This Comedian You Didn’t Know Was Mexican Is Dropping A Stand Up Special On Netflix

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Netflix is releasing a Louis C.K. stand up special on April 4th. Simply titled “Louis CK: 2017.” This week Netflix released a pretty straight forward, albeit beautifully shot, trailer showing C.K. prepping behind the scenes.

Louis C.K.’s new comedy special releases April 4th on Netflix as part of a two-special deal inked with Netflix.

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This is his first special since 2015’s “Live At The Comedy Store” and one of the few projects that, as of recent, hasn’t been released exclusively on his website. Perhaps he’s tired of having to bear the financial brunt of writing, editing, producing, starring and hosting his work online.

Netflix announced back in February that they had reached a deal to acquire two specials from the C.K.

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The announcement followed the reveal of some big comedy names coming to Netflix. Chris Rock scored a 40 million dollar deal for two specials with the streaming service. Dave Chappelle nabbed an incredible 60 million dollar deal for three specials. Finally, Seinfeld is coming over to Netflix with his show “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.

As you undoubtedly know, C.K.’s dad is from Mexico. Listen to this clip from the Tavis Smiley Show in case you need to hear it from his lips:

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Not only is he half Mexican, he’s knowledgeable about Mexico, the racial diversity there, has a Mexican passport and Spanish was his first language, so boom.

In any event, the trailer for his upcoming stand up special, released this week by Netflix, features C.K. getting dressed up like your dad.

In the trailer, he sports an ill-fitting suit (they all seem ill-fitting when you’re used to him in a black t-shirt), big goofy shoes and a tie that screams “put a coffee stain on me.” We also see his pre-show ritual: he shows up just before the show, struggles to change into his clothes, sloshes down some coffee and scarfs whatever food he can fit in his face hole before making people collapse with laughter. All in a day’s work.

Check out the trailer in full below.

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The caption on the homepage of the special reads: “Louis C.K. muses on religion, eternal love, giving dogs drugs, email fights, teachers and more in a live performance from Washington, D.C.” Jeez, I hope so!

Catch the new stand up special April 4th on Netflix.

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