Twitter Users Are Savagely Mocking This Mexican Politician Now That He’s Been Arrested

Guatemalan Civil Police / CorsicaRT / State of Veracruz

Javier Duarte, the former governor of Veracruz, Mexico, has been on the run from Mexican authorities for six months. Duarte is suspected of embezzling millions of government dollars and laundering them in phantom businesses. The Mexican politician was eventually found in a hotel with his wife in Panajachel, Guatemala, a popular resort town. As usual, Mexicans on Twitter did what they do and turned the news story into one solid joke after another after his arrest photos were released.

This was former Mexican governor Javier Duarte’s reaction to being arrested this weekend.

Duarte was able to elude authorities for six months as Interpol, Mexican authorities, and Guatemalan authorities sought him out to face accusations of embezzling and money laundering. According to Al Jazeera, the arrest of Duarte is welcomed news in Mexico, a country whose people are fed up with government corruption. Al Jazeera reports that many people in Veracruz especially see Duarte as the personification of what they are fed up with.

And Twitter started to create one glorious meme after another to poke fun at the fugitive ex-politician.

“The next novela from Televisa…Fugitive Quinceañera,” @CABRER4CK wrote.

His faces became real representations of some people’s inner struggles.

El País reports that Duarte resigned from his position as governor of Veracruz, Mexico, just days before a judge ordered his arrest. Duarte told the press that he resigned so that he could defend himself from accusations of money laundering and embezzlement but it seems like he was just preparing to run.

Some people felt his pain… but not really.

“#Guate-bad or Guate-worst? ? #JavierDuarte,” wrote @alanbolton_.

Instead, some people on Twitter are letting authorities know just what should be done with Duarte.

Duarte was first elected governor of Veracruz in 2010. According to Al Jazeera, during his time on the run, Mexican authorities were able to recoup $19.3 million from two companies that Duarte was using to embezzle money from the government. Time reports that Duarte’s infamy as the face of political corruption in Mexico was so severe that he was the example of corruption during the midterm elections last year. It was so damaging that his party, Partido Revolucionario Institucional (P.R.I.), lost the governorship of Veracruz for the first time since the state’s founding in 1929.

There are even some people who see the same defeat on his face that they saw on El Chapo’s face.

How long until #ChapofaceChallenge becomes a thing now?

There was even a pretty solid “13 Reasons Why” reference.

Duarte is not the only P.R.I.-affiliated governor who is on the run. Tomás Yarrington, the former governor of Tamaulipas, Mexico, who is facing racketeering and money laundering charges, was recently apprehended in Florence, Italy after five years on the run. Meanwhile, former Chihuahua governor César Duarte (no relation) is still on the run to avoid facing his own corruption accusations and is believed to be in El Paso, Texas. All of these politicians are part of the P.R.I. party.

Someone even created this Duarte tweet.


And speaking of vacations, how does ending yours feel?

“Following the #JavierDuarte scale, how do you feel after your vacation is over,” wrote @ariz_monca.

Some are even suspecting that United Airlines might be asked to help extradite Duarte back to Mexico.

Reports show that Duarte has already accepted the fact that he will be extradited to Mexico to face his accusations.

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Here's What We Imagine Marc Anthony And A-Rod Said To Each Other At J.Lo's Rehearsal


Here’s What We Imagine Marc Anthony And A-Rod Said To Each Other At J.Lo’s Rehearsal

elcolmadonrd / Instagram

Over the weekend, Jennifer Lopez was performing in the Dominican Republic for the first time. During her performance, she ended up on stage with her ex-husband, the still very smooth, and the newly be-neck-tattooed, Marc Anthony. Meanwhile, her new, genetically enhanced beau and former Yankee, Alex Rodriguez, lurked on in the cut like a creeper.

Over the weekend Jennifer Lopez performed in the Dominican Republic, while her new boyfriend Alex Rodriguez watched her them Marc Anthony, like a hawk.

A-Rod can be seen stalking his prey in an inconspicuous teal posturing-polo.

During a set break, A-Rod was seen speaking with Marc, who by then probably reeked of “X-Wife” by J.Lo (available at Gualmar™ ).

A post shared by Desafine.Net (@desafine_rd) on

We’ve all been there: your girlfriend is performing her hit platinum duet with her ex-husband, who she has twin babies with. Nothing to worry about there, right?

We pondered all the possible ways this conversation could’ve played out and have listed only the most probable ones.

1. Don’t offend someone in their own home.

Credit: elcolmadonrd / Instagram / mitú

No defense here, if you go to a Yankee game, you wear a Yankee hat. Period.

2. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.


God bless us. Every one.

3. You know J.Lo sets all the rules.



4. Don’t Drake and drive.


“You used to call me on my cell phone.” – Drizzy

5. J.Lo will upgrade you.


Remember Ben Affleck? J.Lo had him looking like a GQ model. Now, he’s gone back to being kinda sloppy.

6. A-Rod is a professional ball-buster.


Low ball.

7. Being a new stepdad can be strange.


Hey, at least they’ll have someone to toss a ball with.

8. Co-parenting can be tough, but having open communication is key.


9. With J.Lo in common, it’s important to celebrate differences.


Plantains are dope, no matter how you slice’em.

All in all, everyone seemed super chill about the three of them spending the weekend together.

A post shared by El Colmadón (@elcolmadonrd) on

Dique, for real.

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