A Cancer Patient Said She Watches LeJuan James Every Day To Keep Her Spirits Up. Watch What Happens When He Surprises Her

Comedian LeJuan James has been cracking us up for a hot minute thanks to his endless videos about the true interpretation of what it’s like to grow up Latino.

He gets what it’s like when your parents don’t approve of your friends – which happens too often for some of us ?.

He totally nails what most of us yell [in Spanish] when we’re mad at bae.

“Bájame el tonito de voz!”

And the social media star always delivers his message in the most hilarious and LeJuan way, racking up thousands of views per video.

Tell me one Latino who hasn’t gone through this!

However, last night LeJuan posted a video unlike any other. He surprised a fan that is battling cancer, and it will break your heart and lift you up at the same time.

And he brought his family with him.

Here’s what he said about this emotional story:

Everyone meet Jenny. She’s a beautiful and strong woman who is currently battling #cancer. Her son Matthew reached out to me to see if I could possibly send his mother a video with some words of encouragement and positivity. His message was so heartwarming that as I was reading it brought me to tears. One line in particular stood out as he said “she watches your videos everyday she laughs like crazy and it keeps her spirits up and seeing her laugh like that in our situation means the world to me.” I immediately knew I had to meet her. Today I had the pleasure of surprising her in her beautiful home along with my family. Jenny I admire your courage and faith. It was God’s will that lead to us meeting you today. Those words you shared with me I will treasure them for a lifetime. Thank you for always

We love a man that makes us laugh and is sensitive to people’s struggles.

His fans are applauding his good deed.

Facebook/Lejuan James

Amazing! Keep up the amazing work, LeJuan!

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