People On The Internet Are Clowning Quinceañeras With Memes And They’re Hilarious

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If you look back at your old quinceañera video, there are probably a hundred things that’ll make you cringe. From the funky quinceañera hairstyles to the neverending list of padrinos on invitations, here are a few things about quinces that people on the internet just can’t take seriously.

First, there’s this over-the-top quince hairstyle that requires about two cans of Aqua Net hairspray.

Or three if you really want those curls to stay in place.

Which is followed by this super awkward video that they record at your house at 6 in the morning.

You know, that video with about 25 slow motion clips of you pretending not to know you’re being filmed.

And of course, the video includes this magical “spin into your dress” effect.


This awkward video shoot then continues at the park (with the same damn song playing the background).

And everyone stares at you.

Once you’re at the quinceañera reception, the DJ announces the list of padrinos.

There’s a padrino for the music, a padrino for the food, a padrino for the sodas, a padrino for the forks and spoons… The list goes on and on.

Followed by the cambio de zapato.

You go from being a Jordan-obsessed sneakerhead to a princess. There’s no in between.

Then you jump to the valz which is either very graceful or a hot mess.

Which type of quinceañera were you?

But it isn’t a real quinceañera if your tías aren’t fighting over the centerpieces before the end of the night.

La Familia En La Quinceñeras (Con Los Adornos) #HeavyWeightMusik 😂😂😂😂😂

Posted by Tripl3 P x Lil A on Tuesday, September 6, 2016

You’ll probably see a tía trying to take home three center pieces instead of one.

And the party isn’t over until it looks like this:

And they won’t stop until they drop…literally.

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