I Took My Mexican Mom To Knott’s Scary Farm For The First Time And This Is What Happened

As a way to get in the Halloween spirit, I decided to take my mom on a surprise trip to Knott’s Scary Farm, the theme park “where nightmares never end.” She initially thought I was taking her and her sister out to dinner, but she quickly found out that she was going to be walking through several scary mazes for the night and this is how it all went down…

On the way to the theme park, I asked my mom about her experience with scary mazes.


Even though my mom has never been to a theme park with scary mazes, she has been inside a homemade maze while trick-or-treating. What she didn’t know is that we would be walking through 5+ scary mazes at Knott’s Scary Farm.

I also asked my mom about her childhood experience with ghosts and haunted houses and the story she told me about her sister gave me the chills.


As someone who is terribly afraid of ghosts, chills began to run down my arms as my mom told me about the old woman ghost she saw at my grandma’s house. On multiple occasions my mom’s younger sister would speak to this ghost, asking her to leave her alone and let her sleep. However, the ghost would continue to appear. It wasn’t until they moved out of the house that they no longer saw the old woman ghost again.

Once we arrived at Knott’s Scary Farm, the first hour was a mix of my mom running and cursing in Spanish.


If my mom saw someone in a scary costume walking towards her, she would run in the opposite direction and leave my aunt and I behind. What my mom didn’t know is that these scary monsters are more likely to go after the people they notice are more scared and my mom was one of those people.

After getting chased by these monsters, we finally made our way into the first maze and it went a little something like this… ?


Walking into a pitch-black room with loud noises, disturbing props and people in scary costumes popping out of nowhere and scaring you, wasn’t exactly something my mom was prepared for. But she got through it and it was definitely entertaining seeing her reactions.

By the third maze, my mom was starting to walk through each spooky room as if it was a breeze. Meanwhile, I was still yelling and jumping in fright at every single turn.


Even though I’ve been in a handful of scary mazes in the past, I was far more nervous and scared than my mom, who was experiencing these mazes for the first time.

At the end of the night my mom was so calm and unbothered, that she even asked this scary skeleton for some directions on how to get to the next maze.



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Man Arrested In Texas For First Fajita Related First Degree Felony Probably In History


Man Arrested In Texas For First Fajita Related First Degree Felony Probably In History

DeHoll/ Flickr

“If it wasn’t so serious, you’d think it was a Saturday Night Live skit.” – District Attorney Luis V. Saenz

In “are you kidding me, fam?” news, a South Texas man was arrested on felony charges for stealing more than 1.2 million dollars worth of fajitas over the course of nine years in order to resell them.

Gilberto Escamarillo, an employee at the Juvenile Justice Department, was illegally using government funds to buy fajitas from a food service provider, then taking them home and reselling them as part of an apparent side hustle. Investigators have already identified two purchasers who are cooperating with the investigation, according to The Brownsville Herald.

The Brownsville Herald also reported that Escamarillo was caught after taking a day off to go to a medical appointment, when an 800-pound order of fajitas showed up at his office. Since he wasn’t there to pick up his stash, people started asking questions.

According to the story, when the driver called and said he had a fajita delivery for the Juvenile Justice Department, the woman who answered told the delivery man that he must be mistaken because they didn’t serve fajitas. The driver replied that, no, she was mistaken because he’s been delivering fajitas to the department for the past nine years. This was the “a-ha” moment that got the investigation rolling and Escamarillo fired.

He was arrested the next day, on August 9th after police obtained a search warrant and found fajitas in his home refrigerator. With the value of the fajitas recovered between ,500 and ,000, he was arrested on a state jail charge. He posted bond and was released.

But that’s not where it ended. After considerable digging, examining invoices, purchase orders and other paperwork from both the food service provider and the County Auditor’s Office, the investigation concluded that Escamarillo had stolen ,251,578 in fajitas. He was arrested on Tuesday on first-degree felony theft charges, which carries a minimum sentence of five years and a maximum sentence of 99 years.

[H/T] Man may have stolen .2 million in fajitas over nine years

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