Everyone On Twitter Can Learn What It Really Means To Be Mexican By Checking Out #PaisaTwitter

Mexicans are a prideful bunch. We like to raise our tequila glasses when Chente comes on and we’re already ordering our jerseys for when El Tri plays in the World Cup this summer. When it comes to reminiscing on our summers on el rancho, we love to tell anyone who’ll listen. Recently the hashtag #PaisaTwitter became a thing and people are using it to give everything from dating advice to what you should be doing with your tax return. Here’s some of the best advice from #PaisaTwitter.

Clearly, the best way to spend your tax return in on lotería.

@bbiiaanncaaa / Twitter

Other tweets talk about jaripeo or going out to dance on weekends, because people from Michoacan know how to party. And they also know how to turn up on #PaisaTwitter.

Some of the tweets are about who does what best, like partying.

@Ikissedadri / Twitter

Party bus? That’s cute and all, but have you heard of a party trailer?

@BennyLopez01 / Twitter

Some tweets talk about how to be i-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t the paisa way.

Getting a burn from hot oil is the worssttt. We’ve been there. ? ?

@cipgarciajr / Twitter

They will either make you wake up early on a Saturday morning to help clean the house if you want to go singing corridos with your cousins that night or if you get on her bad side.

Just smile and wave, smile and wave (and eat everything on your plate) if you don’t want to end up having a plate doused with ? ? ?.

@Erza_ED / Twitter

Of course, it wouldn’t be Twitter in general if there wasn’t some type of roasting involved, and #PaisaTwitter delivers.

The memes basically write themselves when you have a bike, a life-size Catholic statue and a video recording at the same time.

@joelharo_ / Twitter

And finally, because this age of finding love on dating apps and the Internet, people were *hoping* to find a #paisaTwitter soulmate that would slide into their DMs.

*Changes bio on Twitter*

@SOMEXICAN / Twitter

Go check out #PaisaTwitter, you just might find *the one* there, or at least a few good laughs and maybe even some new friends.

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