Marco Rubio Tweeted A Bible Verse About Disputing With Fools And Twitter Destroyed Him For It

Marco Rubio is no stranger to Twitter criticism. It’s only been about a week since people ripped his awkward and uncomfortable hug with Ivanka Trump. Somehow, Rubio has done it again. This time, Rubio tweeted a bible verse that talks about the problems that arise when trying to argue with a fool. Of course, people on Twitter went on their dragging spree.

This was Marco Rubio’s 3 a.m. tweet about having “disputes with a fool” that made all of Twitter say, “¿Que, que?”

In case you are wondering, this wording can be found in the New American Bible (Revised Edition), according to Bible Gateway.

Almost immediately, people began to try and figure out the identity of the “fool” Rubio was talking about.

It wasn’t too hard, considering Rubio and President Trump had a very open and emotional feud during the 2016 campaign.

People took this as their chance to let Rubio know what they thought about him siding with the new health care bill.

A new Congressional Budget Office score (or CBO score as it is commonly called) was done on the Senate’s health care bill. According to the CBO score, 22 million Americans would end up losing their health care by 2026, according to The New York Times. Twenty. Two. Million. Will. Lose. Health. Care.

One Twitter user tried to use this moment as a learning moment for Rubio.


There were a lot of “Little Marco” jokes.

Little Marco” was the condescending nickname that Trump gave his presidential opponent. Trump had a few names for different people including “Crooked Hillary” and “Lyin’ Ted.”

Like, a lot of “Little Marco” jokes.

And most of those jokes were basically just telling Rubio that his stance against Trump has been pretty weak so far.

Others had advice for Rubio, hoping to bring him some clarity.

Self-reflection can be a powerful thing.

Things kept coming back to the pending health care vote.

The thing about listening to constituents is that you actually have to meet with them. Rubio has admitted that he is too afraid to have a town hall with his constituents, so it is not really clear if he really knows what they want.

There was more than just one fictitious verse offered up to counter Rubio’s tweet.

Too soon, @EllaHanes. Too soon. ?

Other people just laid right into him and called him out.

We all know that Latinos are the masters of indirectas, but when you are a national politician you really need to know how to say what you mean.

Oh yeah. Did we mention that people tried to guess who Rubio was referring to?

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