tattoo?? 57? 73? 85?!

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 5.34.19 PM

Or you can just hide your tattoos from them for the rest of your life?

This guy is over how conservative Latino parents can be.

But the rule is, if you still live under you parents’ roof, then you have to follow their rules.

And the more strict your parents are, the more they will try to scare you out of getting a tattoo.

And they’re usually right as was the case with Viviane.

But if there’s anything that should REALLY scare you about getting a tattoo, it’s this story:


Okay, these stories are getting intense…


Going to need some more popcorn for this.

One mom even tried to ERASE her daughter’s tattoo.

I guess she thought it was one of those fake 50¢ tattoos.

Meanwhile, this mom wished her daughter tattooed her butt instead.

Yes, her mom really did say, “You should’ve gotten your ass tattooed.”

Even if it’s your younger sibling getting the tattoo, you can expect a beating.

This mom wasn’t joking around.

Damn. This girl got DOUBLE the trouble.



After reading all of these stories, this guy is starting to rethink his decision about getting a tattoo. ?

Maybe next year. LOL

Sure it might sound fun and cool at first, but think about how your mom is going to react when she sees that ink.


Yeah, not so fun and cool anymore. ?

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Latinos On The Internet Are Adding A Twist To This Snapchat Filter And The Videos Are Hilarious


Latinos On The Internet Are Adding A Twist To This Snapchat Filter And The Videos Are Hilarious

Snapchat filters can be hard to keep up with, but this new bunny costume filter is too adorable not to play with. Not only is it super cute, it also dances and claps its hands – which is why people on the internet are adding their own music to it. And this little bunny is always on beat.

Even though this Snapchat filter comes with a sweet jingle, these people on the internet are giving it a little twist:

Mesa que más applaude le mando la niña

The best part is that the bunny clapping its hands goes perfectly with the lyrics of the song.

And it’s PERFECT! ?

This little bunny even gets down with música tropical.

Whether it’s a fast song…

Ayy! Ayy! Ayyyyy!

This little bunny has moves!

Or a slow song…

Un pasito por aquí, un pasito por allá… He’s perfectly on beat!

This little bunny can dance to anything.

After using the filter, you’ll probably want to say the same thing this guy says at the end, “Me veo chingon.”

And this little bunny has more rhythm than some of your family members. ?

Maybe this filter can even be turned into a Zumba class, dancing lesson.

Everything from cumbias to live banda, this little bunny filter NAILS IT.

These dance moves are goals.

So chances are, the more you watch these clips, the more you’ll want to go out dancing.

And it would be even better if this bunny could be your dancing partner.

But if you can’t go out dancing, noooo problem. Just turn on this filter and let the bunny do the dancing for you.

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A post shared by Jojo DeLeon (@ooohweeitsjojodee) on

Question is, will Snapchat add some other dancing features to the bunny? Maybe a little vuelta? ??

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