Her Son Caught Her Painting The Soles Of Her Heels And Couldn’t Stop Clowning Her

Moms always want the best for their kids. They want to give them a life they never had themselves. Even when kids ask for name brand clothing and shoes, parents go above and beyond to provide them the very best, even if the products are not 100 percent legit. But moms also want to be in fashion, just as much as their kids do — sometimes even more.

Take for example this mom who had to have a pair of Louboutin red bottom stilettos.

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Her son caught her spray painting her high heels red. This woman — who appears anonymously in a viral video — has no shame for what she is doing.

Her son tries to call her out and warn her that everyone is going to be able to tell that the shoes aren’t real. However, he really just spends most of his time laughing at her. She lets him know that she really doesn’t care.

“Do you really think those women who are shopping in the Downtown LA district are wearing real brands,” she asked her son. “Those women that wear Louis Vuitton and Gucci, you actually think that is real? I can do it too.”

We don’t blame her either.

Do you know how much Louboutin red bottoms cost? At least a grand!

Who has that kind of money to spare on shoes? Certainly not the majority of people.

And besides, most can’t even tell what’s real and what’s fake anymore — at least when it comes to spotting the real Louboutins.

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