Not Only Did Pitbull Wear A Tight Jersey, He Also Tucked It Into His White Pants And Twitter Went Ape S•••

Before this year’s MLB Home Run Derby, Pitbull gave an energetic and charismatic performance, per usual, of course (Dale!). But some fans watching along noticed something about the rapper, who is known for being dressed to the nines at all times. Pitbull was wearing a baseball jersey. No big deal, right? Wrong. Apparently, some clowned him for wearing what appeared to be a children’s sized jersey, which furthermore, was tucked into his white, very fitted, jeans.

This week the MLB All-Star game came to Florida and the King of Miami, Cuban rapper Pitbull, performed at the Home Run Derby.

Mr. 305 got the moderately-sized crowd pumping with his hit song “Give Me Everything.”

Yahoo Sports made sure to point out the man is a Grammy Award winner…

But that didn’t stop some from clowning his outfit.

Some people called him out for tucking his jersey in.

And for wearing an extra shmedium sized jersey.

And the jokes were glorious.

This Twitter user appreciated Mr. World Wide’s conservative fashion choices.

Others were focused on his gloves.

But, you know we’re all here for that tight ass jersey, right? ?

But this account nailed it.

As funny as the tweets were, some people came to the rapper’s defense.

And the truth about why the haters were speaking up came to light.

This Twitter user quoted the famous words of rap mogul Birdman.

Quoting the head of Cash Money, rapper and producer Birdman, @KennyDucey wrote “put some respect on Pitbull’s name smh.” I think you mean “respek,” Kenny.

As odd as some thought it was, don’t be surprised if you see people rocking this new look.

Twitter user @OldComiskey wrote “This look is heat.”

Maybe he should’ve just gone the Christina Milian route and tied it in a bow.

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