Here’s What Happened When I Tried Wearing Acrylic Nails For Three Days

I, Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez, wore acrylic nails for three day as part of a mitú social experiment video. It was me and two dudes learning how to live, work, and function with these nails and the results were interesting. Before you ask, using the bathroom was not the kind of challenge I expected. But more about that later…

The very first thing I tried was typing (since it’s a huge part of my job) and it sucked.

Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

My own productivity plummeted as a result of the nails and I was happy to write three words in a row without having to retype them. To this day I still don’t get how people can type with those nails.

Even the old pen and paper was a challenge I couldn’t fully master.

Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

No matter how I positioned my hands I was being stabbed by those talons I was living with.

However, the animals that call my apartment home were thrilled when I got home.

Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

And I do mean thrilllled.

Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

At least someone was benefiting from my nails choice. ??

I painfully caught these little daggers on everything from door handles to pant pockets.

Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

There was a time or two when I thought I had ripped my nail off leaving me in tears with no relief in sight.

And they were not as helpful or strong as I had always thought they were.

Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

Such. ?? A. ?? Bad. ?? Idea! ??

Tying shoes quickly became a time consuming and soul-crushing affair.

Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

And taking them off made me really think about my life choices.

At some point, I was sure that these nails were out to get me, like when they tried to ruin my lunch.

Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

How does one even do this?!

But, an insider tip, these acrylic nuisances make for wonderful ear scratchers.

Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

That moment made three days of torture and immobility totally worth it.

Watch my entire experience here:

Guys try fake nails for 3 days.

Posted by We are mitú on Monday, February 20, 2017

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Velvet Is The New Visually Spellbinding Winter Nail Trend


Velvet Is The New Visually Spellbinding Winter Nail Trend

Everyone knows that velvet has quite a bit of appeal.

The tufted fabric with luxe appeal silky and alluring but above all versatile. Nail artists on Instagram know this truth well and proving so with glamorous images and videos of their use of velvet to create the most alluring nails on your Instagram feed. That’s right mi gente! Velvet nails have arrived on Instagram and they are here to stay!

From deep red to sweet champagne these velvet looks will help you boost your Ho! Ho! Ho! aesthetic.

The velvet nail trend appears to have been started by nail artist Amy Le.

This look is perfect for a jingle bell rock.

Amy Le created a Patreon velvet nail tutorial so you can do the nails yourself.

Because you know you want to repeat this crushed velvet look.

This adorable velvet pink look will make you smile.

And look at just how adorable this velvet mani is. Simple and chic.

These alternating nail babies, keep the look minimalist but jazzy.

This baby crushed velvet look is NYE goals.

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Everyone Is Doing The Half-Dip Nail Trend


Everyone Is Doing The Half-Dip Nail Trend

You might be stuck at home and feeling like you have your nails all dolled up and nowhere to go but have faith! Instagram is here!

Sure, if you’re being wise about practicing social distancing and quarantine regulations, you’re probably feeling a little down about taking part in any nail trend let alone being able to show them off. Fortunately, a new and easy DIY manicure trick is not only going to have your fingers looking glam but it will also give you quite a bit of content for your Instagram feed. Instagram’s latest mani trend is a minimalist dream. The new trend requires a clean “dipped look” and nail basics. According to, “the half-dip nail art is such an easy DIY manicure that anyone can easily recreate it. All you need is a clear base coat, nail polish of your choice, and a topcoat. If you want perfect crescents and have a steady hand, then you can make use of stencils for the desired effect.” 

Check out some of the cutest half-dipped looks below.

This minimalist look will top off your nails with all of the elegance you could want this summer.

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Dipped for Alisha…….. Gel nail art Bronze ✨

A post shared by IMARNI NAILS (@imarninails) on

Nails for the chica who likes to live a little bit more on the edge.

Add a little more beauty to your look with some soft designs.

Go for a pastel summery style.

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Currently: a matte fall palette 🍂

A post shared by Hannah Fallis Bronfman (@hannahbronfman) on

And make it even more minimalist with some matte paint.

You can also square off your tips to up the look.

And go for a classic twist with white polish and simple lines.

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