Twitter Users Are Savagely Mocking This Mexican Politician Now That He’s Been Arrested

Javier Duarte, the former governor of Veracruz, Mexico, has been on the run from Mexican authorities for six months. Duarte is suspected of embezzling millions of government dollars and laundering them in phantom businesses. The Mexican politician was eventually found in a hotel with his wife in Panajachel, Guatemala, a popular resort town. As usual, Mexicans on Twitter did what they do and turned the news story into one solid joke after another after his arrest photos were released.

This was former Mexican governor Javier Duarte’s reaction to being arrested this weekend.

Duarte was able to elude authorities for six months as Interpol, Mexican authorities, and Guatemalan authorities sought him out to face accusations of embezzling and money laundering. According to Al Jazeera, the arrest of Duarte is welcomed news in Mexico, a country whose people are fed up with government corruption. Al Jazeera reports that many people in Veracruz especially see Duarte as the personification of what they are fed up with.

And Twitter started to create one glorious meme after another to poke fun at the fugitive ex-politician.

“The next novela from Televisa…Fugitive Quinceañera,” @CABRER4CK wrote.

His faces became real representations of some people’s inner struggles.

El País reports that Duarte resigned from his position as governor of Veracruz, Mexico, just days before a judge ordered his arrest. Duarte told the press that he resigned so that he could defend himself from accusations of money laundering and embezzlement but it seems like he was just preparing to run.

Some people felt his pain… but not really.

“#Guate-bad or Guate-worst? ? #JavierDuarte,” wrote @alanbolton_.

Instead, some people on Twitter are letting authorities know just what should be done with Duarte.

Duarte was first elected governor of Veracruz in 2010. According to Al Jazeera, during his time on the run, Mexican authorities were able to recoup $19.3 million from two companies that Duarte was using to embezzle money from the government. Time reports that Duarte’s infamy as the face of political corruption in Mexico was so severe that he was the example of corruption during the midterm elections last year. It was so damaging that his party, Partido Revolucionario Institucional (P.R.I.), lost the governorship of Veracruz for the first time since the state’s founding in 1929.

There are even some people who see the same defeat on his face that they saw on El Chapo’s face.

How long until #ChapofaceChallenge becomes a thing now?

There was even a pretty solid “13 Reasons Why” reference.

Duarte is not the only P.R.I.-affiliated governor who is on the run. Tomás Yarrington, the former governor of Tamaulipas, Mexico, who is facing racketeering and money laundering charges, was recently apprehended in Florence, Italy after five years on the run. Meanwhile, former Chihuahua governor César Duarte (no relation) is still on the run to avoid facing his own corruption accusations and is believed to be in El Paso, Texas. All of these politicians are part of the P.R.I. party.

Someone even created this Duarte tweet.


And speaking of vacations, how does ending yours feel?

“Following the #JavierDuarte scale, how do you feel after your vacation is over,” wrote @ariz_monca.

Some are even suspecting that United Airlines might be asked to help extradite Duarte back to Mexico.

Reports show that Duarte has already accepted the fact that he will be extradited to Mexico to face his accusations.

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Julio Torres Gives Us An Update On What He And His Shapes Have Been Up To In Quarantine


Julio Torres Gives Us An Update On What He And His Shapes Have Been Up To In Quarantine

Paper / YouTube

Julio Torres is one of our favorite comedians. We first learned about him when he started to share his unique comedy on “The Late Show starring Jimmy Fallon.” Torres’s delivery is what gives him comedy that extra punch.

“I am Julio and this is what my shapes and I have been doing during the quarantine.”

Like all of us regular people, Julio Torres has been in quarantine to combat COVID-19. His quarantine included him being stuck with people he thought he knew well. Fortunately, Torres gave a little video to Paper Magazine to let us all know how he is doing in quarantine and what he and his shapes have been up to since the quarantine started.

The one shape that has been doing the most is Krisha.

Yes. That Krisha. According to Torres, she has really gone wild since she was forced into a quarantine. Not in a good or bad way. She is just really doing the most and it is all catching up with her. But don’t worry. Krisha is still filled with confidence. She has an OnlyFans page and is supposed to be donating the proceeds to charity. However, we are still in the dark about the charity.

“Krisha, you know, Krisha, true to her Scorpio nature, has been… I mean, I don’t want to generalize on all Scorpios, but she’s been waking up at around 2 p.m. and then being awake for a little bit,” Torres says. “Then taking a nap. Then waking up again and then taking another nap from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. Then waking up again and going to bed for good at 5 in the morning. She hasn’t been removing her blue contacts lenses the whole time, which is causing her this infection I think. At first we thought that it was something serious but it was just an eye infection caused by her not moving her blue contact lenses which I didn’t even know that she wore till I was quarantined with her.”

