Twitter Ripped Senator Marco Rubio After He Hugged Ivanka Trump And It Was Hilarious

Florida Senator Marco Rubio was recently photographed greeting Ivanka Trump at The Capitol on her way to meeting with lawmakers to discuss child tax credits. Their hug was particularly awkward. The Trumps have been known to hold grudges, and after Rubio went for the small hand jokes during the Republican campaign, it’s no surprise this hug looked like your parents forcing you and your sister to hug after a fight.

Senator Rubio and Ivanka Trump exchanged this cold-looking embrace on Capitol Hill.

It didn’t seem like Secret Service cared for the hug either…

Rubio’s been concerned about the healthcare bill being worked on behind closed doors.

Credit: @FaceTheNation / Twitter

Perhaps talking to Ivanka was a chance to get some answers.

But, immediately, the Internet knew what to do.

Some found identically awkward moments from TV.

Others pointed out that maybe everyone’s getting a little too “Hollywood” with their hugs these days…

Rubio must have built up a sweat while waiting in the heat so long for this robotic hug…

And someone should clearly get him a beverage for it.

Rubio reminded @tsgibson of the “Twilight Zone” episode where everyone’s really just a mannequin.

Via: @tsgibson / Twitter

It’s okay, maybe next time they’ll let you in on the health care bill secrets, Rubio.

But… probably not before anyone can do anything about it.

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