Here’s What Happened When I Tried Wearing Acrylic Nails For Three Days

I, Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez, wore acrylic nails for three day as part of a mitú social experiment video. It was me and two dudes learning how to live, work, and function with these nails and the results were interesting. Before you ask, using the bathroom was not the kind of challenge I expected. But more about that later…

The very first thing I tried was typing (since it’s a huge part of my job) and it sucked.

Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez
CREDIT: Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

My own productivity plummeted as a result of the nails and I was happy to write three words in a row without having to retype them. To this day I still don’t get how people can type with those nails.

Even the old pen and paper was a challenge I couldn’t fully master.

Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez
CREDIT: Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

No matter how I positioned my hands I was being stabbed by those talons I was living with.

However, the animals that call my apartment home were thrilled when I got home.

Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez
CREDIT: Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

And I do mean thrilllled.

Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez
CREDIT: Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

At least someone was benefiting from my nails choice. ??

I painfully caught these little daggers on everything from door handles to pant pockets.

Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez
CREDIT: Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

There was a time or two when I thought I had ripped my nail off leaving me in tears with no relief in sight.

And they were not as helpful or strong as I had always thought they were.

Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez
CREDIT: Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

Such. ?? A. ?? Bad. ?? Idea! ??

Tying shoes quickly became a time consuming and soul-crushing affair.

Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez
CREDIT: Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

And taking them off made me really think about my life choices.

At some point, I was sure that these nails were out to get me, like when they tried to ruin my lunch.

Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez
CREDIT: Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

How does one even do this?!

But, an insider tip, these acrylic nuisances make for wonderful ear scratchers.

Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez
CREDIT: Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

That moment made three days of torture and immobility totally worth it.

Watch my entire experience here:

Guys try fake nails for 3 days.

Posted by We are mitú on Monday, February 20, 2017

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13 Harry Potter Nail Designs To Inspire Your Next Manicure


13 Harry Potter Nail Designs To Inspire Your Next Manicure

Sierra Unsicker / Pinterest

It’s been over 20 years since the release of the “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”, and the hysteria surrounding this page-turning fantasy series isn’t even close to dying down.

Indeed, there’s a collection of Potter-heads out there who will spare no expense for the chance at adding the perfect piece to their memorabilia collection. And with the 2016 advent of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter to Universal Studios Hollywood, there’s no limit to the amount of money this franchise can potentially milk from its fans.

But more impressive than the cash that Potterheads spend on proving their fandom is the creative way in which the fans pay homage to the series through their art. Of course, there’s the usual suspects of fan-art and Cosplay, but some Potterheads take their fandom to new levels. A little-known fact is that there is an entire community on Instagram devoted to Harry Potter-themed nail art. And some of the designs are downright magical. We’ve compiled a list of thirteen of the most eye-catching Harry Potter-themed nail art on Instagram.

1. The Hogwarts Skyline


Nothing takes you straight into the world of Harry Potter more than a great landscape portrait of the Hogwarts grounds. This nail look truly takes our breath away.

2. Wear-able Harry


A quick search of “Harry Potter nails” on Instagram can turn up quite a few results of elaborate nail designs that look better online than they would on your hands. That’s why looks like the one above are perfect for Potter-head who prefers a more toned-down look. 

3. Minimalist Hallows


Another minimalist design, we love how unusual this Harry Potter nail look is. While many HP enthusiasts commit to intricate nail-bed paintings, this person opted for a simple gold french tip paired with a matching Deathly Hallows symbol.

4. The Three Amigos


Sure, the Deathly Hallows symbol is cute and all, but the real star of the magical book series is the friendship between Harry, Ron, and Hermione. If it were on our hands, we know we wouldn’t be able to keep our eyes off a design like this 

5. Adorably Harry


As much as we love the later installments of the series, we can’t help but hold a special place in our hearts for “The Sorcerer’s Stone”. We love this delightful design that includes the legendary line, “You’re a wizard, Harry”.

6. Dobby Love


Up there with Hagrid, Dobby is one of the most beloved supporting characters in the Potter-Universe. He deserves his own Dobby-themed nail art like the delightful designs above.

7. Hogwarts Houses


Contrary to popular belief, no one can force you to choose between Hogwarts houses. They all have their qualities! That’s why we love this nail look that reps all of the houses equally.

8. Painted Patronus 


We stan Harry Potter nail designs that think outside of the box. We love that this nail artist included Harry’s noble stag patronus. In these striking designs, it’s as if each nail tells a separate story.

9. Simply Slytherin


Slytherins get a bad rep. While practically all of the series’ villains hail from this serpentine house, even J.K. Rowling herself has gone on record to state that Slytherins are “sleek, powerful, and frequently misunderstood”. What’s more sleek than this stunning emerald-green look with a lone snake on the ring finger?

10. Fantastic Beasts


The red-headed step child (no shade to the Weasleys) of the Potter Universe , the “Fantastic Beasts” spin-off doesn’t get as much love as the main attraction. But the prequel series definitely has a beautiful asthetic, as is evidenced by this navy and perriwinkle creation that features a gorgeous Thunderbird.

11. The Tale of Three Brothers


Written by Beedle the Bard, “The Tale of the Three Brothers” is the fable of three wizarding brothers who were gifted the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone, and the Invisibility Cloak by Death himself. This artist truly out-did herself with such a loving (and accurate) depiction of the story on her nails.

