If You Thought Your Quinceañera Surprise Dance Was Over The Top, Watch These Routines

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With every quinceañera there is a set schedule to follow. You go from misa, to dinner, to el valz, and of course el baile sorpresa. These quinceañeras took the the surprise element of baile sorpresa to another level…

In case you’ve never been to a rave, this quinceañera planned an entire baile sorpresa that made her audience feel as if they were at EDC:

#quinceanera #bailedesorpresa #suprisedance looks like a scene out of #thematrix

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They weren’t playing around when it came to those light effects.

This quinceañera took her guests back the 1920’s with this surprise dance:

Thought you were watching “The Great Gatsby?” Nope, just a quinceañera.

And this one time traveled to the 1950’s:

Grease inspired baile de sorpresa . 😍👌 #different #bailedesorpresa

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Danny Zuko?? Sandy? Is that you?

If you thought that choreography was complicated, check out this baile sorpresa:

I know for sure my damas and I wouldn’t have been able to pull off synchronized splits.?

This Victoria Secret inspired baile sorpresa is by far the most majestic.

Just hoping she doesn’t fall with those 200 ft. wings.

But no matter what the theme is, a baile sorpresa isn’t complete without some sharp dance moves.

Baile sorpresa or Zumba workout class?

So of course, it’s important to practice.

They need to go audition for America’s Best Dance Crew ASAP.

…or else your chambelan de honor will outshine you- just like this guy did:

10/10 on the twerking.

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