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The Internet Lost It After Seeing ‘No Fockin Baby’ On A Video Meme And He Had To Address The Confusion

For those who haven’t had the opportunity to get to know internet sensation, Pioladitingancia Abreu, aka, “NO FOCKIN BABY” aka, “I NO FOCKIN BABY,” here’s your chance.

With over 500k followers on Instagram, and a variety of celebrity guest appearances, the 23 year-old Dominican has emerged as a recent social media sensation. One look at his videos and you’ll see why his star has risen so quickly. While he has generated a following on his own, it also helps that his daily antics have received the backing of popular Viceland show, “Desus and Mero,” who recently brought him along on the Viceland bus at the Meadows Music and Art Festival in New York.

Among other things, his rise to stardom reminds us that with hard work, self-confidence, and a clean hair line up, big things can be accomplished. Check out a brief recap of his life below:

This weekend Pioladitingancia had a viral moment on Instagram after this video meme was picked up by Complex, Snoop Dogg, and others.

After a cup of Henny….. [via @pioladitingancia]

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But people on the Internet were freaking out after seeing what appeared to be a toddler drinking and bachateando.

@ueb3rzuckert asked ‘Is he a kid or an adult?’ @themac_papii said ‘I don’t think kids that young should drink’ and @colorrzi was very confused saying, ‘I can’t tell if that’s a child or a 30 year old man.’ But we’ll get to all that later.

Pioladitingancia isn’t new to the Internet. He had humble beginnings and began his career by threatening people “con mierda de gato” for those who dared not to follow him.

Er gatitu

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But he was quickly exposed and fans realized that he’s not really a cat person.

Sime aruña lomatu marbau

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Pioladitingancia then got involved in some family drama, which was documented on one of our tia’s and abuelita’s favorite evening shows, “Caso Cerrado.”

But the drama didn’t phase him and he eventually bounced back like round ball (shout out to Jay Z).

Desus and Mero soon took notice and gave the young legend a shout out calling him “The Prime Minister of The Dominican Republic.”

Mero also called him “The Poet Laureate of the Dominican Republic.”

But NO FOCKIN BABY’s newfound celebrity status still doesn’t make him immune to police harassment.  He’s still out here getting pulled over like the rest of us, and, of course, smoking hookah while his car gets searched.

Emphasis on just like the rest of us. Right?

No Fockin Baby definitely took an “L” that night, but other NYPD officers continue to show him love.

Ya toy asicalao con lo Federico por siaca.

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Especially Dominican cops.

Happy Dominican independence??

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Did we mention NO FOCKIN BABY is a big fan of hookah?

Vainita volita

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But he’s not your average hookah fanatic. He’s really about that life and set to open his own store in the near future.

My hookah store come soon.???? dominicanito.

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It may seem like he’s here solely for our entertainment, but he’s also using his platform to rally for international causes.

Vamos Venezuela voy a ti. Un pueblo unido jamás será vencido??. Fuera Nicolás maduro becerro.

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And, of course, keeping a positive attitude by reminding us that getting shitted on by birds is actually good luck.

Jajajajaj tan grande que es el mundo y la paloma me cago arriba ? eso es dique suerte pero yose k eso e mielda jajajajaj

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As for those fans who were left confused by that video of him bachateando, No Fockin Baby took to Instagram to clear the air en Spanglish.

In case you didn't know…… [via @pioladitingancia]

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NO FOCKIN BABY isn’t going anywhere and we’re very much here for it. Especially when he gives us inspirational commentary about respecting people and living our best lives because life’s too short.

Palla vamo tooo.?

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