Here Are 9 Times You Wish You Could Find These People On Your Snapchat Map

Snapchat recently added this map feature to their app that allows you to see where your Snapchat friends are located. But these are the people we really wish we could locate…

Snapchat now has a map feature that allows you to locate your friends, but there are far more important people we’d like to see on the map instead.

Important people like… el elotero.


This would mean no more having to chase after him.

On hot days when you’re dehydrated and drenched in sweat, you know who would be nice to spot on your Snap Map? This guy:



We all have that one friend who always ends up drunk at the club, wanders off with strangers and doesn’t answer his or her phone. Snap Map would definitely come in handy.


If only this would also help me find Stephanie’s other shoe.

And once you finally locate your borrachita friend, the next person you’ll want to search for on your Snap Map is El Taquero.


There really isn’t a more important search at 3 a.m. (aside from Stephanie’s shoe) than el taquero when your late-night, drunk munchies are at their peak.

But your drunk friend isn’t the only person you lose in public places. It would also be nice if you could use Snap Map to locate your mom every time that you lose her at the store.


With this, you would no longer have to yell out your mom’s name throughout the store trying to find her.

You’d also avoid a ton of stress if your teeny tiny keys were on Snap Map.


This would be wayyyy better than flipping your room upside down trying to look for them.

Snap Map, it would be amazing if you could help prevent someone from getting lost, like primos, nieces or nephews while we’re babysitting them.


This way you’ll be able to relax on the couch and babysit the kids from your phone.

But younger primos, nieces and nephews aren’t the only trouble-makers who you need to keep track of. Having your novio on Snap Map would be ideal. ?


You could use this to locate every time he’s at a food spot to text him your order.

Snap Map could even help you avoid getting yelled at if it showed you your mom’s ETA.


And it’d work wonders with curfew.

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Prisoner Starts His Own Cooking Show On TikTok And, Like, How


Prisoner Starts His Own Cooking Show On TikTok And, Like, How

@blockboyjmomey / TikTok

Another day, another prisoner blowing up on TikTok. Jeron Combs, 31, is the latest TikTok prisoner sensation with his cooking show. You read that right. The man is creating foods in his prison cell and broadcasting it to the rest of the world via TikTok.

Jeron Combs, aka @blockboyjmomey on TikTok, is a cooking sensations.

Credit: @blockboyjmomey / TikTok

One of his most popular videos is the burrito that he was able to put together in his prison cell. The 31-year-old, who is in prison for first-degree murder and attempted murder, took his 1.3 million TikTok followers through a step-by-step guide to create the burritos.

We can’t be sure but it does seems like he cooks for all of those around him.

Credit: @blockboyjmomey / TikTok

We don’t know how many burritos he made but it is clear he is cooking for more than just he and his cellmate. Unless he and his cellmate are hungry enough to eat all of those burritos.

He has managed to use his metal bed frame to double as a griddle to cook the food.

Credit: @blockboyjmomey / TikTok

His bed frame is literally used to heat up his food and to make those burritos hot and fresh. Not going to lie, they look pretty delicious.

He even shows how he is able to heat up his bed frame to create the griddle: a hot plate.

Credit: @blockboyjmomey / TikTok

Genius, tbh. However, how was he able to get everything that he needed in order to create his griddle bed? Also, how did he set up a TikTok account and manage to post regularly? His burrito video has more than 4 million views alone.

For some, this is what the Internet is for.

Social media has a way of always outdoing itself with wild content. Like, this is not the first nor will it be the last prisoner to use TikTok or any other social media platform to flex. Who can forget the prisoner who posted to Instagram about the Popeye’s chicken sandwich?

For others, this is some wholesome content.

Sure, the video itself is pretty fine. However, do not forget that the man is in prison for murder. So, while the prison burrito might be a fun gimmick, it is still odd to celebrate.

A whole other group of people is just made their boy got exposed.

What do you think about the prison burrito video?

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Chuck E Cheese Is Advertising As Pasqually’s Pizza And Thank You


Chuck E Cheese Is Advertising As Pasqually’s Pizza And Thank You

chuckecheese / Instagram

The pandemic is forcing everyone to find new ways to survive financially, especially with businesses that have a lot of unexpected contacts. Chuck E Cheese is one of those businesses and their way of staying afloat right now has people lol’ing with respect.

Chuck E Cheese is thriving in this new economy.

That’s right. Chuck E Cheese is still selling its pizza but under a different name. You won’t find Chuck E Cheese in your Grubhub but you might find Pasqually’s Pizza. Some think it was so people wouldn’t know that it was Chuck E Cheese while some think the idea is clever and loveable.

You see, Pasqually is the chef who plays in Chuck E Cheese’s band.

That’s right. You might have thought that Chuck E Cheese was trying to hide that they were selling their pizza on the sly but that ain’t it. Chuck E Cheese is just giving the man behind the pizza his chance to shine. Chuck E isn’t about taking the credit away from the true pizza talent.

The revelation did bring up Chuck E Cheese’s past, that people didn’t know.

There’s a lot it seems we didn’t know about Chuck E Cheese. First, he was an orphan who never knew his birthday. Who knew that? Since he never knew his birthday, he has decided to celebrate the birthdays of the children. Also, street walker? What could that possibly mean?

It’s a pretty smart move for the chain that is a logistical nightmare when it comes to reopening.

It’s literally a place for children to run around sweating and touching everything. Imagine having to come up with the protocol to properly sanitize a Chuck E Cheese to keep the virus under control. Selling Pasqually’s pizzas seems like a solid plan for now.

Some people are not at all upset about this.

Legit, it isn’t that bad. Any kid’s party at Chuck E Cheese is always made right when you dig into that pizza. This is really a win for all of us adults who just want to taste our childhood once more.

So, who is ordering some Pasqually’s Pizza?

Go ahead and treat yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

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