Twitter Felt Some Type Of Way About #ShortGirlAppreciationDay Being On The Shortest Day Of The Year

December 21st is normally the first day of winter, the beginning of the Winter Solstice and astronomically, the shortest day of the year. It is also “Short Girl Appreciation Day” presumably as a joke coinciding with the short day that we experience. Shorter people on Twitter took it as an opportunity to express any and all things they’ve experienced as a short person.

No worries, my people, I fall into the “not tall” category, and if you ask me, us having our own day is long overdue. This specific appreciation day is for short girls and women, and many had plenty to say about it on Twitter.

People who are shorter, obviously have shorter legs and therefore a shorter gait.

Shorties have to walk double sometimes, so wait up!

Some people are clearly in denial about their height, calling themselves “fun sized” instead.

Everyone knows fun sized candies are the best, because you can eat a whole bag of them and not feel bad. Why would you? They’re just tiny candies… in a huge bag.

Sometimes shorter people seem quicker to anger, but that’s because they can’t reach their breakfast cereal.

We’re not all just mad, some of us are hungry.

Sometimes it feels like the only way to deal with those talls would be with super powers.

If I grew a centimeter for every tall person I wished would evaporate, well, I’d be tall. And would probably be evaporated, too.

Sometimes you have to ask these tough questions:

Like “Where are the short girls at?” Like, no seriously, where are y’all, we can’t see you.

The positives do outweigh the negatives as this Twitter user points out.

But just because you can’t reach the top shelf, doesn’t mean they won’t make you sweep under the stairs.

Seems like no matter how tall you are, you always want more.

Look, 10 centimeters isn’t going to change much, just your I.D. which you’ll have to pay to change. Maybe staying short is just easier and cheaper.

Whatever your height, just give yourself a big hug, and go back to kicking shins tomorrow.

Credit: TV One/ Giphy

Plus, ladies, you’ve got heels. ?

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