12. The Flying Ford


Who could forget the historic scene of Harry and Ron escaping Number 4 Privet driving in a Flying Ford Anglia? This is one of the most creative Harry Potter nail themes we’ve ever come across!

13. The Nail Synopsis


If you can’t make up your mind about your favorite aspect of the Harry Potter series, do like the person above and create a nail design sampler, so to speak. This Potter-themed look has everything from Hedwig, to Platform 9 and Three-Quarters to the elusive Snitch. Why choose one design when you can have them all?

Spookify Your Nails With These Halloween-Themed Manicures


Spookify Your Nails With These Halloween-Themed Manicures

Any nail polish obsessed person will tell you that an outfit isn’t complete without a fierce manicure. However, a basic French tip isn’t going to cut it during the spookiest time of the year. Instead, the month of October inspires so much creativity that it can turn any basic witch’s manicure into a haunting work of art.

With this in mind, we searched social media for the most gorgeously scary and artistic Halloween-inspired nail art that we could find. What we came up with will have you nixing your usual nail art and booking an appointment for an extra creepy makeover for your manicure.

1. The monster mashup.

Instagram / @maglinnails

The gang’s all here. Frankenstein’s Monster, the Bride of Frankenstein, skeletons and ghosts, oh my! This party of creepy creatures was created by Los Angeles nail artist and educator, MagLin. We love the severe point of these stiletto nails and the sharp edge they give this look.

2. It’s alive!

Instagram / @nailart_bygracie

OG monster man, Frankenstein’s Monster is featured on this gorgeous nail art by Nail Art by Gracie. This set was created with traditional nail polish with the addition of acrylic paint to provide the most haunting details. The bolts of lighting framing the monster gives these nails an especially theatrical look.

3. Fortune is at the tips of your fingers.

Instagram / @missbettyrose

Australian celebrity nail artist, Miss Betty Rose, created this Tarot card-inspired manicure. With delicate white lines against a background of black, these nails are perfect for all you brujas out there.

4. A Christmas nightmare.

Instagram / @maglinnails

“Boys and girls of every age, would you like to see something strange?” Nail artist MagLin also created this “The Nightmare Before Christmas” set. Jack Skeleton is featured against a metallic peacock-colored background along with some fine details from his sharp suit.

5. Glitter bomb.

  Instagram / @marias_nagelfix

There’s no better time for a whole lot of glitter than Halloween! This manicure created by Swedish nail artist, Marias Nagelfix, sports orange glitter nail polish along with painted blood, fire and severe black slash marks.

6. Soft Autumn vibes.

 Instagram / @yesicasnails

Fall is an aesthetic wonderland. The beautiful colors and the smells of Autumn make it such a unique time of year. Californian nail art influencer, Yesica’s Nails, created this lovely set. Touches of gold, the use of black and tiny crystals enhance the warm oranges and yellows used to capture the Fall.

7. Pennywise the nail art.

Instagram / @maglinnails

“We all float down here.” We think it’s safe to say that the original “IT” gave our generation a totally valid fear of clowns. Those brave enough to embrace this fear might enjoy this nail art by MagLin. While we’re definitely impressed, we prefer to go clown-free on our manicures.

8. It’s scary how cute these are.

Instagram / @xou_arteentusmanos

Who says all Halloween manicures need to be spooky? This set designed by Mexico-based Arte En Tus Manos is delicate and simple but incredibly adorable. Friendly ghosts and black cats are undoubtedly all about that Halloween spirit.

9. The most fabulous spiders you will ever see.

Instagram / @home_of_deva

White, gold and crystals aren’t something you usually associate with spiders but this set makes it work. Designed by Canadian nail artist Priscilla van Uden from the Home of Deva, this set will make any Halloween costume look extra fabulous.

10. On Halloween, we wear pink.

Instagram / @niraartist

Pink isn’t usually a color we associate with Halloween but this set makes us dig the idea of it. Skeletons, bats, spider webs and roses cover these nails in a design made by nail and tattoo artist Nira Artist.

11. Boo!

Instagram / @xou_arteentusmanos

Another cute design by Arte En Tus Manos, this one features adorable Pac-Man-esque ghosts. The repetition of the orange and white ghosts makes for an interesting and understated pattern.

12. A haunted house.

Instagram / @gigisnailstudio

This nail set establishes a spooky scene — a strange house, surrounded by bats and bare trees against an Autumn sunset. Created by nail artist GiGi’s Nail Studio, this set also uses a shiny gold leaf and dark blue nail paint to create beautiful accent nails.

13. Fit for an evil queen.

Instagram / @diamond_nail_design

“Mirror, mirror on the wall.” Tell the world that you’re the fairest of them all with Evil Queen-inspired nails. This set was created by English nail tech, Kelly Hamby. Her poisoned apple is an especially haunting detail.

14. Ouija, are you with me?

Instagram / @polishmeprettynailbar

Ouija has a popular place in pop culture especially during spooky season. Is it just a game or a portal to the spirit world? We don’t have the answer to that but this set does make the Ouija board its star. The addition of a Death’s head hawkmoth makes this manicure extra menacing.