The Latino Behind The Viral Tweet Of His Mother Dressed Up While Passed Out Says He’s Not Surprised People Loved It

We’ve all pranked a friend or family member while they slept, right? Maybe you’ve drawn on someone’s forehead or you’ve dipped someone’s hand in warm water. Are these pranks cruel? Yes. Are they worth it? Absolutely. Once in a while, someone finds a way to deliver the kind of prank that lives in infamy due to its sheer brilliance. This week, Javier Lerma takes home the prize for best prank played on a sleeping person. The victim was none other than his sleeping mother.

Javier Lerma spent his weekend pulling off an epic dress-up prank, using his mother as the unsuspecting victim.

When Lerma noticed his mom was knocked out, he grabbed whatever he could find and took the above photos. He tells mitú that his mother is a heavy sleeper and did not wake up during the prank. He is also adamant that she was indeed asleep, saying it’s fake.

This isn’t the first time Lerma has pranked his mother. In fact, he admits that they tend to prank each other back and forth.

credit: @javierlerma234 / Twitter


credit: @javierlerma234 / Twitter

@javierlerma234 / Twitter*puts on dancing shoes*

Some wondered what his mom thought of the photos. Lerma says she was cool with it.

“When she woke up the next day I showed her what I did and she just laughed and smiled and told me she was going to get me back,” Lerma tells mitú.

“I’m the best prankster in the family I’m always come up with new ideas,” Lerma says.

credit: @javierlerma234 / Twitter

Lerma says that he was confident the tweet could go viral but was surprised when his phone began to blow up with so many Twitter notifications.

Well done, Javier. Well done.

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