To be fair, we all assumed a lot about Krisha when we saw her in the HBO special.

As for her love life, well, let’s just say that Krisha is not where she wants to be. Who would have expected that being in quarantine would be so detrimental to your love life? Seems Krisha might be the only person who didn’t realize that she would be lonelier than normal at this time.

“She has been DM’ing up a storm just like flirting all day, which is great, but then when they don’t respond quickly enough,” Torres says. “I can tell when her suitors are not responding quick enough because she’ll just like throw her phone. Then she’ll look at me and goes, ‘What?!’ So, that’s what Krisha’s been up to.”

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Puerto Rico Is Planning To Vote On U.S. Statehood Once Again And Here’s Why So Many Are Against The Idea

Things That Matter

Puerto Rico Is Planning To Vote On U.S. Statehood Once Again And Here’s Why So Many Are Against The Idea

VisitPR / Instagram

Puerto Rican’s are no stranger to referendums. Since 1967, they’ve had five chances to make their opinions known on U.S. statehood and each and every time, their voice hasn’t been listened to. Congress has failed to take up the issue after each referendum and local leaders are often guilty of using the referendum simply to drudge up support for their candidates.

But this upcoming referendum is different in that it comes at a crossroads for Puerto Rican politics. The island has been plagued by natural disasters, political scandals, and unprecedented hate crimes. Even Bad Bunny is letting his thoughts out on the referendum and many others have lots to say on the issue.

For the first time in the island’s history, the referendum will ask a single question: Should Puerto Rico be immediately admitted as a U.S. state?

On Saturday, Puerto Rico’s pro-statehood Republican governor, Wanda Vázquez, announced yet another vote on the question (the sixth since 1967 and the third since 2012). It’s a move that comes amid growing frustration with the island’s territorial government and its relationship with the mainland.

However, it’s a question that also outraged the island’s independence supporters and members of the main opposition Popular Democratic Party – which supports the status quo.

But it’s a gamble that members of the governor’s pro-statehood party are confident will pay off given that Puerto Rico has struggled to obtain federal funds for hurricanes Irma and Maria, a string of recent strong earthquakes and the coronavirus pandemic amid growing complaints that the island does not receive fair and equal treatment.

“Our people will have the opportunity once and for all to define our future,” Vázquez said. “It’s never too late to be treated as equals.”

The upcoming referendum is just the recent in a long line of previously failed ones.

In the past, voters have been asked more than one question and presented with various options, including independence or continuing with the current territorial status – but none of them have ever been as direct as the upcoming one scheduled for the November 3 general election.

However, many on the island see the referendum as little more than a political move by the governor’s New Progressive Party to get voters out on Nov 3 – to boost her party’s candidates.

The New Progressive Party has been rattled with scandal after scandal and many are ready for change.

The past few years have not been good for the party – or the island for that matter. A string of devastating hurricanes, a severe debt crisis, ongoing corruption scandals that even forced a pro-statehood governor to resign, earthquakes, and now a global pandemic – have all led to challenging times in Puerto Rico. To some observers, the idea seems to be: Let’s dangle the illusion of a yes or no statehood referendum (nonbinding) that is already dead on arrival?

Many also feel that Gov. Vasquez is not truly authorized to make such a decision since she was never actually elected to the office. Instead, she became governor after Ricardo Rosselló was forced to resign following massive protests.

Meanwhile, the Republican government on the island doesn’t even have the support of the Republican-led federal government. The Trump administration’s blunt response was basically, “The first priority for all Puerto Rico leaders should be getting their financial house in order.”

This coming November, there will be plenty of incentive to vote “no” and punish the Vázquez administration. Even prominent figures such as Bad Bunny are jumping into the fray against her leadership.

What would statehood mean for Puerto Rico?

Statehood would award Puerto Rico two senators and five representatives, but it’s unlikely a Republican-controlled Congress would acknowledge the referendum because Puerto Rico tends to favor Democrats.

Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens but cannot vote in U.S. presidential elections. And while the island is exempt from the U.S. federal income tax, it still pays Social Security and Medicare and local taxes and receives less federal funding than U.S. states. Many believe the island’s territorial status has contributed to its struggle to recover from the hurricanes and earthquakes, as well as worsened its economic crisis, largely caused by decades of heavy borrowing and the elimination of federal tax incentives.